Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday, 6 July 2011 - Phyllis and Nick Are Shocked by Adam's Request

Michael and Kevin are at Glo Worm doing small talk. Michael gets a text from Lauren asking him and Kevin to come to Crimson Lights for she has a surprise for both of them.

Abby to Eden brings up her saying that she would never come back to Genoa City. Eden says she changed her mind. Abby said she's either more persuasive than she thought or there's another reason - she's looking at Noah while saying the latter part. Noah tries to shoe her off. Abby says she has to go. Noah wants to know why Eden is there.

Devon and Lily are at Crimson Lights (inside) with small talk. Devon apologizes for not being there for Lily. She says she doesn't expect the world to stop each time Cane let's her down. (Um, yeah you do because when no one's paying attention to you you turn into a two year old and have your temper tantrum you jackalope). Daniel shows up. Both Devon and Daniel said they do what they can to protect the Princess. Cane walks in but Princess doesn't see him, yet Daniel and Devon do and Daniel distracts Lily while Devon takes care of Cane by telling him to leave. I didn't know Devon owned CL and can tell people to come and go. WOW! I wonder if Big Head Kevin knows about this...that Devon is turning away his customers.

Boring Sam kisses Crackhead Sharon and she backs away and says there's a lot of work to do. Sam says he has a new patient coming in. A collie that reminds him of O'keef. He wants to go up to Canyon to visit him (o'Keef) and asks Sharon to come along but she doesn't want to go. He thinks it has to do with him and she says it doesn't. He leaves.

Phyllis is writing her article about Adam and wants to add Sharon in the mix but Nick is against it. Phyllis is saying Adam will be the focus of the story, not Sharon.

Adam is on the phone with someone named Chuck talking about the defunct Newman Fund and his new business venture and how Chuck will make a lot of money. He then calls Emit and asks about the memory card and how its coming along. He offers Emit a bonus if he can get the pictures recovered today. While on the phone, he gets an e-mail alert and the alert says:

Was Adam Newman's Love the 'Kiss of Death' for His Fiancee? Read the full story here in our next on-line blog entry.

Adams hangs up with Emit and runs out the room, just as Diane is about to knock on his door. He tells her he's on his way out. She said if you want to bring Victor down they have to be prepared. He says he agrees but states he has to go. Diane sneaks into his room. She reads his email and finds a video on there titled Ambulance and wonders who sent it and its from someone at GC Long Lens. She looks up the web site. Its a web site for a photographer who takes pictures of celebrities.

Adam shows up at Restless Style and says he doesn't care what they say about him, but to leave Sharon out. Adam says he can prove Sharon is innocent and Nick states he needs evidence. Adam says he can get it soon and asks Nick if he will help him.

SAM IS BORING BORING BORING. Sam suggests to Sharon that next week they bring two horses up to the canyon along with some gear and sleep under the stars. Sharon says maybe and he wants to know which maybe - the no maybe or the yes maybe. Sharon says, "just maybe". Sam tells Sharon to put her stuff back in the bag that he doesn't want her staying there.

Michael and Kevin are leaving GW but Michael is having trouble getting a hold of Lauren and says it goes straight to VM. Kevin says Lauren wouldn't set him up for a fall and just as he says that Diane walks past them and says, "That's Michael's specialty." Michael asks Kevin to get the car, while he goes to talk to Diane. He tells her that he didn't set her up. Michael said they did all they could to help her. Diane said Victor is a self-serving liar and she didn't expect anything from him but she did from Michael. Diane spots Abby in the joint. She shoes Michael off and he leaves. Diane calls GC Long Lens to tell them The Naked Heiress is there ready to put on a show. Deacon over hears all this.

Noah asks how long Eden has been in the states. She says she's sorry to hear about his mom. He tries to bring up Paris but she tells him she could go for some coffee and inside he goes to get her some.

Princess asks Daniel where did Devon go but he changes the subject by presenting her a CD of indie bands. She says that's Devon's job but he's not there and does Daniel know where he went. Daniel tells her he's with Cane. Princess realizes that Daniel was the decoy and he asks if she's mad and she says no. Daniel says that with all the people protecting Princess Cane won't get near her. She wonders if Daniel thinks that she has some kind of pull towards Cane and he asks if she does. She said there's only one way to find out. He asks if she wants him to go with her. Princess doesn't. She wants to do this on her own.

Devon tells Cane to stay away from Crimson Lights and anywhere else Lily will be. Cane said he's going to make sure Lily and the kids are safe. Devon says that the last time he did that he sucked her right into the life he was protecting her from. Devon wants to know how can he trust him now and Lily shows up and says she wants to know that too. Cane says he doesn't expect them to trust him but he can't abandon his kids. Devon and Cane get into it (verbally) and Lily breaks it up and says she wants to talk to Cane alone. Devon storms off.

