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Friday, 30 Sept 2011:

Detective Mauro (Erica Gimpel - Coco from Fame) talking with Malloy about the Jenkins murder.  He's concerned about the pillows they found in Jenkins hotel room.  A cop comes in with a missing page of Diane's diary and Malloy wants to know where he got it from.  The cop said it was in a stack of papers on the front desk.  Malloy wants it down to the lab and a photo copy for him (always to the lab with that Malloy - why don't he take his brain down to the lab).  Malloy calls someone.

Nick is opening an envelope he received. He calls Ashley.  Ashley is coming out of a conference room and answers her phone.  Nick says he needs to see her right away.  She hangs up and rushes to his place.  From the looks of the paper, someone had taken cut up letters and made a message out of them.

Abby arrives at Vicki's house where Victor is and she says she's going to college.  Her phone rings and she says she couldn't make the blogs that quick.  Vicki says she is news and so is Victor and she shows a headline that says the Newmans are questioned in Jenkins murder.

Phyllis at the Athletes Foot Club and runs into Malloy.  Malloy says she's not a killer, but he wants her opinion on who killed Diane.  Malloy says Nick and Ashley killed Diane and he tells Red that Nick and Ashley were in the park that night.  Malloy tells Red that Nick made a call to Ashley that night and wonders what it could have been about that they had to meet in the park.  Red says she has to go and leaves in a rush.

Nick reads Ashley the note he received which is a blackmail note saying if they didn't deliver 50K to a wherehouse today the phone call Buzz Cut (Nick) made to Ashley will be revealed.  Ashley thinks Adam (Bed Head) sent the note.

Bed Head (Adam) is talking with Malloy at the Athletes Foot Club.  He tells Bed Head that they found Jenkins diary.  Two days before she died she made mention of Bed Head in her diary and that she knew he was going to kill her.

Vicki, Abby and Victor are looking at the headline on Vicki's computer.  Victor thinks Malloy is behind the news headline.

Malloy read part of Diane's diary to Adam.  She speaks about how mad Adam was with her after the grand jury hearing.  She calls Adam is a psychopath.  She pinned her murder on Adam before she was dead. Adam thinks Malloy is trying to frame him, but Malloy says he doesn't need to frame someone who is already guilty.

Nick and Ashley say that Adam is taunting them even more. The VM Nick left on Ashley's phone the night of Diane's murder, someone (Nick thinks it's Adam) got a hold of it and played it back to Nick.  Phyllis walks in on Nick and Ashley.  Red tells them that Malloy was questioning her about Nick and Ashley and that he called Ashley the night of Diane's murder.  Red says that Malloy has put her under a microscope and now she's apart of it and wants to know what's going on.  Ashley's phone rings.  Its Abby.  Ashley has to leave.

Malloy and Adam are at Malloy's office when Victor comes barging in about the article he read.  He tells Malloy he better stop insinuating that Victor and Abby are the killers of Diane.  Malloy plays a recording of a conversation Victor and Adam had regarding Diane's murder and each one blaming the other for Diane's murder.  Victor tells Malloy he has a lawsuit on his hands because Malloy eavesdropping on their conversation is against the law.  Victor leaves and Adam tries to but Malloy tells Adam the diary holds enough evidence against Adam.

Nick tells Red that he accidentally called Ashley from the park the night he was with Diane and left that incriminating VM of him threatening Diane.  He shows Red the threatening note Nick received.

Adam is being lead to the holding cell when Healther walks in.

Red says for Nick to get the money and they both go to meet Adam.  She says for Nick to lure from wherever he's hiding and she will document everything with a camera.

Heather goes into Malloy's office says she's concerned about how Malloy detained Adam.  Heather says he can't run into this arrest for it will come back to bite them.

Nick says the money is ready and he's glad that Red knows everything because it was killing him keeping it from her.

Heather and Malloy come out of his office and Malloy tells Bed Head he can go.

Ashley is at Vicki's house talking with Abby. (Quick Side Note: Abby is pregnant because now she's carrying big purses to cover her belly, the same way they did with Victoria and Heather.  I'm going to see how much black they are going to have Abby wear).   Vicki comes down stairs.  They show Ashley the article on the computer.  Victor shows up.   Victor says he was called down to Malloy's office for some stupid reason.  They all look at Abby and she confesses that she talked with Malloy because she freaked out that Malloy was going to find her confession about hitting Tucker and sending him to the hospital.  Ashley figures out that Victor knew about Abby's fears. Abby talks about a key that opened a lock box that had Diane's diary.

Nick is at the place he was told to meet someone to give them money.  Out of the shadows Malloy shows up with a cop and Mauro and he says to Nick the he has a lot of explaining to do.  So basically, Malloy wrote the note to trap Nick.

Nick and Red are at the police station.  Nick said until his lawyer arrives he's going to keep quiet.  Malloy tells them he found Diane's diary and its been a real eye opener for the case.

Heather and Adam are at Crimson Lights and he thanks for her getting him out of jail.  Adam says he didn't kill Diane.  Heather says that Malloy has evidence.  She says, "Won't that be poetic justice, someone going after you with a bogus diary entry" and walks away.  Adam calls someone saying he needs to see them right now.

Mauro and Malloy are in his office looking at the pillows found in Diane's room.  She said it was a nice sting he did in the wherehouse.  She ask what's next and he says more Newsmans and calls Abby.

Abby gets a phone from Malloy and wants her to put him on speaker.  Malloy said the newspaper will print an apology if Abby tells him what Diane had on her.  Malloy says the Newman's like their secrets and wonder if they have shared them with each other.   He tells about Victor's shoe print being found at the scene of the crime and Vicki's cover being blown when she said she was with her father the night of the murder.  Malloy asks Vicki if she told anyone where she was that night?  He hangs up.  Victor said he's trying to rattle their cages.  He says all of them in the room are innocent.

Malloy says to Mauro that Diane was blugened to death and everyone is walking around like they are untouchable.  He says they act like their are kings and queens.  Him saying that prompts him to remember what one of the pillow said which was It's Good To Be King.

Red is talking with Nick.  Mauro comes out and tells them they are officially being held for questioning.

Back at the wherehouse, Adam enters and starts talking to someone that we are not being shown.  He's talking out loud like the person is hiding.  He hears and sees this

on one of the crates and rushes out.

Ashley says Malloy doesn't have anything on them.  Victor says what took place that night had nothing to do with Diane's murder and that's why he didn't mention it.  Ashley and Abby leave.  Vicki says she's been keeping something from Victor.  She said she was also in the park that night and saw Victor with Diane.

Outside the house Abby tells Ashely she is scared that something may have been written about her in the diary.  Ashley is concerned as well.

Malloy and Mauro are looking at the pillows and matching people with the message on the pillows.
I am evil - Adam
It's good to be king - Victor
Mauro says they have ten pillows but only nine suspects, they are missing someone.  Malloy picks up a pillow that says Girls just want to have funds.  He cuts the pillow open and finds the pen drive Diane had of Abby's confession.

Avery tells Red she needs to bring Lucy to see her mother at the hoosegow today
Katherine asks Jack that if Tucker wins does he really think Tucker will sell him Jabot? (more of a statement than a question really)
Victor tells Malloy to find the real killer instead of harassing his family.

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