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Monday 1 Aug 2011:

Mustache is at the Athletic Club with Michael complaining about Diane filing false charges against him.  Michael wants Mustache to be quiet so no one the club hears how much he hates Goner (Diane).  Mustache gets a phone call from Smirnoff's (Nikki) rehab center to tell him that Smirnoff is MIA.

Shabby (Abby) and  Ashley are telling Patch (Tucker) that Goner showed Mustache a copy of the video of Shabby confessing about running Patch over but they thought the video was destroyed.

Golden Boy (Jack) tells Goner he does not want her, but wants to know where Kyle is.  Goner gets dressed and tells Golden he will never see his son again.  That he blew it.

Nick and Red (Phyllis) are at Crimson Lights on the patio talking about Goner.  Red goes to get a refill of her drink (she is irritated with Nick and his romp in the hay with Goner) and while she is gone, Nick gets a news alert on his phone which is a picture of his father and mother in bed together.  Hair (Victoria) comes in and Nick says that Smirnoff can't see this.  Hair says its too late, that she thinks Smirnoff has already seen it because she is missing from rehab.  She says she needs to find her father.  Nick suggests she go check the club and off Hair goes. Nick said he is going to deal with the person causing this.  Hair is leaving by way of front door as Billy Goat is coming in and he is trying to get her to stop, but she won't.  Red sees this and tells Billy Goat to go after her.  Billy tells her she should be with Lucy and staying out of his business.

Goner is back at her room.  Her phone (cell) rings and its Nick asking her to meet him at Crimson Lights.  She said she can be there right away.

Bed Head (Adam) is at the bridge talking to Goner (basically to himself), air threatening Goner.

Red tells Billy Goat that Lucy is at home sleeping with the nanny there.  This is the reason Red is working at night so she can spend the days with Lucy.  Billy Goat is making fun of Red for sharing personal business with him about Lucy, about the child he claims she stole from him and Hair.  Red tells him that he needs to get himself straight for the people that care and love him.

Goner shows up at Crimson Light.  Goner tells Nick that if he gives her a few minutes she can explain things.  She claims that its the town and the people and he can protect her from herself.  That he's done it for Sharon.  Why does Sharon deserve it and she doesn't.  He tells her that they aren't just going to jump into bed together.  She asks him to pay her and she will go away.  Just then Red (or as Billy Goat called her Silly Philly) arrives on the scene and tells Goner that she just over heard her ask Nick to pay her for having sex with her.  Silly Philly (I love it) called Goner a whore.

Patch is saying Goner is not the most trustworthy woman in town.  Patch wants to get a video expert but Scientist Ashley says they are planning a head of themselves.  She leaves the room to get some air. Shabby feels that all this will blow up in their face now.  Shabby will be arrested and Patch's business will be "flattened" just when he is ready to take over again.  Patch says that Goner should have been dealt with long before now.

Hair find the Mustache at AC (Athletic Club) and she said called the rehab center earlier.   Mustache says that a group of them (from Smirnoff's rehab center) went out and then somehow got split up.  Smirnoff ran into someone who saw the picture of her and Mustache and called her all kinds of names.  Hair says its all because of that bitch Goner and that she saw Goner after the accusation she made about Mustache.  Michael is trying to get them both to calm down.  Bed Head is seen walking into the joint and watching the whole thing.  Mustache says Goner is going after Smirnoff to punish him.

Hair is at the bar confused about what she wants to drink.  She finally decides to have wine.  Billy Goat shows up and talks with her.  He says if something is wrong she can talk to him and he is not going to say anything stupid.  She reminds him that he basically told her to go to hell the other day and now he wants to listen to her.  He said he was being police, but now all he wants to do is drink in peace. Starting now. He orders a scotch and she walks away.

Golden (Jack) shows up at the bar asking what is Billy Goat doing.

Mustache wants to take the jet and find Smirnoff.  Michael reminds him that he was just released on bail and he can't cross state lines.  Hair offers to go, but Michael said he will go so both Hair and Mustache will be there in case Smirnoff is on her way back to GC.  But they have to promise not to do anything rash.  Bed Head shows up and said if they have enough people they will have a vigilanty group looking for her to have another kagaroo court.  Mustache says Bed Head went to bed with the wrong woman and he is beginning to pay for it.

Nick wants to leaves. Red says that Goner violated her restraining order and begins to call the police.  Goner tells her to stop playing the victim.  She said to call the cops and she will call social services and have Red explain why a child is left alone while Red is out.  Red starts charging at her but Nick stand in front of her.  He tells Goner to not threaten anyone he cares about and Goner asks if she's in that group, but says he doesn't need to answer that.  She leaves while Red yells something at her.

Golden is tell Scotch (Billy's new name) about Goner sending Kyle off to another country, but Scotch is not taking the conversation seriously.  Golden tells Scotch to be the better person and to reach out to Hair first.  Scotch doesn't think that will work, but Golden thinks other wise.  Scotch choose to drink instead.

Shabby walks in to where Hair is (which looks like some type of side or back room at the club and tells her what Goner did and says Goner is torturing her mother and Hair says she's doing the same thing to her mother.  They both agree that she needs to be stopped.

Patch shows up at AC and confronts Mustache about him not taking care of the video like he said he would it and wouldn't be hunting his wife.  Mustache says he took care of it then and he will take care of it now.  Patch says if he can't handle Goner he will have to.

Goner is at Crimson Lights meeting up with Ashely about the video.  She is asking for money in exchange for the video.  Ashley said she will keep her checkbook closed.  She says they don't find her intimidating but disgusting.  Goner spews a bunch of stuff at Ashley about her, but the main thing she says is she did have sex with Patch and it was devine.  Ashley slaps the sh*t out Goner.  Goner said she should have paid for the video.  Big mistake.

Golden is on the phone with Kyle and asks if he is alright and asks where is he.  He wants to know where in Switzerland and that his mother doesn't have to know about the phone call.  That Kyle won't get in any trouble.  He loses the call.  Must be a AT&T phone Golden was on on.

Mustache and Michael are squaring up a bill when Goner shows up and Michael tells Mustache not to look at her, that he will handle it. Michael begs her to get out of town because she's angered everyone in town.  Goner said she doesn't have any money but Michael offers her money but she won't take it.  Michael said he will make arrangements for her but she has got to leave.

Bed Head approached Mustache and taunts him about Goner getting the best of him.  Mustaches says it seems that she's getting the best of Bed Head.  Bed Head leaves and runs right into Goner and says to her that she got him indicted, shut his business down but his hatred for his father exceeds his hatred for her.  He wants to bury the hatchet...into Victor Newman's back.  He wants to put the plan back in action.  Goner thinks is a trick.  Bed Head said its not a trick but the offer won't last long.  He offers her cash in exchange for her to recant her story to the DA.  He says this thing is going down to tonight.  Goner goes up stairs.  To himself, Bed Head says, "Good-bye Diane.  Bye-bye Victor".

Micheal (I need a good nickname for him) tell Mustache that he and Goner came to an agreement and she will not be bothering him after tonight.  Golden is talking to someone about the number being blocked and all he knows is that he was calling from Switzerland.  Scotch ends up back at the bar after getting off the phone with someone.  Mustache tells Scotch to stay away from him and then he gets in his face, but Scotch doesn't back down.

Goner is up in her room sending a text message to Mustache asking him to meet her at the bridge in the park.  But she sends the message some other people too.  She leaves the room.

Patch meets up with Ashley at CL (Crimson Lights), but gets a text just as Ashley does as well, but they both try to play it off.  Patch says he left something in the car and leaves.  Ashley leaves out the backdoor.

