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Monday 1 Aug 2011:

Mustache is at the Athletic Club with Michael complaining about Diane filing false charges against him.  Michael wants Mustache to be quiet so no one the club hears how much he hates Goner (Diane).  Mustache gets a phone call from Smirnoff's (Nikki) rehab center to tell him that Smirnoff is MIA.

Shabby (Abby) and  Ashley are telling Patch (Tucker) that Goner showed Mustache a copy of the video of Shabby confessing about running Patch over but they thought the video was destroyed.

Golden Boy (Jack) tells Goner he does not want her, but wants to know where Kyle is.  Goner gets dressed and tells Golden he will never see his son again.  That he blew it.

Nick and Red (Phyllis) are at Crimson Lights on the patio talking about Goner.  Red goes to get a refill of her drink (she is irritated with Nick and his romp in the hay with Goner) and while she is gone, Nick gets a news alert on his phone which is a picture of his father and mother in bed together.  Hair (Victoria) comes in and Nick says that Smirnoff can't see this.  Hair says its too late, that she thinks Smirnoff has already seen it because she is missing from rehab.  She says she needs to find her father.  Nick suggests she go check the club and off Hair goes. Nick said he is going to deal with the person causing this.  Hair is leaving by way of front door as Billy Goat is coming in and he is trying to get her to stop, but she won't.  Red sees this and tells Billy Goat to go after her.  Billy tells her she should be with Lucy and staying out of his business.

Goner is back at her room.  Her phone (cell) rings and its Nick asking her to meet him at Crimson Lights.  She said she can be there right away.

Bed Head (Adam) is at the bridge talking to Goner (basically to himself), air threatening Goner.

Red tells Billy Goat that Lucy is at home sleeping with the nanny there.  This is the reason Red is working at night so she can spend the days with Lucy.  Billy Goat is making fun of Red for sharing personal business with him about Lucy, about the child he claims she stole from him and Hair.  Red tells him that he needs to get himself straight for the people that care and love him.

Goner shows up at Crimson Light.  Goner tells Nick that if he gives her a few minutes she can explain things.  She claims that its the town and the people and he can protect her from herself.  That he's done it for Sharon.  Why does Sharon deserve it and she doesn't.  He tells her that they aren't just going to jump into bed together.  She asks him to pay her and she will go away.  Just then Red (or as Billy Goat called her Silly Philly) arrives on the scene and tells Goner that she just over heard her ask Nick to pay her for having sex with her.  Silly Philly (I love it) called Goner a whore.

Patch is saying Goner is not the most trustworthy woman in town.  Patch wants to get a video expert but Scientist Ashley says they are planning a head of themselves.  She leaves the room to get some air. Shabby feels that all this will blow up in their face now.  Shabby will be arrested and Patch's business will be "flattened" just when he is ready to take over again.  Patch says that Goner should have been dealt with long before now.

Hair find the Mustache at AC (Athletic Club) and she said called the rehab center earlier.   Mustache says that a group of them (from Smirnoff's rehab center) went out and then somehow got split up.  Smirnoff ran into someone who saw the picture of her and Mustache and called her all kinds of names.  Hair says its all because of that bitch Goner and that she saw Goner after the accusation she made about Mustache.  Michael is trying to get them both to calm down.  Bed Head is seen walking into the joint and watching the whole thing.  Mustache says Goner is going after Smirnoff to punish him.

Hair is at the bar confused about what she wants to drink.  She finally decides to have wine.  Billy Goat shows up and talks with her.  He says if something is wrong she can talk to him and he is not going to say anything stupid.  She reminds him that he basically told her to go to hell the other day and now he wants to listen to her.  He said he was being police, but now all he wants to do is drink in peace. Starting now. He orders a scotch and she walks away.

Golden (Jack) shows up at the bar asking what is Billy Goat doing.

Mustache wants to take the jet and find Smirnoff.  Michael reminds him that he was just released on bail and he can't cross state lines.  Hair offers to go, but Michael said he will go so both Hair and Mustache will be there in case Smirnoff is on her way back to GC.  But they have to promise not to do anything rash.  Bed Head shows up and said if they have enough people they will have a vigilanty group looking for her to have another kagaroo court.  Mustache says Bed Head went to bed with the wrong woman and he is beginning to pay for it.

Nick wants to leaves. Red says that Goner violated her restraining order and begins to call the police.  Goner tells her to stop playing the victim.  She said to call the cops and she will call social services and have Red explain why a child is left alone while Red is out.  Red starts charging at her but Nick stand in front of her.  He tells Goner to not threaten anyone he cares about and Goner asks if she's in that group, but says he doesn't need to answer that.  She leaves while Red yells something at her.

Golden is tell Scotch (Billy's new name) about Goner sending Kyle off to another country, but Scotch is not taking the conversation seriously.  Golden tells Scotch to be the better person and to reach out to Hair first.  Scotch doesn't think that will work, but Golden thinks other wise.  Scotch choose to drink instead.