Daniel meets Abby at Glo Worm (she called him to meet her there). She tells him she went to rehab for one night and it was due to stress. Abby apologizes to Daniel for her being a selfish, spoiled brat and not being there when he needed her. GC Lens shows up and snaps pictures of Abby and Daniel. Abby tells them to get lost that's she's having a private conversation, but they continue taking pictures. Daniel stands up and in a manly way tells them to get lost and they do. Just as the Gingerman (yeah, that's what the guy calls himself) is about to leave Diane stops him and asks if she can buy him a drink. He asks if she's a celebrity stalker. She says she's just a girl who appreciates talent. She brings up the video he took of Victor's stroke and states it was genius. She then tells him that he wouldn't recognize her because she was on the inside of the ambulance. Gingerman is about to leave when Diane tells him she has a proposition for him. Deacon is watching all of this.

Side note: The writers couldn't come up with a more cleaver name for carrot top other than gingerman? Really? Perhaps it was because Carrot Top was alreayd taken.

Sharon thinks Sam wants her to leave, but he wants her to move into the house with him. She said she wasn't expected that and he said neither was he. (Why is Sean Patrick aka Sam looking like he's a newbie on the scene when he's been acting for years). He says he's ready for a relationship after dealing with is wife leaving. Sharon agrees to move in with him.

Noah and Eden are still out on the patio of Crimson Lights. Eden said she feels like she should apologize. She said after all she's been through she doesn't regret being with Noah. He said he moved to New York for a lot of reasons but partly because if she came back to Genoa City and saw him she would leave again and he says she belongs there. Eden says she needs some skim (I think that's what she said, referring to milk for her coffee) and Noah says he needs a refill and goes to get whatever she wants and his refill. Michael and Kevin walk in to Crimson Lights via the patio and about to go inside when he spots Eden.

Phyllis said clearing Sharon's name is not worth her time. Adam said that him and Noah will find Sharon innocent. Nick is surprised to learn that Noah is involved to help Adam and says that Adam is giving him false hope. Adam says that he didn't expect much from Phyllis but he expected more from Nick if Nick respects Sharon. Nick said that if Adam respected Sharon she wouldn't be dead.

Sharon is the bedroom of the main house talking to herself hoping what she's doing is right. Boring Sam walks in and they kiss. OMG! They both just said they wanted to take things slow and now they are about to do the do again. These two deserve each other. Both idiots.

Diane is talking with Gingerman about her proposition and says it could benefit him. He said he got benefited from Adam and she said she can benefit him more but giving him a photo opportunity of a lifetime. He's interested.

Abby is telling Daniel that what he did was very Knight in Shining armor. Daniel thinks the surprised photo shoot was a publicity stunt. She's trying to tell him it wasn't.

Cane tells Lily that all it seems he does is hurt her and that was the last thing he wanted to do. She says he had other options. He said he traveled half way around the world to get away from his father and the lifestyle. Lily tells him that he brought it with him.

Michael is talking with Eden. Let's listen in. He tells her he received a text from Lauren that she had a surprise for him. Eden realizes that's why Lauren told her she had a work emergency instead of telling her she was texting Michael, because Lauren was afraid she might bolt and Michael asks if she would have? She said she would have called. Michael brings up the fact that she hasn't called him for months. Michael wants to know where she's been since she's fallen of his radar. She said she was in a little bit of trouble but took care of rehab. Michaels wants to know why was she in rehab and she says she stopped eating for a while and she checked in a cushy rehab in Connecticut. Kevin and Michael said they would have visited her if she had called them. She said she's out now and all is ok.

Carrot Top tells Diane to get the photo op she mentioned and he will get the information tying Adam to the ambulance photo. He leaves. Arriving at the bar Deacon has a drink waiting for her called the Sledgehammer and he says its the perfect drink for when you are about to bring someone down. She ask what makes him think she's going to bring someone down? He said she looks like a lady going in for a kill. He wants to team up with her but she wants to know why should she team up with sleaze like him. He says he has something that will be useful to her in this battle.

Abby wants to order champagne to celebrate her and Daniel getting back together and he said they aren't getting back together. She thinks it has to do with the photographers and he said it has to do with it not feeling right inside for him. Daniel leaves and calls Lily and leave a voice-mail asking her to call him because he wants to talk to her about her encounter with Cane and some other stuff.

Lily tells Cane there's no excuse for what he did. He wants her to let him to keep her and the babies safe and she said she can never trust him again. He can stay or leave but he's to stay away from her and the kids.

Adam is comparing Nick to The Mustache (Victor) by saying that they blame everyone else when something goes wrong. Adam said he let Sharon down but never turned his back on her. Adam said he'll continue protecting Sharon's name while Nick and Phyllis act like Sharon never existed. He leaves.

They show Sharon laying on Sam's chest (Boring is asleep) and she has a slight smile on her face.


The little girl that lives on the farm with Boring Sam tells Sharon that she's good for Sam.

Cane's mother tells Jill that she should be glad her marriage wasn't valid because divorce can be so messy.

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