Red is banging on the computer, but Nick stops her from breaking it.  He gets a text from his father stating the Michael is going to find Smirnoff.  Then he gets a text from Goner and plays it off, just as Red does when she gets the text from Goner.

Golden grabs Scotch while Michael grabs Mustache.  Scotch tries to take a swing at Mustache but misses.  Golden tells him not to be an idiot.  Mustache and him go at it, words wise.  The police show up and hauls Scotch away.  Golden receives the text, as does Mustache and they both leave.  Shabby and Hair receive the same text and excuse themselves.

Goner is at the bridge and looks at her bank account and sees the money is in there.  She is walking towards the top of the bridge calling Kyle.  She is off the phone.

RM 541 - Goner's room - the camera is showing how her room was vandalized and on the sofa are two pillows: one says A Spoiled Rotten Dog Lives Here and the other says Crazy 4 U.

Ashley shows up at Patch's office (she's very nervous about something) where he is.  She says she's going to take a shower.

The camera goes back to Goner's room and shows more pillows scattered throughout the room: Hunk of Burning Love (but there's something written above it I can't make out) and Zero to Bitch in 5 Seconds.

Nick is back at Useless Pile where Red is.  He has ice cream and she has pastries, but she tosses the pastries and her and Nick lock lips and other things.

Back at Goner's room: Greed is Good.

Golden is at the police station getting Scotch out but he is looking worse than Scotch

Goner's room showing more pillows.  One I can't make out and the other says Why Yes I am Evil.

Bed Head is at the bar with some broad when Shabby shows up looking nervous and orders vodka, rocks leave the bottle.  Bed Head tells her there's nothing worse than drinking and driving.  Bed Head leaves with the broad.  Shabby throws them back (the vodka).  Go Shabby.

Goner's room: Princess Sleeps Here; Its Good to be King

Mustache is at CL where Hair shows up nervous looking.  Mustache asks if she's OK.  He suggests she go home to get some rest.  She leaves.

Goner's room: There's No Place Like Home

At the bridge they show Goner laying face up in the water.  Her eyes are open.





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Friday 29 July 2011:

Bed head (Adam) is sitting at the bar at the Athletic Club when Michael walks in and begins talking to him. Bed head brings up the grand jury indictment and Michael tells him to expect more bad news. Just then a waiter shows up and hand something to Michael. It's a bill. Never mind. Thought it was something else. Michael signs the bill and leaves. On the TV at the bar Bed Head sees Shabby (Abby) on there and under neath a scroll (not the Dead Sea Scroll) speaks about Shabby being the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature.

Hair (Victoria) is asking Shabby to get back to work but Shabby says she's given Hair five good ideas and they should be enough.  Then they begin talking about Diane.

Now, those of you that have been watching the show for a number of years know that where they ended the show the previous day they pick up the next day, but you can tell its been re filmed because how things went the previous day is different than the current show.  And I think that's what's going to happen here.  They are showing Diane showing the video tape of Shabby confessing to running Patch (Tucker) over.  On Thursday's show, they showed The Mustache taking the camera and smashing it against the fireplace and Diane saying she had made copies.  Let's see what Friday show has for us.  Roll that beautiful bean footage.  Welly, well welll-they kept everything the same.  Ok.  let's pick it up where we left off with Diane telling The Mustache that its a good thing she has copies.  She then yells that he almost hit her with the camera.  The Mustache asks if she's out of her mind. She's trying to make it sound like The Mustache is trying to hurt her by yelling for him not to hurt her.  He is telling her to stay away Nikki and drop the lawsuit against her and not to threaten his daughter.  She tells him to leave and he says she's bona fide crazy and leaves.  Out in the hall he calls Ashley to tell her he needs to speak with her urgently about Shabby.

Jack is at home on the phone with Katherine - ahem, Katherine's voice mail talking about him and Lauren being ambushed at The Talk.  He wants to know if the plan she had worked.

In the judge's chamber Katherine apologizes for being late.  Patch says the judge has already agreed to revoke Katherine's conservatorship over his company.  Katherine is arguing that Patch has not fully recovery from the accident and incapable of running McCall.  If the judge allows it, she would like to express herself.  He will allow it.  But not before a Pantene shampoo commercial with Eva Mendes.  Katherine says she witnessed Patch's interaction with a reporter and other incidents that made her think that Patch is not back to himself.  She would like to question Patch and the judge allows it.  Damn, this is a real leanint judge.  Take it away Counselor Chancellor. Katherine him some papers and asks if he know what they are, he says yes.  She asks if that's his signature, he says yes.  She asks what are the papers.  He said, "you said a lease".  She asked if he looked it over and he said yes that he never signs anything without looking it over first.  Well the papers Katherine gave him in his office was an old contract that Patch signed before his accident.  Patch tries to express that he was in a hurry.  She goes on to give examples of Patch's condition.  Katherine hands him another report and has him read a paragraph on page two, in which he does.  Now she wants him to explain it to the judge - an expert evaluation on what he read.  He's repeats part of what he read and Katherine asks him to explain it.  the judge asks if he can explain it and Patch says no.  Judge will not revoke Katherine's conservatorship over Mcall.

Bed Head busts into to the board room where Hair and Shabby is at.  He is looking for The Mustache, but Hair says he's not there.  Bed Head wants her to give him a message and in the message he calls Shabby a Bubble Head Blondie (which I like and will use - maybe).  Bed Head says he can't believe that The Mustache would go for Shabby being the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature and Shabby says its true and he can't stand that she and Hair are working with Victor again and he's out in the cold.  Just then The Mustache walks in while Bed Head is still blabbing away. The Mustache tells Bed Head that he wasn't sure if Bed Head wanted to see him again after he delivered the Gran Jury indictment.  Shabby and Hair are excited to hear this news and says it made their day.  Bed Head is playing it off and goes back to the situation with Shabby.  Bed Head says he will take it up with the board and Mustache says he won't take it up with anyone, because he's no longer part of Newman Board of Directors and then hands him a manila envelope.  

Diane gets the memory card out of the camera as someone knocks on her door.  It is the police to take Diane's statement about her supposed domestic dispute.  She says that Mustache through the camera right at her head and she barely had time to duck.  She goes on to speak about Mustache having an affair and she pulls out the picture of Mustache and Smirnoff (Nikki) in bed together.  She says she's afraid he's going to hurt her.

Patch is still trying to plead his case to the judge but the judge says he is late for a meeting and leaves.  Patch lays into Katherine and Ashley says that Patch is ready and that they all could have worked together.  Patch says he has more contempt for her (Katherine) now than he did when he first laid eyes on her. They leave.  Katherine calls Jack and says they need to talk.

Diane is calling someone about their website and information she has for them.  She's trying to negotiate a price and that she can have it for them tonight.

dMustache is still telling Bed Head the reasons for him being dismissed from the board.  Mustaches wants someone to be called to escort Bed Head out and to the nearest beauty salon to get him a brush and comb.  But I digress.  In the meantime, the cops arrive at the boardroom to arrest Mustache for domestic abuse.  Bed Head has a slight smirk on his face.

Patch and Ashley are at Patch's office.  He tells some sob story about when he was a kid he was beat up and his bike was beat up and  whatnot and how today made him feel the same way he did back then.  Whatever, bozo.

Katherine is at Golden Boy Jack's place talking about the hearing.  She also thinks that since Patch wan't in his right mind when he married Ashley, the marriage should be annulled.