Shabby walks in to where Hair is (which looks like some type of side or back room at the club and tells her what Goner did and says Goner is torturing her mother and Hair says she's doing the same thing to her mother.  They both agree that she needs to be stopped.

Patch shows up at AC and confronts Mustache about him not taking care of the video like he said he would it and wouldn't be hunting his wife.  Mustache says he took care of it then and he will take care of it now.  Patch says if he can't handle Goner he will have to.

Goner is at Crimson Lights meeting up with Ashely about the video.  She is asking for money in exchange for the video.  Ashley said she will keep her checkbook closed.  She says they don't find her intimidating but disgusting.  Goner spews a bunch of stuff at Ashley about her, but the main thing she says is she did have sex with Patch and it was devine.  Ashley slaps the sh*t out Goner.  Goner said she should have paid for the video.  Big mistake.

Golden is on the phone with Kyle and asks if he is alright and asks where is he.  He wants to know where in Switzerland and that his mother doesn't have to know about the phone call.  That Kyle won't get in any trouble.  He loses the call.  Must be a AT&T phone Golden was on on.

Mustache and Michael are squaring up a bill when Goner shows up and Michael tells Mustache not to look at her, that he will handle it. Michael begs her to get out of town because she's angered everyone in town.  Goner said she doesn't have any money but Michael offers her money but she won't take it.  Michael said he will make arrangements for her but she has got to leave.

Bed Head approached Mustache and taunts him about Goner getting the best of him.  Mustaches says it seems that she's getting the best of Bed Head.  Bed Head leaves and runs right into Goner and says to her that she got him indicted, shut his business down but his hatred for his father exceeds his hatred for her.  He wants to bury the hatchet...into Victor Newman's back.  He wants to put the plan back in action.  Goner thinks is a trick.  Bed Head said its not a trick but the offer won't last long.  He offers her cash in exchange for her to recant her story to the DA.  He says this thing is going down to tonight.  Goner goes up stairs.  To himself, Bed Head says, "Good-bye Diane.  Bye-bye Victor".

Micheal (I need a good nickname for him) tell Mustache that he and Goner came to an agreement and she will not be bothering him after tonight.  Golden is talking to someone about the number being blocked and all he knows is that he was calling from Switzerland.  Scotch ends up back at the bar after getting off the phone with someone.  Mustache tells Scotch to stay away from him and then he gets in his face, but Scotch doesn't back down.

Goner is up in her room sending a text message to Mustache asking him to meet her at the bridge in the park.  But she sends the message some other people too.  She leaves the room.

Patch meets up with Ashley at CL (Crimson Lights), but gets a text just as Ashley does as well, but they both try to play it off.  Patch says he left something in the car and leaves.  Ashley leaves out the backdoor.

Red is banging on the computer, but Nick stops her from breaking it.  He gets a text from his father stating the Michael is going to find Smirnoff.  Then he gets a text from Goner and plays it off, just as Red does when she gets the text from Goner.

Golden grabs Scotch while Michael grabs Mustache.  Scotch tries to take a swing at Mustache but misses.  Golden tells him not to be an idiot.  Mustache and him go at it, words wise.  The police show up and hauls Scotch away.  Golden receives the text, as does Mustache and they both leave.  Shabby and Hair receive the same text and excuse themselves.

Goner is at the bridge and looks at her bank account and sees the money is in there.  She is walking towards the top of the bridge calling Kyle.  She is off the phone.

RM 541 - Goner's room - the camera is showing how her room was vandalized and on the sofa are two pillows: one says A Spoiled Rotten Dog Lives Here and the other says Crazy 4 U.

Ashley shows up at Patch's office (she's very nervous about something) where he is.  She says she's going to take a shower.

The camera goes back to Goner's room and shows more pillows scattered throughout the room: Hunk of Burning Love (but there's something written above it I can't make out) and Zero to Bitch in 5 Seconds.

Nick is back at Useless Pile where Red is.  He has ice cream and she has pastries, but she tosses the pastries and her and Nick lock lips and other things.

Back at Goner's room: Greed is Good.

Golden is at the police station getting Scotch out but he is looking worse than Scotch

Goner's room showing more pillows.  One I can't make out and the other says Why Yes I am Evil.

Bed Head is at the bar with some broad when Shabby shows up looking nervous and orders vodka, rocks leave the bottle.  Bed Head tells her there's nothing worse than drinking and driving.  Bed Head leaves with the broad.  Shabby throws them back (the vodka).  Go Shabby.

Goner's room: Princess Sleeps Here; Its Good to be King

Mustache is at CL where Hair shows up nervous looking.  Mustache asks if she's OK.  He suggests she go home to get some rest.  She leaves.

Goner's room: There's No Place Like Home

At the bridge they show Goner laying face up in the water.  Her eyes are open.





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