Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adam Taunts Victor From His Board Seat - 5 July 2011

Sharon is holding the torn letter and dress in her hand and is looking at Sam. Same wakes up just as she leaves the room.

Noah is at Crimson Lights out on the patio and Abby goes to visit with him. Noah is looking through the physical memory cards and doesn't find anything. Abby wants to help but he says he needs a break. Noah wants to know how it went with Abby's mom and grandpa (meaning The Mustache) when she told them she ditched rehab, but Noah learns that she didn't tell them and says they are going to find out.

Victor is getting ready for his board meeting and Lauren is there. She wants to know if Victor is having second thoughts about putting her on the board and he says no. Lauren says that Fenmore's, which will promote Jabot's new line which is direct competition with Beauty of Nature. Victor says he doesn't see a problem. Victoria walks in and gives her father a hug and he says welcome back. Vicki asks about dealing with Adam. Victor tells her that he sent a message to Adam, via Michael that meeting had been moved up and he's not sure if Adam will make it and just then Adam walks in.

Billy is at RS (Restless Style) to give Nick the keys. Nick gives him the check. Phyllis shows up and Billy wants to know what know she's doing there and Nick says he hired her and Billy is shocked after all the she's done to him and Vicki. Nick tells Billy that the magazine is his now and Billy needs to stay out of it. Billy tells him he's going to need luck (motioning to Phyllis) and leaves. Phyllis tells Nick that if its going to difficult on him with her working there they don't have to do it.

The board meeting is starting. Michael is naming all the board members. They vote to elect a chair and Vicki and Adam vote for Victor.

Noah is concerned that Abby's parents may visit her at rehab. She tells him that they sent her there to shut her up and he wants to know about what and she explains to him that she's the one that hit Tucker. He said at least the charges against her mother have been dropped. Abby says if they hadn't been she would have come forward. Noah gives his two cents on how kids act towards their parents when parents are only trying to do what's right for the kid. Get on your soapbox, homeboy. Abby says she misses Noah and Noah apologizes for bailing on her.

Sam finds Sharon in her room packing. He wants to know what's going on and she tells him last night was a mistake.

Phyllis said she feels bad for Vicki but not bad enough to sacrifice her own family. Nick said he would have fought for Faith had Ashley not given her up without a fight. Nick is the only one that doesn't see Phyllis in a bad light. He said they need to get working on the magazine and he doesn't want Phyllis trying to back out. Phyllis said Nick doesn't need the aggravation of a magazine so why did he buy it.

Billy is channel surfing and then turns off the TV when he comes across the Father Knows Best marathon that's on. Billy calls his booking and double downs on a bet.

The board meeting is going on and Victor is talking about China and something. Adam adds his two centers (with some change coming back). Adam doesn't want to move forward with a business deal and Victor says he's making a grave mistake.

Abby is listening to a song Noah wrote and asks if he's played it for Eden because the song is about her. He's trying to say its not. Abby tells Noah she saw Eden recently but was asked not to tell him. She says she saw her at rehab. He wants to know if she's OK. She tells Noah she tried to talk Eden into coming back to GC but it wasn't going to happen.

Eden walks into Crimson Lights.

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, "Why the long face?"

The board meeting is over. Lauren wants Michael to tell Victor he has support. Mike says she can tell him herself. She said she's learned not to speak to Victor when he's mad. Mike and Lauren walk out. Vicki begins talking about Adam with her father, The Mustache. Soon Vicki begins apologizing to her father for her actions in the past. He just wants to move forward. Vicki goes to her office. Victor sits stewing.

Vicki finds Adam at the elevator and they change words and then he drops the bomb that Billy sold RS to Nick.

Phyllis knows that Nick got a settlement of 0.5 Billion dollars and he could have bought anything but he bought RS and wants to know why. He said he needed something to keep him busy.

Sharon is still packing. (You know for someone who has been at the farm for about a month, she sure is taking a long time to pack). Sam says she doesn't have to leave and she says she does. He's offering to take things slow but Sharon doesn't see that working. He senses she's afraid of something. Sharon tells him he would be asking for trouble if she stays and she doesn't want that for him.

Eden asks a worker there when would Kevin be back, but they didn't know. She then sees Noah and Abby out on the patio. Abby has told Noah about Eden's eating disorder. Inside Lauren finds Eden.

Phyllis wants to know the vision and he said hard hitting investigative reporting but leaving the Newman's out of it. Vicki shows up mad because she had to learn about the purchase of the magazine from Adam and not Nick and she's even pissed off that Phyllis is working there. Nick is not happy that Vicki is working with her father after all he's done to her but she says losing Lucy is the worst thing that has happened to her and she thought that Nick would stand by her, but that didn't last either.

Adam goes back to the board room where Victor is. Victor states that what Adam did cost the company millions in profit. Had nothing to do with his sense of business but of revenge. He states Adam may have fooled a few by standers but the rest know who he really is and that's a total fraud and he's really playing with fire. Victor tells Adam to leave the building. ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.

Michael brings information back to Victor regarding a company called ASC. Victor thinks it might have to do with Jack, but Michael dismisses that idea. Michael says the SEC is focusing on Diane, but Victor says they should be focusing on Adam and he wants them to do just that.

Adam is back at the club going through the videos again.

Sam said he's sad to see Sharon go but she said if she knew her he would be glad. OMG! Sam and Sharon are boring as hell.

Someone is at Billy's place to collect on a bet he lost. Billy said he can write him a check because he doesn't have the cash on him. Vicki comes on and Billy introduces the guy as his friend. He gives the guy his Rolex watch as payment and the guy leaves. Vicki wants to talk to him about something but wants him to take a shower first. He leaves to do so and she finds a glass of booze on the table.

Lauren is happy to see Eden but she has a meeting at Fenmore's but is going to cancel it. She left her phone in the car and goes to make the call. Eden goes back to the patio only to find Noah and Eden not there. He left his computer and headset on the table and Eden begins listening to the song just as Noah walks up to her. Abby shows up as well.

Mike is back with Victor telling him that the SEC is not interested in Adam because there's less evidence. Victor says its their job to find the evidence. Mike said he will continue to stay with SEC. He states that Vicki had Victor's back today. Victor said its nice to have her back. He mentions that Billy is the reason Vicki turned her back on him.

Billy returns from taking a shower and begin talking about RS and Phyllis and states she's furious with Nick and she wants him to cancel the sell. Billy said its not her problem so she doesn't need to worry about this. Vicki says he has a point but asks that he take care of himself and then she leaves.

Nick is talking about Vicki working back with Victor. Phyllis tells Nick to stay close to his sister because that's his sister and she has a front row seat to the Victor/Adam fight. Nick said no more stories about Vicki and Billy and Phyllis agrees, then he says that Adam is fair game and she totally agrees.

Adam is sill looking at pictures. (My apologizes - yesterday I kept saying videos and its actually pictures him and Noah are looking at). He finds a picture of lava and calls someone to restore as much of the data as they can.

Sam comes back with coffee for him and Sharon and Sharon states she'll stay for now but can't make any promises. He's ok with it her decision.


Devon and Lilly confront Cane about trusting him, rather not trusting him

OK...I have to explain this one - Sharon says, You don't want me to stay here and Sam replies, NO. - If anyone you have watched the show you know their little editing they do to get you to watch the next day and they way they showed that it looked like Sam was telling Sharon to leave, but tomorrow the rest of the conversation will be him asking her to move in to the house with him

Adam asks for Nick's help in proving Sharon is innocent and Nick said you need proof for that. Adam said he'll have and real soon

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