Mustache, now Jailbird is at the police station with the Michael where the cop is explaining why he was arrested.  Mustache explains his side of the story.  His says the marriage was annulled and she didn't get a settlement and she is very bitter.  He says he threw the camera into the fireplace and did not aim it at her, nor touch her or threaten her.  Mustache says what Diane is doing is all an act.  Theater.

Diane is looking at her computer when knocks comes upon her door.  Hair is at the door telling Diane that she went after mother and her father and now she is going to have to deal with her and her hair.  I think if Vicky throws her hair over Diane, Diane will disappear in all that.

Katherine is still going on about Patch being married to Ashley and Golden Boy says he's not happy about Patch being his brother-in-law but he has Ashley to think about.  Katherine says that ending the marriage may be best for both of them.

Jailbird's arraignment is in a few minutes, and he leaves.  Michael wants to know what did Mustache not tell the cop.  Mustache explains that he did go to Diane's room to tell her something, but she turned the tables on him but producing the tape of Shabby admitting she was the one that ran over Patch.  He explains that she tried to shake him down.

Hair marches into Diane's room and tells her if she doesn't drop lawsuit and the idiotic abuse charge or she's going to be really sorry.  Diane says she was wronged by all of  them (meaning the Newmans) and she's going to get what she deserves.  Up in her grill, Hair says she's right about that.  Her family and her will see to it.

Patch and Ashley are still in his office talking about nothing.  I think Ashley and Patch are cute together, but I really liked it when they had her with Neil.  They really made a cute couple.  There is a knock on Patch's door and its Shabby saying they are not going to believe what Diane has done now.  Um, Shabby, do you know what CBS has done.  THEY FIRED MAURA WEST!  THE BEST DIANE JENKINS THERE WAS!  Put that on the Naked Heiress, you fool face bag.

Bed Head is talking with Leslie about the Grand Jury indictment, but he feels that Diane doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Shabby told them what happened with Diane filing charges and Bed Head being kicked off the board.

Katherine is at Crimson Lights calling a law firm that specializes in marital law.  She says she wants to challenge the validity of her son's marriage.

Michael says that Diane's life is a mess right now and that she attacked Red (Phyllis).  Mustache says he doesn't care and she will not get a cent from him.

Diane is at Golden Boy's house and he says that Kyle is supposed to be with her.  She says Kyle is in a boarding school in another country.  Golden Boy wants Kyle home and Diane says that could be possible if he gives her the support she needs.

Leslie tells Bed Head that he should return the outside investors their money while Bed Head is going through things. Bed Head says his company is as good as dead. Leslie leaves.  Talking to himself, he says, "No hedge-fund, no board seat, got the SEC breathing down my neck.  Game on Diane.  Game on!" He grabs his jacket and leaves.

Mustache is at the Athletic Club where Michael chases him down and stops him for confronting Diane.  His phone rings and its Ashley asking if he is OK.  He says he was released out on bail and asks if she got the message he left her about Shabby.  She asks what about Shabby and Mustache explains.  Patch asks what's going on and Ashley explains that Diane knows about Shabby's confession and that she has the tape.

Hair is at Crimson Lights where she is getting her drink and when she turns to go to her table she sees a laptop open and people looking at a picture of Mustache and Smirnoff in bed - the picture that Diane had and was trying to sell to someone over the phone.  Hair is livid.  She calls rehab where Smirnoff is at but they do not know where Smirnoff is at.

Golden asks Diane in a more accusatory manner though, that she is willing to trade her son for cash.  She said she is not talking about just money but mean support as what you get from a real family.  She wants to get back together with Golden but he says it was a long time ago, but now he doesn't want anything from her.  She said she slept with him the night before his first wedding (while she is talking she unties her dress and turns around naked) saying that Golden could never resist this.  She is facing Golden now.  From outside it looks like someone is watching from outside, but you don't see who it is.





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About Me

My name is Nikki and currently reside in Northern California where I work as a data entry clerk for a healthcare company 40 hours a week.   My evenings are spent watching and blogging The Young and the Restless (  After-which, I finish up blogs I began earlier in the day, or write a new one that I have been thinking about.

I started blogging in 2008 in which I watched and blogged Denise Richard's show.  In just a few months time, my blog got up to about 5K.  From there, I knew I found my niche and soon began watching and blogging Pam Anderson's show.  However, the show was cut short and so was my blogging.  I could not find another show, nor the time, to continue blogging.  So I gave up writing for a few years.

I took up blogging again this year with the show Mob Wives and just like Denise Richards' show, Mob Wives drew a large crowd to my blog each week.  While blogging Mob Wives I also had the idea to blog Young and the Restless, but never did it.  I did more talking than writing with that.  One day I just had to force myself to sit down and actually blog the show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But just blogging about shows is not what I want to focus my attention on. There is more to me than watching TV.

I do not claim to be an expert in anything but the experiences I have gone through and the thoughts in my gulliver (Britsh slang for head - refer toClockwork Orange for more information), and that is the reason I began Thoughts From The Underground.  This blog will also contain my thoughts on TV shows as well.
I am also an accomplished musician with two CD's under my belt.

New Age

The name Nikki Carlyle was my stage name when I had this big dream of making a living with my music.  But in the words of Pink Floyd, the child has grown, the dream is gone.  So I gave up the Carlyle and went back to Hoskin and back to writing.

I also have four certifications in computers:  A+ (troubleshooting hardware and software issues), MCDST (Microsoft Certified Destop Support Technician),MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and Network+ (connections between the computer and the Internet and/or servers and sometimes the wall).  I love technology and am a gadget and application hound and because of that I will begin doing a technology blog soon.  Some will be written and some will be videos.

I thank you very much for stopping by and reading and commenting, if the mood hits you.

Additional Blog site: Thoughts From The Underground

Thursday 28 July 2011 - Tucker Surprises Lauren and Jack on The Talk

Lauren and Golden Boy (Jack) are at The Talk. Jack gets a call from Katherine. Katherine says she is on her way to see Patch (Tucker) who sis going before a judge about his competence so he can get Katherine out and Katherine said she's going to put him through a test to see if he has really recovered like he says he has. And if it's true they will go from there.

Patch, Ashley and Sophia are at Patch's office talking about Shabby (Abby) and her idea, but Patch (Tucker) wants to talk about his hearing with a judge to get himself back in charge of his company. He says it is all about perception.

Holly Robinson and Leah Remini just introduced Jack and Lauren onto the show. Lauren and Jack go out bearing gifts. Holly brings up Shabby being the spokesperson of Beauty of Nature. Jack finds away to get the conversation back on the Jabot products.

Hair (Victoria) and Shabby are at Newman Enterprise in the boardroom. Hair thinks that Shabby being mentioned on The Talk is a good sign. Shabby is concerned The Mustache won't go for it, but Hair says that her father put her in charge and she doesn't need to run everything by him.

Diane got a copy of the video that Shabby made a few weeks back in which she confessed to hitting Patch. She is putting a copy of the video onto a pen drive. She calls room service and orders mamosa to her in room breakfast.

The Mustache is at Bed Head's (Adam) room. The Mustache has a report (a thick one at that) from the Grand Jury about the day his company went public. He hands it to Bed Head and said he thinks Bed Head will find it interesting reading. Bed Head said the report is a joke. Mustache said Bed Head better hire a good lawyer because this is serious business. He leaves.

The Talk segment is on...boring and pointless. Oh wait...something good happened. Holly brings up the fact that Ashley is married to Patch (this is because Golden Boy brought up that Ashley is the developer of the products) and then Leah states that before Ashley married Patch she tried to run him over. Golden Boy diverts the subject by saying the couple put it behind them and therefore, they should to.

