Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday 5 Oct 2011:

At Lily's house one of the baby's start crying and Lily seems frustrated.  She calls Cane.  She says Charlie is crying and she thinks he's crying for Cane.  Cane says he's coming right over.

At Vicki's house Sam comes over with Sean the Dog.  Sam wants to talk about sleeping arrangements for the night.

At Billy's trailer, Bill is at his laptop, now he's at his phone calling the hospital to find out about Katherine's condition.  He gets transferred to her room in which Jill answers but Billy doesn't say anything.  She gets off the phone and says no one was on the other end.  In Katherine's room is Neil, Devon, Jill and Murphy.  Murphy sends Jill to go find Katherine's lawyer who is supposed to be on his way.  He then tells Neil and Devon they don't have to stay, but Neil says Katherine is like family right along with Murphy.

Tucker walks in with Mitchell (the lawyer) and runs into Jill.  Tucker wants to know how his mother is doing, but Jill said he doesn't give a damn about Katherine.  She said if he did he would have been there hours ago.  She brings up the fact that Katherine was by his side day and night when he had his accident.  Tucker says that's why he's there, but Jill won't allow it.  Tucker leaves.  Jill takes Mitchell into the waiting lounge.  He says the Will is not marked valid until she signs it.  Mitchell asks if they know and Jill says no and he can't tell them that Devon has been added to the Will.  While she's saying this she doesn't realize that Tucker has been listening the whole time.  He walks in with this complete look of shock on his face.

Cane is at Lily's holding Charlie and talking with Lily.  Cane asks if Lily was able to find a certain book for him to read to Charlie and he begins reading to him.

Neil suggests Murphy go home and get some rest.  Murphy says he's fine.  He said after all these years of living alone he can't go to sleep without Katherine beside him.  Niel and Devon leave Murphy alone with Katherine

Tucker wants to know why Kath would put Devon in her will.  Jill says she doesn't know.  He asks Mitchell and Mitchell says he's not at liberty to say.  Neil tells Tucker he shouldn't be there.  Tucker is surprised that Neil and Devon were in to see Kath but he can't, stating "business associates have more right than family" in which Devon replies with, "after what you've done."  Jill wants Tucker to leave and Neil offers to walk him out and Jill says she has it under control and asks Neil and Devon to leave.  Devon says he doesn't want to Tucker around there again.

Vicki is playing with Sean the Dog and talking to the dog as well telling him that it was nice of  Sam to offer to take the dog so Vicki can have some time alone, but Vicki says she doesn't want to be alone.  Vicki turns on the TV and Father Knows Best is On - they switch to Billy's home and he's watching the same show.

Lily thanks Cane for getting Charlie to sleep.  She thanks him for stopping by and he says she doesn't have to thank him for taking care of his kids.  Cane say he should leave so she can get some sleep.  She says she needs to wind down first with an old movie.  Cane offers up African Queen which is on at 3:15am.  Cane says he will call her to see how she is but she says she has early morning gym session. He offers to call her later then. He leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Neil and Devon are talking about Tucker and Katherine and how they have been going at it since he showed up in town.  Devon wants to know if Tucker hates Katherine that much why would he go after her company and Neil says he has to with holding that much anger in him for all those years.  Devon says that Tucker is an ass and he can't stand him.

Jill walks Mitchell to Katherine's room and then she goes back into the lounge where Tucker is.  Tucker wants to know what's going on with Katherine and Devon.  Jill tries to play it off like Katherine just took a liking to Devon.  Tucker says she likes him so much she put him in her Will.  He says she's treating him like family.  Tucker then remembers when him and Devon were at the hospital getting their blooded tested and how they both have AB negative blood type.  Back to present day with Jill Tucker figures it out that Devon is his son.  Jill is trying to convince him he's wrong, but he said he can see it in Jill's face that's he right.  He leaves.

Lily is by herself.  She sends a text to someone.

