Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, 11 July 2011 Sharon is Arrested

Sharon is arrested and confesses to Boring that Sharon Newman is her real name. Boring asks why is she being arrested and the two yellow stone cops explain that she was charged with murder back in Genoa City but escaped. Piper is being overly annoying and I hope they arrest her for her overacting and unnecessary crying and screaming. Boring realizes that a lot of things didn't make sense but now they do. I hope one of those things is his terrible acting.

Nick and Phyllis are doing some heavy kissing when the phone rings. After their phone calls they both have stunned looks on their faces.

Ashley is with Faith at Crimson Lights and Noah walks in and likes seeing Ashley with Faith. While talking with Ashley, Noah spots his mother's picture on TV with the words Breaking News underneath.

Victor is at Jack's office thinking Ashley would be there since Tucker asked Ashley to outs Jack. Jack says he's on a three month trial run with new products to hit the store. Jack gets an alert on his computer and has a look of complete shock on his face.

Adam just learned that Sharon is alive via his computer. (Probably via Facebook. HA!). He's asking Leslie to get him to see her. He feels he has a chance to make things right. He flashes back to a time with him and Sharon. FF

Nick is a bit upset that Sharon kept herself from her kids. Phyllis feels that Sharon was being Sharon. Nick asks if Phyllis's contact in the police department could get information. But she says its too late tonight. Nick wants to close up shop. Phyllis says that Sharon was being very selfish in her actions. That she could have called with a disposable phone, or sent an e-mail from the library or something. Nick is saying that Sharon loves Faith and Noah very much, Phyllis sees thinks otherwise.

Noah says they'll take his mother back to jail. He says he doesn't feel anything. Ashley says its abrupt. Noah ins't happy about his mother being back and he doesn't know why and Ashley says they don't call it shock for nothing. Noah gets a phone call from his father and walks off.

Jack tells The Mustache he longer has Sharon's death on his conscious, just her spending her life behind bars. The Mustache gets phone call from Michael stating that Sharon is on her way back and will be in Genoa City in the morning. Victor leaves and Jack picks up the picture he was looking at Friday and its of him and Sharon.

Michael and Victor are in the board room and they need to talk tragedy. Michael says things are a lot messier now. Victor said the escape didn't help and Michael said neither did Sharon pretending she was dead. Victor feels Michael is holding something back and Michael says that this could have adverse affect on Victor's family and his business.

Nick and Noah are on the patio of Crimson Lights (its the next day). Nick says Sharon was flown in from New Mexico last night. Noah tells Nick that he went back to park and was able to say good bye only to come back to Crimson Lights to find out Sharon is alive. Nick says he'll go see Sharon alone because Noah doesn't want to go.

Phyllis is at the police station where Spencer asks her who is snitch. He wants her to go away. She wants an exclusive. He's telling her no. He asks an officer to escort her out but as she's about to leave, Sharon comes in with her lawyer Leslie. Spencer tells Phyllis to leave..NOW! Phyllis in the hallway when Adam shows up. She asks Adam how is this supposed to play out with him helping her (Sharon) to escape. Adam says he's excited Sharon is home and Phyllis tells Adam that if he calls a jail cell home then Sharon is home unless he has something on his memory card to prove Sharon innocent. Adam says there's always hope.

Sharon is handcuffed to a chair as Spencer gets ready to question her.

Michael says the scandal could be difficult for her children. Victor says he'll make sure the children are shielded. Michael says the board is concerned that negative publicity will cause Victor to take a leave of absence. Victor wants Michael to spin the Sharon story but Michael said it doesn't matter that Sharon left GC, but that she took off right after she was found guilty. Michael asks Victor to leave Sharon alone for the better of the company.

Ashley is at Glow Worm with Jack and Faith. Ashley offered to look after Faith since Nick is having problems with babysitter(s). Jack is concerned about Ashley but she assures him all is well. He asks her what does she think of Sharon being gone for so long? Ashley disagrees with Sharon's actions in that her kids need her and Jack says now they will be able to see her in the visiting room. He basically says that Victor and Adam are to blame for Sharon's situation but Ashley feels that Sharon had an hand in it as well.

Spencer asks if Adam helped her to escape but Sharon interrupts and says she did it on her own. He brings up her letting a dead woman take her identity and wants her to explain that but Leslie tells Sharon not to answer that. He says new charges are being brought up and Leslie tells him to stop trying to intimidate her client. Before escaping Sharon was looking at 20-life, but now she's looking at an additional 5 years.

Phyllis is still talking with Adam when Nick shows up and asks Phyllis to leave but she says she's there to cover a story. He says he doesn't want a scene. Phyllis explains that she saw Sharon and there's no scene. Nick asks her to leave again and she does. Both Nick and Adam see Sharon.

Phyllis finds Noah at Crimson Lights and says she saw his mother and that she looked fine but seemed worried. Noah wants to know if she looked injured or looked like she had a nervous breakdown and Phyllis says no, not that she could see. Noah is a bit ticked that his mother is in her right mind but made no effort to come home. Phyllis is trying to tell him that he needs to hear his mother's side of things.

Spencer wants to ask Adam about helping Sharon escape, but Sharon says he didn't help and he says he has nothing more to add from the statement he gave a few months. She asks Nick about the kids and he says physically they are fine, but mentally is another story. She is aware that everyone thought she was dead. Nick is grilling her trying to find out why she let everyone think she was dead. She said the kids would suffer more if she was locked up for the rest of her life. Adam is sympathetic to Sharon but Nick is pissed. Nick takes off, but Adam stays behind to be with Sharon and says he understands why she did it.

Ashley's phone rings and its Nick to thank her for watching Faith. Ashley asks about Sharon and he's says she's fine. He asks if she can watch Faith a little longer.

Nick is in the board room with his father and Michael. Victor wants to see her but Michael is against it. Nick said he wish he didn't see her. Victor thinks those are harsh words and Nick explains why he feels that way. Victor is trying explain to Nick that they all care about Sharon. Nick says he's done caring about her.

Adam is just glad to have Sharon back that he's not mad at her. Adam says she doesn't have to explain anything and she was right to lay low and not contact anyone, including him. Adam said he never stopped fighting for Sharon and while he's laying his heart on the table for Sharon, Boring (Sam) walks in and says they took her away so fast he had to come see her. The look on Adam's face is priceless. Just watch for yourself:

Jack feels that Sharon must have hit rock bottom to leave like she did. Ashely feels differenty and says that Victor and Adam had nothing to do with her staying away.

Noah is booking a flight to somewhere and after he's done, he sees he has two missed calls from his father. He turns around and Eden is standing there and tells him she learned of his mother and asks him not to leave.

Phyllis is writing her blog about Sharon being back from the dead. Nick walks in and knows what Phyllis is doing. She asks if he wants her to stop and he said do whatever you want.  She goes back to blogging.

Adam has left (as you witnessed in the video I so lovingly provided for you) but Sam is there by Sharon's side. Just then Victor shows up.

Adam is at the little bridge and throws the memory card proving Sharon's innocence in the water.


Victor question's Sam on his intentions.

Chloe is being crossed examined by the DA by being asked if she was arrested twice.

Adam is talking to Diane about his new motto which is do unto others before they do unto you.

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