Back at Patch's office, Sophia and Ashley have the show on. Ashley just got off the phone with someone. They are preparing for Patch to do his TV stunt. Katherine shows up and is about to knock on the door but begins thinking about her talk with Patch when he was in the hospital and him not liking her business decisions. Inside, the cameraman tells Patch to get ready to go live, just then Kathering knocks on the door and Ashley lets her in. Katherine wants to know what's going on. I think Marvin Gaye wanted to know the same thing.

Shabby says if The Mustache says yes, what's next. Hair explains there will be magazine ad and such. In the midst of them chatting it up, The Mustache walks in and says he is not accustomed to hearing news about his company on TV, especially if its news to him. And he won't get accustomed to these surprises. He still runs the company and Hair better not forget it. Hair is pitching her idea of The Naked Heiress as Beauty of Nature's spokesperson.

Bed Head is reading the Grand Jury's report.

Diane is having her congratulatory mamosa when someone begins banging on her door and I do mean banging. She hides the pen drive. Its Bed Head at the door asking her what did she do.

Patch is about be on live TV by showing up on The Talk via satellite. Holly brings up the accident again to Patch and Leah brings up Ashley being the one that hit him and he plays it off. They end up talking about Jabot and Leah asks if they plan on expanding the line and Golden Boy says that since this is Patch's company he should let him explain what's going on. Now, if you all remember, Patch has a medical condition in which business language and such doesn't make sense to him that much. So Golden Boy is trying to put him on the spot. Katherine is anxious to hear Patch's answer. Patch plays it off like he did not hear Golden Boy's questions. But Holly said they are out of time. Sophia and Ashley are happy with the outcome.

Shabby says she was not trying to do anything behind his back and Hair says the same thing. The Mustache says this campaign just might work, but he wants to be in the loop on every idea and every step of the way. Shabby is saying this is going to be so great, so great. Now, here's the funny thing - The Mustache starts laughing for real and you can Hair laughing as well. I mean real laughs as in not in the script.

Bed Head says that that Grand Jury indicted him and only him for the fraud. Diane is trying to act surprised. Bed Head says that there was information in there that only she knows. She's claiming she didn't betray him. Bed Head says he is done with her and there's no more plan, no more money, they are through.

The Mustache is happy that Hair and Shabby are working at his side again after what happened last year. Hair gets a call from Nikki and she is about to tell her good news when she is interrupted by what Nikki is telling her which has to do with something Diane did.

Golden Boy and Lauren are back stage and Golden Boy said they were blindsided by Patch so Patch could show he is in charge now. Golden Boy says that he and Lauren handled it, but he is not so sure about Patch.

The cameraman leaves Patch's office. Ashley apologizes for not being able to help him with that last question, but Katherine was standing there. Katherine says she needs to speak to him about a pressing issues that has to do with his company and they all try to shoe her way but she says this can't wait.

Golden Boy and Lauren on the private jet on their way back Genoa City. Golden says he deserves to be CEO of Jabot. Golden is concerned that if Patch takes over he is going to fire Golden and put Ashley in charge. Lauren feels that Ashley won't go for it, but Golden says that Patch did it before and Ashley did fight him.

Katherine goes over some business stuff with Patch and hands him paperwork to look at, but you can see he's at a lost. She wants to know what is the cause of the lost and he says he will get back to her. She says fair enough, but she asks another question and Sophia tries to answer for him, but Katherine wants to hear it from Patch. He is doing his best to play it off. Katherine hands him a lease to sign for a loft (I think), he signs it and says that he really has to get going. Now, I'm wondering what did he sign.

Bed Head is walking out when Diane admits that she made a deal with the DA. He comes back in and wants Diane to tell him why. She said she has Kyle to worry about it and herself. She said Kyle is on the other side of the planet. How is she to get to him and Bed Head said she should have thought of that before she sent him down the river. Diane says its just an indictment. She said they have no case if she's not there to testify. Bed Head says he doesn't trust her anymore and leaves.

Hair is about to get off the phone from her mother. Hair explains that Nikki was served papers in rehab. Diane is suing her for alienation of affection - causing the end of the marriage between Diane and The Mustache. The Mustache says Diane caused the divorce, not Nikki. Hair hopes this doesn't derail Smirnoff's (Nikki) recovery. The Mustache says he will make sure it doesn't. He will take care of things and Diane.

Golden Boy and Lauren are talking about Beauty of Nature and Lauren says she can't talk about it. Golden Boy is interested in taking out the competition.

Patch is in a hearing (in room with a judge and Ashley) about his condition. He just needs the judge's signature and all is good. The judge says that since Mrs. Chancellor is not there, its not going to be contested. Patch says that when he met with Katherine earlier she didn't bring it up. The judge is about to sign Patch's release when Katherine comes in.

Bed Head is back at his room, but notices his door open. He finds the SEC in his room searching through his stuff and say they need his computer and other stuff. They leave with the goods.

Hair is telling Nikki (via voicemail) that all will be OK. Hair says to Shabby she hopes The Mustache can make this all go away.

The Mustache is at Diane's room and says if she doesn't open the door he will kick it in. He comes in laying into Diane and slams the door behind him. She tells him that she caught Nikki with The Mustache twice. Victor says he has nothing but distain for Diane and once this case is thrown out, he will destroy her. She says she has a better idea and gets the flip camera that has Shabby confessing about running over Patch. Diane says if he wants it to go away he has to take out his checkbook. The Mustache grabs the camers and throws it against the fireplace. Diane says it is a good thing she has copies in a safe place.


Hair tells Diane that she went after her mother and her father and now she's going to have to deal with her and her hair.

Patch tells Katherine that he has more contempt for her now than he did when he first laid eyes on her.

Mustaches tells Bed Head he is not long part of the Newman Board of Directors.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update for Wednesday 27 July 2011

I didn't get a chance to do my blog for today because I was out ripping and a runnin'.  But being the responsible blogger I am, I never leave my readers hanging.  So, I am posting a recap from somewhere else.  As always, its nto as good as mine would have been, but its a recap just the same.  And like a good journalist, I site my source at the end. Enjoy.   Oh, and the names have remained the same.  No Green Prison Clothes, or Billy Goat, or Cholesterol, or Bed Head in this recap.  I know, I know...


Victoria is shocked when she hears Abby on TV announcing herself as the new face of Beauty of Nature to a gossip reporter. Victoria heads to work at Newman Enterprises and calls Abby in for a meeting regarding her interview with the gossip reporter. Abby starts off by apologizing to Victoria for not telling her before she went mainstream with the idea, but admits she was worried Victor wouldn't have given the proposal a chance. Victoria surprises Abby when she announces that what Abby did was brilliant, insisting this type of campaign will help sales skyrocket. Before Abby can let this sink in, Genevieve arrives offering her advice.
Sharon is saddened when she realizes that Victor's comforting embrace is only a figment of her imagination as she looks at her locked cell door. Just when her despair begins to sink in, Sam appears on the other side of the bars. Sharon tells Sam that Adam let on that he has evidence to her name. Sam assures Sharon that he didn't return to New Mexico so he could fight for her release before heading out to speak with the DA.

Victor arrives to Adam's GCAC suite to warn Adam that he has one last chance to hand over the evidence that can clear Sharon. Victor assures Adam that while he is plotting his next move, Victor has something in store for Adam as well. Fuming from his encounter with Victor, Adam leaves Diane a voicemail telling her that she needs to give Victor as much motive as possible to go after her.