At Crimson Lights, Neil asked Devon if he's ok because its late.  Devon says he's a musician and he's just getting started.  The text Lily sent was to Devon saying she can't sleep.  Devon said he's going to go check on her.  Neil says he's going back to the hospital to make sure Tucker isn't causing anymore trouble

At the hospital Cane sees Jill and asks what's going on because she has a very concerned look on her face.  Cane says he know she doesn't trust him but he loves her and he knows she's going through a lot with Delia and Billy being AWOL (Absent Without Leave), but she can talk to him.  She says she had to deal with Tucker and she wished he had never shown up.

At his office Tucker is looking for something but gets a knock on the door and its Sophie.  He called her. He tells her he found his son and he says it's Devon.  Sophie says, "Our Devon?"  Tucker said he was with a woman for a while and Devon is the right age.

Vicki is asleep on the couch

Billy turns off the TV after Father Knows Best is over.  He grabs his car keys and heads out the door.

Devon is at Lily's telling her about Katherine.  He wants to know what's been keeping her up and she said the babies.  She said Charlie had a rough night and would still be having one if Cane hadn't shown up.  Devon thinks she could have called Neil.  She says why shouldn't Cane help, he's their father.  Devon thinks Cane is trying to worm his way back into Lily's life.  She says nothing romantic is going on with her and Cane.  Devon says she needs to keep her guard up with Cane.

Tucker tells Sophie about the Will and Katherine adding Devon to it.  Tucker wants to try to find Devon but Sophie thinks Tucker should speak to Neil first, but Tucker said Neil will only hold him back.  Tucker thinks Sophie is over looking things because the baby she's carrying could be Neil's. She firestback with him getting this woman pregnant, but with all his money and resources he couldn't try to find his kid.  Tucker said he tried for years but failed.  She wants him to think about what this will do to Devon.  Tucker says he knows who his son is, where he lives so how can he sleep knowing this.  Tucker is off to find his son.

Mitchell is about to leave Katherine's room and on his way out he tells Murphy he will bring the Will and have Katherine sign it as soon as she wakes up.  On his way out, Jill and Cane comes in.  Cane begins talking to Katherine.  Cane then talks Murphy into getting something to eat.  He said he will go if Jill comes too.  They all leave the room.  Out in the hall Billy is dressed up like a surgeon so he won't be recognized.  He goes into Katherine's room.  He begins talking to Katherine.  He said he stopped by Delia's room and was going to sneak in, but Chloe was in there sleeping.  He begins talking about how bad he screwed up and how much he misses Vicki.  He said he can't stay long, that he has to go.  He just hopes Katherine knows he was there and that it helps in some sort of way.  As Billy is opening the door, the camera is on Katherine showing her making some movements, but Billy has his back to her and doesn't see it.  Billy leaves.

Boring ass Sam walks into Vicki's house (yeah, the front door was unlocked for any boring ass person to walk in and one did) to find Vicki asleep on the couch and TV on.  He turns the TV off.  Sean (the dog) is still on the couch.  Boring Sam puts a blanket over Vicki.  That dog is sooooo damn cute.  As Sam is about to leave Vicki wakes up calling Billy's name.  Sam says its just him and for her to go back to sleep.  She turns the light on and tells Sam about the dream she had of her calling out to Billy but he didn't come back.

Cane spots who thinks his Billy getting into an elevator at the hospital.

Jill is back in Katherine's room talking to her.  She asked if she heard Cane talking to her.  She says Murphy went to the chapel.  Katherine opens her eyes and asks where is she.  Jill calls for the doctor.  Jill says everyone was worried about her, Muphy, Neil, Devon and Katherine says Devon's name.  Jill said she knows this isn't the best time but she's not sure who he'll tell.  She tells Katherine that Tucker knows about Devon.

Sophia is at the hospital and finds Neil.  She tells Neil that Tucker is Devon's father.