Diane receives a call from Kyle while at Gloworm and is relieved to learn that he is safe in Switzerland. After Diane hangs up, Leslie arrives and is curious if Diane wants to follow through with a lawsuit they had previously discussed. Leslie reminds Diane that she is currently trying to avoid prosecution and making a very powerful man angry may be something she wants to avoid. Diane cannot respond before Jack arrives, demanding to know why he cannot reach Kyle. Jack tells Diane that when he returns from his Los Angeles business trip tomorrow evening, he expects to see Kyle.

Victor meets a powerhouse female attorney by the name of Avery Bailey Clark at Crimson Lights to discuss Sharon's case. Avery reminds Victor that while she is a very brilliant attorney, she is not a miracle worker and will have to take a look at the trial transcripts before taking on Sharon's case.

Adam barely has time to react when Sam angrily arrives at his GCAC suite, pushing Adam inside as he slams the door. Soon after, Sam opens the door and walks out shaking the pain from his fist as Adam lays on the floor in pain, clearly having taken a beating. Sam heads to see Sharon and is happy when Victor arrives with Avery. Sharon is thrilled that Avery may be taking over her case, and thanks Sam, Victor, and Avery for being there for her.

At Gloworm, Deacon comments on Diane and Jack's argument before setting down a drink for Diane. Diane hesitates, but ultimately confides in Deacon about her upcoming departure from Genoa City and plan to inflict as much pain as possible on the people that have done her wrong. Deacon reveals that he has the camera containing Abby's confession and after a small bribe from Diane, hands it over.

Adam is cleaning the cut on his lip when his cell phone rings. Adam tells the mysterious caller that he cannot send anymore funds, and reminds them to stay underground to ensure they go undetected.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tues 26 July 2011 Diane Attacks Phyllis

Orange Jumpsuit (Sharon) iss surprised by what Bed Head (Adam) did. She wants to know why. She says, "You told me you loved me", to which he replies with, "How could I love someone like you". Ouch. Sting. Sharon 0, Adam 1.

Shabby (Abby) is at Hair's (Victoria) house where Baldwin is there as well. It seems as though they summoned her over. Hair wants Shabby to be part of the Beauty of Nature line and Shabby is all for it, but Baldwin is totally against it.

Cholesterol (Chloe) is at Crimson Lights talking with Kevin about their date tonight and Cordelia Junction (Delia) missing her father. Cholesterol thinks the judge called it right in having supervised visitations between Billy Goat and Cordelia Junction.

Billy Goat is at the park (yeah, that same one that Noah was at with his father doing a memorial for Sharon - the same one that Lily and Daniel stopped at when jogging and the same one that Adam was at when he through the memory tape into the water). He's on the phone placing a bet on a horse race. He sits down on a bench and there's Cordelia Junction who calls him. He picks her up and hugs her and such.

Diane has caught Nick and Red about to do the do. She throws her purse down, called Red (Phyllis) a bitch and throws her on the floor as well.

Bed Head tells Orange Jumpsuit that they are over - they are done. She doesn't understand why he would be so cruel. She thinks this is has to do with Boring (Sam) and he says it has to with her betrayal. He said he spent time trying to prove her innocence, having a memorial for her and she's in another man's bed. Orange said she did what she did so he could mourn her and move on. He continues on ranting and raving.

Baldwin said The Mustache (Victor) will never go for the idea. Hair said they have to think of the best way to approach The Mustache with it. She thinks the reality based show (The Naked Heiress) is good marketing tool. Hair is considering backing Shabby's show. Baldwin thinks Hair is too emotional to do her job. She thinks otherwise.

Billy Goat is talking with Cordelia Junction (Delia). I love seeing  Billy Goat with Cordelia Junction.

Kevin gives Chloe a present. Its a rock, paper, scissors necklace. No, I'm not going to explain it. But here's a picture of it:

They are about to leave CL when Cholesterol (Chloe) gets a call from a friend of hers who tells her that Billy Goat is with Cordelia Junction.

Phyllis picks herself up off the floor and charges towards Diane while Nick tries to keep those two apart. In walks Afro and Page Boy (extras in the show). Nick tells them he has it under control and they can leave. Diane spills the beans that she and Nick had a fling, but Red doesn't believe her. However, the look on Nick's face tells everything. Diane begins explaining her and Nick's trice and Nick says it was a mistake. All those times they were together was a mistake. Red lays into Diane and Diane says she hates Red and she hates Nick. She leaves and as Nick is about to go after her Red tells him not to, but he does anyway. Red calls someone.

Orange Jumpsuit is telling Bed Head that she was warned by others that one day Bed Head would turn on her and she said she never thought it would happen. Bed Head said he thought the same thing about her. She learns that Bed Head had evidence that would free her, but he told her he's a magician - now you see it, now you don't. She lays into him some more about how he's not the man she thought he was and all. Without saying anything, he begins to walk away from Orange Jumpsuit, but she says, "That's it? That's all you got to say?" Bed Head turns around and says, "You're right, there is more".

Baldwin says the Naked Heiress is not a good fit for Newman Enterprises. He gets a phone call and has to leave. Shabby asks Hair if there's anything she can do for her, but Hair says no. Shabby wants to cheer up Hair and drags her out the house.

Billy Goat is walking with Delia atop the little bridge telling a story. Cholesterol and Kevin show up. Kevin takes Delia back to the birthday party. Cholesterol thinks Billy Goat followed Delia and was trying to lure her away, but Billy said he didn't know she was there. Billy tells her to let it go. Cholesterol says she's just getting started.

Bed Head calls for the guard and tells the guard its his lucky day, and hands the ring to him. Orange Jumpsuit says that's his mother's ring. He says it reminds him of her and he doesn't want her memory tainted. Bed Head leaves while Orange yells that she finally knows the truth about him and that he knows she's innocent.

Billy Goat is pleading his case to Cholesterol that all he did was hug Delia and didn't hurt her. She said she doesn't what would have happened if Vanessa hadn't called. Billy Goat makes a valid point that Delia wondered off from the party and if he hadn't been there, what would have happened to her. He says Vanessa is blaming him to take the heat of herself. Cholesterol says when the judge hears about Billy's violation he's going to take all rights away from him. Just then, Hair shows up and says, "The don't tell him".

Red is on the phone with Baldwin who has a very irritating tone with her. She explains that she was attacked by Diane and she has witnesses and she wants Diane to pay the consequences for her actions.

Diane is at GloWorm where Nick has followed her. Nick wants to know what Diane was doing at Useless Pile and then he goes on to say that he doesn't know how many times he has to say it to her that they are through. In the background you see Bed Head watching the whole thing. Nick says why can't she say good-bye and she says that's why she was at Useless Pile, to say good-bye and Nick wants to know what that means.

Cholesterol tells Hair that she doesn't know what happened. Hair says she doesn't need to know. That Billy Goat shouldn't be deprived of seeing his daughter. Cholesterol says that since Billy Goat did not take Delia back to the party he violated his court order, and its over. Billy tells her to go get Delia. Cholesterol leaves and so does Shabby but not before telling Billy Goat not to give up. Hair is giving Billy Goat a pep talk but he tells her to stop. That she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Orange Jumpsuit, now about to be Prisoner 083992, is making YET, another phone, but this time to the DA's office but is put on hold. The guard comes in and tells her the transfer bus is there. She asks him for a few more minutes that she's on the phone with the DA's office, but he hangs up the phone.

Diane said that Nick doesn't deserve an explaination and he should go on back to Red. He says, okay. But maybe now she will stop stalking him. He tells her to stay away from the office, him and Red. Nick leaves. Bed Head goes over to Diane and says if all goes to plan Nick won't have to worry about her stalking him. She says they will all be sorry.

Hair is trying to figure out why Billy Goat is acting the way he is but wanting a drink, want to check on his bets and such. Billy Goat tells her that he doesn't want her getting involved.

Shabby is at Crimson Light where someone (I think its that reporter that was at the Jabot Launch), comes up behind/beside Shabby and asks if she has anything for her. Shabby takes her out on the patio and tells her that she's finally going legit and she wants to cause a little buzz about it.

Bed Head and Diane are talking about there plan in which Diane will disappear, but it will look like murder and The Mustache will be blamed for it. Diane said it won't be long before Golden Boy (Jack) realizes that Dumb Grin (Kyle) is gone. She wants Bed Head to move a bit faster on his plan. Diane sees Baldwin and says that they shouldn't be seen together. She's trying to sneak out but Baldwin calls her over. He presents her with a retraining order from Red. Diane is throwing a fit. Baldwin tries to give her a pep talk, but she's not hearing it.

Nick is back at Useless Pile where Red is. Nothing happens here.

Shabby is telling the reporter about her and Hair's promoting Beauty of Nature by using The Naked Heiress. The reporter wants to know what does The Mustache think about her representing the beauty line naked. Shabby says she has a brilliant idea on how the announce this. She wants the reporter (who has a cheap sprint flip phone (Motorola i836 - seriously?) and her cameraman to meet her in the board room at Newman Enterprises. The reporter asks if she's going to get naked. While she's asking this she's dialing a number. Ok I have to point this out. The way the camera is positioned, you can see the phone the reporter has and the phone isn't even on. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But she's dialing away.
Cholesterol, Delia and Kevin are at Crimson Lights. Kevin is really siding with Billy Goat and thinks Cholesterol is being a bit hard on Billy Goat, and I agree with Big Head Kevin. Kevin is irritated with Cholesterol. He tells her that she should get Delia to bed and then he leaves to do something.

Hair tells Billy Goat that if he wants her to leave she will. Billy Goats says, "Ok, bye." She tells Billy he is heartless. She walks away.

Nick wants to kiss Red but Red doesn't want to. They start talking about Diane and Red tells Nick that she filed a restraining order against Diane and that Baldwin is serving her right now.

Baldwin leaves and Bed Head goes over to Diane, happy as a lark and Diane wants to know why and he said he's finally going to set some things straight.

Orange Jump suit is now Green Prison Clothes in a very roomy cell. This must be another holding cell, because no prison cell is that big. And she's in there by herself. Hmmm, interesting. But wait, drum roll please. In comes The Mustache to see her. They hug, she cries and we find out what's going to happen tomorrow on the show.





Monday, July 25, 2011

Y&R: Monday 25 July 2011: Sharon and Adam Wed...

Jack shows up at Diane's room (at the club) to get Kyle and Diane asks him to wait a minute, that she needs to finish a phone call.  Jack is in the hallway while Diane reminds Dumb Grin (Kyle) not to mention to Golden Boy (Jack) that Big Grin is going to Switzerland.  He's going to Switzerland?  I wonder if he's going to Geneva to have a conference.  BAHAHAHA.  Golden Boy enters the room on his own accord and asks if Diane is done with her phone call.  Dumb Grin now has a Dumb Look on his face.

Red and Nick are looking at their trending points on a labtop while talking about Bed Head (Adam).  In the meantime, Boring (Sam) walks in and overhears their conversation about Bed Head having the evidence for Sharon but not sharing it.  Boring asks them if they really believe Adam has the evidence.

At the jailhouse rock, Adam presents Sharon with her engagement ring.  Sharon asks where did Bed Head find it and he said the lady that died in the carjacking had it on her, which was given to Noah and then Noah gave it Bed Head because it is really his mother's ring.  He tells Orange Jumpsuit (Sharon) that the ring (the one you put on your finger, not the movie The Ring) got him through some tough nights and now she's back and alive and the ring belongs on her finger.

circa around 1999

Hold on while I sway back and forth to the Nadia's Theme.

Katherine is at GloWorm where Neil meets up with her. Katherine canceled the meeting Sophia called about some acquisition because it would be audited.  Neil tells Katherin that Patch (Tucker) isn't going to be happy that she is undermining his right hand man, Sophia.  Sophia shows up and says she saw her meeting out in the parking lot.  She says she's back at McCall but Katherine still finds ways to cut her off at the knees.

Tucker asks Ashley how did she find out he had a son and she said Katherine found out from his living will and she told Ashley.

Y&R is sponsored by Advil.

Sharon is quiet and he asks if it has to do with Boring and she says no. She said the DA visited her and wants her to testify against Bed Head and in return she can stay in the jailhouse rock while she's waiting for her appeal.  She wouldn't have to go to Penn State..I mean State Pen.  Adam says to take the deal.  She says he could go to jail, but he doesn't care.  He said she can be close to home and her kids.  He's explaining about life in the hoosegow.  He's begging her to take the deal.

Golden Boy is asking Dumb Grin if he's ready to go home with him and Dumb Grin said he can't because he's going somewhere.  I could not understand what mumbles was saying.  He gives Golden Boy a hug.  Diane shoes himself by telling him to get his tooth brush.  While he is out of the room, Diane says, they are done.  Golden Boy says they will be done when Dumb Grin is 18.  Golden Boy says if Diane goes to jail, Dumb Grin will be with him full time.

Ashley says Katherine and Paul were going through his things at the office to try find information about his son.  He said they won't find much since he found out he had a son from an anonymous note.  He said he got someone pregnant and he doesn't know her name.  He said he worked with rock stars and acted like one.  Tour buses, private jets and a different woman every night. The note he received said he will never know his son. Ashley asks how does he know its even true since it was just a note.  He thought the same thing until he received a second note saying he will never know his son, then he knew the woman wasn't after his money.  Ashley says he would have been a great dad.  I hope Devon is his son..that would be great.

Sophia tells Neil that Patch is still mad about Katherine putting Sophia on leave and now this.  Neil asks is Tucker mad or she mad?  Neils tell her she needs to deal with her resentment again Katherine.  Katherine comes back to the table and apologizes to Sophia for canceling her meeting and says she is glad to have Sophia back.  Sophia says she sticking by Patch's side.

Boring introduces himself to Red (Phyllis) and Nick. He said he's trying to get to the evidence that Adam has.  Boring brings up the fact that Adam has been by Sharon's side the whole time, yet he has evidence that can free her and Boring does not understand this about Adam.  Nick and Red said they do not care about the Sharon/Bed Head romance but Red said she is interested in Bed Head and proving he's a snake to count her in.  Boring said he will do just that.  But he wants to know why Bed Head would hold on to evidence like he is doing.  Red said he could be waiting for the right time to use it like at her hearing and come off like her savior.

Bed Head tells Orange Jumpsuit that in his heart he and Orange Jumpsuit are still married.  He can arrange it with a Chaplin and they can be married today.  He's still running his line of BS to Orange Jumpsuit and she's buying it hook, line and sinker. Orange Jumpsuit agrees to marry Bed Head, but she says she won't turn states evidence against him.  He leaves to make arrangements.  Orange Jumpsuit is making yet, another phone call.  She calls Boring and says she needs to see him.

Red and Nick show up at Bed Head's room searching for the memory card.  He brings up the time they were in St. Barqs.

Boring shows up to see Orange Jumpsuit and tells her to take the deal the DA gave her.  Orange tells Broing that Bed Head proposed and she accepted like the fracking idiot she is.