Lily begins yawning and Devon prepares to leave.  There's a knock on her door and Devon answers.  Its Tucker.  He asks if he can come in.  Devon lets him in.  Tucker says he's not there to see Lily.  He was on his way to Devon's place and saw his car there.

Vicki says she's got to stop living her life in limbo.  She says she's going to move on with her life because Billy is not coming back.

Billy enters his trailer when there's a bang on his door and its Cane saying he knows Billy is in there.  He says he followed Billy home from the hospital.





Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday, 30 Sept 2011:

Detective Mauro (Erica Gimpel - Coco from Fame) talking with Malloy about the Jenkins murder.  He's concerned about the pillows they found in Jenkins hotel room.  A cop comes in with a missing page of Diane's diary and Malloy wants to know where he got it from.  The cop said it was in a stack of papers on the front desk.  Malloy wants it down to the lab and a photo copy for him (always to the lab with that Malloy - why don't he take his brain down to the lab).  Malloy calls someone.

Nick is opening an envelope he received. He calls Ashley.  Ashley is coming out of a conference room and answers her phone.  Nick says he needs to see her right away.  She hangs up and rushes to his place.  From the looks of the paper, someone had taken cut up letters and made a message out of them.

Abby arrives at Vicki's house where Victor is and she says she's going to college.  Her phone rings and she says she couldn't make the blogs that quick.  Vicki says she is news and so is Victor and she shows a headline that says the Newmans are questioned in Jenkins murder.

Phyllis at the Athletes Foot Club and runs into Malloy.  Malloy says she's not a killer, but he wants her opinion on who killed Diane.  Malloy says Nick and Ashley killed Diane and he tells Red that Nick and Ashley were in the park that night.  Malloy tells Red that Nick made a call to Ashley that night and wonders what it could have been about that they had to meet in the park.  Red says she has to go and leaves in a rush.

Nick reads Ashley the note he received which is a blackmail note saying if they didn't deliver 50K to a wherehouse today the phone call Buzz Cut (Nick) made to Ashley will be revealed.  Ashley thinks Adam (Bed Head) sent the note.

Bed Head (Adam) is talking with Malloy at the Athletes Foot Club.  He tells Bed Head that they found Jenkins diary.  Two days before she died she made mention of Bed Head in her diary and that she knew he was going to kill her.

Vicki, Abby and Victor are looking at the headline on Vicki's computer.  Victor thinks Malloy is behind the news headline.

Malloy read part of Diane's diary to Adam.  She speaks about how mad Adam was with her after the grand jury hearing.  She calls Adam is a psychopath.  She pinned her murder on Adam before she was dead. Adam thinks Malloy is trying to frame him, but Malloy says he doesn't need to frame someone who is already guilty.

Nick and Ashley say that Adam is taunting them even more. The VM Nick left on Ashley's phone the night of Diane's murder, someone (Nick thinks it's Adam) got a hold of it and played it back to Nick.  Phyllis walks in on Nick and Ashley.  Red tells them that Malloy was questioning her about Nick and Ashley and that he called Ashley the night of Diane's murder.  Red says that Malloy has put her under a microscope and now she's apart of it and wants to know what's going on.  Ashley's phone rings.  Its Abby.  Ashley has to leave.

Malloy and Adam are at Malloy's office when Victor comes barging in about the article he read.  He tells Malloy he better stop insinuating that Victor and Abby are the killers of Diane.  Malloy plays a recording of a conversation Victor and Adam had regarding Diane's murder and each one blaming the other for Diane's murder.  Victor tells Malloy he has a lawsuit on his hands because Malloy eavesdropping on their conversation is against the law.  Victor leaves and Adam tries to but Malloy tells Adam the diary holds enough evidence against Adam.

Nick tells Red that he accidentally called Ashley from the park the night he was with Diane and left that incriminating VM of him threatening Diane.  He shows Red the threatening note Nick received.

Adam is being lead to the holding cell when Healther walks in.