Ashley tells Patch (Tucker) that he's nothing like Katherine.  That Patch looked for his son and even added him to his will.  Patch said there were a lot of women and he doesn't know his son name.  Sophia shows up and asks Patch when is he going to kick his mother out of her job.

Jack is at GloWorm with Katherine and Golden Boy says that he saw Ashley and Patch and he looked less than up to speed.  Katherine said that Patch did fine at the Jabot Launch and as she sees it McCall Unlimited is in capable hands.  Golden Boy sits back and gloats.

Diane is on the phone with Bed Head about her son, Dumb Grin, lying to Golden Boy.  She says this plan of his helps her as much as him and she's not going to die in vain.

Sophia is showing Patch a business a slope line in Dalton's company (a company that Patch does business with) going down and explaining it to him, but he's standing there like a lump on a log.   Sophia tells him he needs to get Katherine out because Dalton doesn't like doing business with her.  Patch says the numbers don't mean anything to him.  Ashley plays it off like its his glasses and he says he can't play it off anymore with Sophia.  Then he explains his medical situation.  He tells Sophia that they have been through some wars together, but if she cannot deal with his situation, she can walk away and he will understand.

Red and Nick are back at Useless Pile without the memory card or anything.  The office is empty as well.  Red thinks that Bed Head might have gotten rid of the evidence.

Boring is questioning Orange marrying Bed Head.  Bed Head is outside and over hears the conversation.  Inside, Orange is pleading her case to Boring and tells him he should go back to New Mexico.  Before leaving he tells Orange that marrying Bed Head is a mistake.  He meets up with Bed Head outside and Bed Head tells him he won't have to worry anymore.  He will look after his wife.

Diane is at the airport with Dumb Grin who I hope is 20 something when he returns, with a new hair do, because right now, he's sporting a hair don't!  Diane gives Dumb Grin a hug while Dumb Grin does his best (which isn't much) to show some emotion - DAMN! THAT BOY CANNOT ACT!  Dumb Grin is off (in more ways than one).

Red and Nick are at Useless Style - still - and they begin making out.

Boring is at Crimson Lights with a pen and notepad thinking about the night him and Orange did the do.  He is writing Orange a letter.

Bed Head is back at the jail to marry Orange with a Chaplin.

Katherine and Neil are talking business.  Golden Boy is about to leave, but before he does he stops at Katherine's table and says that if Patch isn't ready to take over McCall he isn't ready to take over Jabot.  Katherine says she established that with him earlier.  Golden Boy leaves.  Katherine tells Neil about Golden Boy noticing something being off about Patch and she wants Neil to dig deeper.  If its bad Katherine will protect her son and his company.

Sophia said she will never turn her back on him.  Ashley asks that it kept between the three of them.  Ashley said if some business comes up or documents need to be signed Sophia is to step in and handle it like Patch would want her to.  She (Sophia) says she knows what Patch is thinking before he does and called him honey.

Nick and Red are about to get it on when Diane walks in and she's furious.

Boring is telling Piper (via phone) he's on his way home. If you forgot who piper is, and who hasn't forgotten, she's the annoying little brat that screamed like a damn fool when they arrested Orange Jumpsuit in New Mexico.

Bed Head and Orange are about to get married.  He is saying his  love speech to Orange.  She is giving her spill.  The Chaplain does the Do You's to Orange and she said "I Do" it is Bed Head's turn and he says, No, he doesn't.  "How the hell can I be married to you.".  Orange is shocked!


Nick tries to break up a fight between Red and Diane

Chloe catches Billy Goat following Cordelia Junction and thinks he's going to lure her away.

Bed Head tells Orange that she betrayed him and she deserves what she get.

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Y & R Spoilers for the Week of 25 July 2011 And The Following Week

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Scoops, previews, teasers, and spoilers
For the week of July 25, 2011

Sharon tells Adam she’ll marry him

The DA puts a deal on the table – tell the truth about Adam’s involvement or go to the state penitentiary

Sharon listens as Spencer explains that she only has a short time to decide

As the clock ticks, Adam asks Sharon to turn it down

Adam opines that the deal is unnecessary because he will clear Sharon himself

Sam goes to Phyllis and Nick with his worries about Adam’s nature

Nick and Phyllis explain to Sam that Adam is simply evil

Sam goes to Sharon and advises her to take the deal

Sharon confides her intention to marry Adam again

Sam is shocked by Sharon’s decision

At a dead end, Sam decides to go home to New Mexico

Sharon lets the deal with the DA expire

Adam returns with a chaplain and the ceremony begins

Sharon recites her vows

When Adam’s turn comes, he refuses to go through with it

Moving in for the kill, Adam tells Sharon he would never marry her

Sharon is shocked at Adam’s vicious cruelty

Adam goes on to say that Sharon deserves this because she betrayed him

Sharon asks Adam if it’s true that he has evidence that proves her innocent

Adam walks away without answering

Sharon tries to tell Sam he was right, but her call goes to voice mail

As Sharon prepares for her transfer to the state pen, Victor arrives

Victor hires justice seeking Avery Bailey Clark to be Sharon’s new defense attorney

Genoa City’s first impression of Avery is that of a frowzy, disheveled broad

First impressions can be deceiving

Sam confronts Adam

Tucker tells a horrified Sofia the truth about his condition

Ashley confirms Tucker’s explanation

Billy infuriates Chloe when he visits Cordelia

Diane sends Kyle to safety at a boarding school in Switzerland

Jack is unaware of Diane’s decision

Nick and Phyllis comb through Adam’s room for the missing memory card

Adrenalin heightens the sexual tension between them

Back at the magazine, the duo succumbs to passion

Fresh from putting Kyle on the plane, Diane walks in and gets an eyeful

Losing her cool, Diane attacks Phyllis

Nick is helpless as the two she-cats go at it tooth and nail

Diane strikes a killing blow when she spits out the truth about her affair with Nick

Phyllis is blindsided

Driven by fury, Phyllis delivers a chilling threat

Phyllis tells Nick she’ll take Diane out

Diane retreats to Gloworm for a meeting with Adam

Adam is sarcastic when Diane presses him to put their plan in play immediately

Michael interrupts to deliver the restraining order Phyllis filed against Diane

Diane begins to feel everything slipping away

Victor is infuriated when Diane attempts to blackmail him with the truth about Abby

Diane is confronted by Victoria, then Jack

Jack is infuriated by Diane’s treachery

Diane files a lawsuit against Nikki

Victor is outraged

Diane’s complaint to the police gets results

Victor is arrested and locked up

Lauren and Jack hit the talk show circuit to promote Jabot’s new line

Tucker surprises Lauren and Jack when he walks in on their interview

Victoria is surprised when Abby takes a job

Abby and Victoria revel in their achievement

Victor revokes Adam’s board seat

Kay realizes that something isn’t right with Tucker

Tucker’s competency becomes the subject of a court case
Kay makes a successful gambit

Spoilers for Next Week

Diane manages to infuriate nearly everyone she comes in contact with

Victoria and Billy have a passionate reconciliation

Tragedy strikes Genoa City, leaving suspicion and chaos in its wake

Ronan takes charge as a mystery unfolds

Spoilers for down the road

Avery’s past proves relevant to more than one Genoan.

A mysterious woman arrives in town with surprising connections to Neil and Sofia

The secret Eden and Noah share about their past weighs heavily on them as they try to move forward

Hunter, blissfully unaware of the dark history between Noah and his ex, is happy to make a new friend in Eden

Heather returns from her business trip

Tucker learns the identity of his long lost son

Adam and Diane’s Machiavellian plot to destroy Victor has unexpected ramifications

Diane exits dramatically

Paul’s 18 year old son Rick pops up in Genoa City and mixes it up with two young ladies… sweet, shy, and trusting Hunter, and Selena, a brilliant, studious Latina. 


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Y & R: 21 July 2011 Adam Lies To Phyllis

Boring (aka Sam) is at Glow Worm where Jack is.  Jack thanks him for looking out for Sharon and Boring says that Sharon has a big fan club.  Jacks tells him that Sharon wouldn't be spending 30 years in the hoosegow (actually hoosegow is my word) if it wasn't for The Mustache.  Jack points to Victor who is across the room.  Jack says Victor is on no one's side but his own.

The Mustache is talking to Nick and says that Sharon is not in a good mental state and then brings up Boring and how she told him to go home.  The Mustache says that in Boring's home town he's knowN as an honest man with integrity but he could be easily corrupted if he continues keeping the company he is with now.  Nick turns around and sees Boring with Jack.

Sharon is on the phone with Diane but she doesn't know who she is because Diane won't tell Sharon her name.  Diane said she can take a message for Adam since she'll be seeing him later tonight.

Adam is asking Phyllis why does she think he has evidence and she's explain about their trip to Thailand and all the memory cards she bought.  Adam says they were all erased.  She says she remembers him saying it isn't a dead end.  He says he was wrong.  She says she spoke with Emit and Emit told her that he was with Adam when he restored the audio on the memory card to prove Sharon innocent.  Then Phyllis says, "Busted".  Adam says that Emit never met Sharon nor Sky so he wouldn't recognize their voices.  Adam said he told Emit who they were, but he was mistaken.  Phyllis wants to listen to the memory card but Adam won't give it to her.  Phyllis brings up the point that when Sharon was dead Adam was trying to prove her innocence, but now she's alive, he has the proof she's innocent but won't do anything about it.

Jack is still talking with Boring (aka Sam) about The Mustache.  Boring says he thinks he's got The Mustache's number.  Jack warns him that everyone thought they were safe with Victor.

Victor says he's going to help Sharon appeal her case.  Nick says he's not going to run to Sharon's side anymore.  He says he has the magazine so he can keep Sharon's story front and center.  Then Nick tells his father, The Mustache, that Phyllis believes she's on to something good with regards to Adam and proving Sharon innocent.

Sharon is still asking Diane where Adam is because she has something important to tell Adam.  Sharon asks Diane to take a message for her and that's to tell Adam that Sharon wants to see him then Sharon hangs up before Diane could say anything.  Adam walks in and asks Diane what is she still doing there and shouldn't she be asking The Mustache to take Kyle off her hands.  She says she leaving and then tells him about the phone call from Sharon.  Diane leaves.

Nick is at Restless Style or as Adam refers to it, Useless Pile, talking with Red (Phyllis).  She tells Nick that Adam is lying.  He had proof that Sharon is innocent and tells Nick about Emit being there with Adam when listening to the memory card.  Nick said that Adam went around the globe to prove Sharon innocent, finds something but now he doesn't want anyone to know about it.  Phyllis thinks Adam is trying to punish Sharon.

Sharon is visited by Adam and learns that it was Diane on the phone.  Sharon thinks Adam has moved on with Diane but Adam says nothing happened between him and Diane.  He explains its just business and nothing more.  Sharon wants to know how Adam feels about her now.  Are there any feelings left?

Jack is talking to Boring about Adam now and how he planned the escape for Sharon and that Boring should watch out for him.  Boring says he doesn't get involved in family feuds and leaves.  Jack gets a call from Kyle.

Diane is at the ranch with The Mustache (Victor).  She's explaining that she got in a deal with Adam and Adam may want her dead.  She says she has to leave town but she can't take No Acting Dumb Grin Kyle with her.  She wants Dumb Grin to stay with The Mustache.

Phyllis is explains her theory to Nick on why Adam is now changing his tune about Sharon in that while Sharon was gone (supposedly dead) Adam lived like a Monk and when she shows up he finds this guy named Sam that Sharon's been with.  Phyllis said they don't need the memory card because they can convince their readers that the memory card exits.  Phyllis is writing the story when Nick tells her they should think about it.

Sharon says she hopes Adam can understand why she didn't reach out to him and about Sam and Adam says he thinks he can.

The Mustache asks Diane why not go to Jack and she says that Jack is too involved in Jabot.  The Mustache says his company is bigger than Jabot and Diane says that he's different because he finds time to spend with Kyle.  She crying and begging for The Mustache to take Dumb Grin so he will be safe.  Victor says if he does it it will be for the sake of Kyle's and not Diane's.

Dumb Grin is at Glow Word with Golden Boy Jack.

While Adam is talking with Sharon, Boring comes in.  Ok.  Another question.  Aside for Sharon being able to make 20 million phone calls in one day, she gets two visitors in one sitting?  Um, if memory serves me right, jailbirds are allowed one visitor a week for 0.5hr.  I had a friend that was in jail that I visited once.  I'm too good looking and scared to go to jail.  Adam thanks Boring for taking care of Sharon.  Adam leaves.  Boring tells Orange Jumpsuit that Bed Head (Adam) isn't her friend.  She tells him he's been listening to the Newmans and the Abbots.  She said Adam loves her and the one person who stood by her when others shut her out.  Boring says he's not going to let her rot in some prison.

Nick said Red can do the story.  Red says the story will help Orange Jumpsuit.  Nick wants Red to call Emit and tell him what Adam said about the memory card and to get a quote from him.

The Mustache said Golden Boy (Jack) will fight The Mustache having custody of Dumb Grin.  Diane said Golden Boy has never come out on top when it comes to him and The Mustache going to war.  The Mustache is setting some ground rules.  No one is know about it.  And never use Kyle as a pawn against Jack.  The Mustache is going to have Michael draw up some documents.  While Victor is on the phone, Diane is in the background smiling that wicked smile.  I really hope those fools at Y&R change their mind and keep Diane.  I loved the actress when she was on As The World Turns, playing Carly (yeah, she was always in trouble on that show as well and her cousin had to bail her out each time).

Golden Boy gave Dumb Grin a ticket to West Virginia to an overnight baseball camp where all the trainers are pros.  Jack states its a father and son camp as well.  Dumb Grin now has a Dumb Smile on his face.  You know, I really can't stand this kid.  Speaking of Western Virginia, if any of you have Netflix or even iTunes, look up a movie called The Wild and Wonderful World of the Whites.  Dumb Grin gives Golden Boy a hug.

The Mustache has Diane sign some papers stating that if she leaves town he become guardian.  Wait, I thought the whole story Diane gave Victor for leaving Kyle with him is so she could leave town for a bit.  I'm confused.  Diane leaves with her copies and calls Adam right away.  She tells him the papers are signed and now she wants her son out of town right away.

Phyllis and Nick are looking at their webzine and see that its gone viral.  The said the next issue of the magazine is going to sell off the rack and it hasn't been printed yet.  Nick and Phyllis are giving each other the googly eyes.

Leslie, the defense attorney, is visiting Sharon where Sharon is reading the blog Phyllis wrote. Leslie printed out a copy for Orange Jumpsuit to read, in case any of you were wondering.

Boring shows up at Crimson Light and runs into Bed Head.  Boring says he's going to be around a while.  Bed Head (Adam) tells Boring he should go back (meaning to New Mexico) and I concur.  Boring tells Bed Head that he's seen a lot of animals, small one, big ones and he knows a snake when he sees one, and walks off.

Hey Boring, say your truly, I know a jackass when I see one you're it buddy.  High Fives all around.