Red says for Nick to get the money and they both go to meet Adam.  She says for Nick to lure from wherever he's hiding and she will document everything with a camera.

Heather goes into Malloy's office says she's concerned about how Malloy detained Adam.  Heather says he can't run into this arrest for it will come back to bite them.

Nick says the money is ready and he's glad that Red knows everything because it was killing him keeping it from her.

Heather and Malloy come out of his office and Malloy tells Bed Head he can go.

Ashley is at Vicki's house talking with Abby. (Quick Side Note: Abby is pregnant because now she's carrying big purses to cover her belly, the same way they did with Victoria and Heather.  I'm going to see how much black they are going to have Abby wear).   Vicki comes down stairs.  They show Ashley the article on the computer.  Victor shows up.   Victor says he was called down to Malloy's office for some stupid reason.  They all look at Abby and she confesses that she talked with Malloy because she freaked out that Malloy was going to find her confession about hitting Tucker and sending him to the hospital.  Ashley figures out that Victor knew about Abby's fears. Abby talks about a key that opened a lock box that had Diane's diary.

Nick is at the place he was told to meet someone to give them money.  Out of the shadows Malloy shows up with a cop and Mauro and he says to Nick the he has a lot of explaining to do.  So basically, Malloy wrote the note to trap Nick.

Nick and Red are at the police station.  Nick said until his lawyer arrives he's going to keep quiet.  Malloy tells them he found Diane's diary and its been a real eye opener for the case.

Heather and Adam are at Crimson Lights and he thanks for her getting him out of jail.  Adam says he didn't kill Diane.  Heather says that Malloy has evidence.  She says, "Won't that be poetic justice, someone going after you with a bogus diary entry" and walks away.  Adam calls someone saying he needs to see them right now.

Mauro and Malloy are in his office looking at the pillows found in Diane's room.  She said it was a nice sting he did in the wherehouse.  She ask what's next and he says more Newsmans and calls Abby.

Abby gets a phone from Malloy and wants her to put him on speaker.  Malloy said the newspaper will print an apology if Abby tells him what Diane had on her.  Malloy says the Newman's like their secrets and wonder if they have shared them with each other.   He tells about Victor's shoe print being found at the scene of the crime and Vicki's cover being blown when she said she was with her father the night of the murder.  Malloy asks Vicki if she told anyone where she was that night?  He hangs up.  Victor said he's trying to rattle their cages.  He says all of them in the room are innocent.

Malloy says to Mauro that Diane was blugened to death and everyone is walking around like they are untouchable.  He says they act like their are kings and queens.  Him saying that prompts him to remember what one of the pillow said which was It's Good To Be King.

Red is talking with Nick.  Mauro comes out and tells them they are officially being held for questioning.

Back at the wherehouse, Adam enters and starts talking to someone that we are not being shown.  He's talking out loud like the person is hiding.  He hears and sees this

on one of the crates and rushes out.

Ashley says Malloy doesn't have anything on them.  Victor says what took place that night had nothing to do with Diane's murder and that's why he didn't mention it.  Ashley and Abby leave.  Vicki says she's been keeping something from Victor.  She said she was also in the park that night and saw Victor with Diane.

Outside the house Abby tells Ashely she is scared that something may have been written about her in the diary.  Ashley is concerned as well.

Malloy and Mauro are looking at the pillows and matching people with the message on the pillows.
I am evil - Adam
It's good to be king - Victor
Mauro says they have ten pillows but only nine suspects, they are missing someone.  Malloy picks up a pillow that says Girls just want to have funds.  He cuts the pillow open and finds the pen drive Diane had of Abby's confession.

Avery tells Red she needs to bring Lucy to see her mother at the hoosegow today
Katherine asks Jack that if Tucker wins does he really think Tucker will sell him Jabot? (more of a statement than a question really)
Victor tells Malloy to find the real killer instead of harassing his family.