Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update for Wednesday 27 July 2011

I didn't get a chance to do my blog for today because I was out ripping and a runnin'.  But being the responsible blogger I am, I never leave my readers hanging.  So, I am posting a recap from somewhere else.  As always, its nto as good as mine would have been, but its a recap just the same.  And like a good journalist, I site my source at the end. Enjoy.   Oh, and the names have remained the same.  No Green Prison Clothes, or Billy Goat, or Cholesterol, or Bed Head in this recap.  I know, I know...


Victoria is shocked when she hears Abby on TV announcing herself as the new face of Beauty of Nature to a gossip reporter. Victoria heads to work at Newman Enterprises and calls Abby in for a meeting regarding her interview with the gossip reporter. Abby starts off by apologizing to Victoria for not telling her before she went mainstream with the idea, but admits she was worried Victor wouldn't have given the proposal a chance. Victoria surprises Abby when she announces that what Abby did was brilliant, insisting this type of campaign will help sales skyrocket. Before Abby can let this sink in, Genevieve arrives offering her advice.
Sharon is saddened when she realizes that Victor's comforting embrace is only a figment of her imagination as she looks at her locked cell door. Just when her despair begins to sink in, Sam appears on the other side of the bars. Sharon tells Sam that Adam let on that he has evidence to her name. Sam assures Sharon that he didn't return to New Mexico so he could fight for her release before heading out to speak with the DA.

Victor arrives to Adam's GCAC suite to warn Adam that he has one last chance to hand over the evidence that can clear Sharon. Victor assures Adam that while he is plotting his next move, Victor has something in store for Adam as well. Fuming from his encounter with Victor, Adam leaves Diane a voicemail telling her that she needs to give Victor as much motive as possible to go after her.

Diane receives a call from Kyle while at Gloworm and is relieved to learn that he is safe in Switzerland. After Diane hangs up, Leslie arrives and is curious if Diane wants to follow through with a lawsuit they had previously discussed. Leslie reminds Diane that she is currently trying to avoid prosecution and making a very powerful man angry may be something she wants to avoid. Diane cannot respond before Jack arrives, demanding to know why he cannot reach Kyle. Jack tells Diane that when he returns from his Los Angeles business trip tomorrow evening, he expects to see Kyle.

Victor meets a powerhouse female attorney by the name of Avery Bailey Clark at Crimson Lights to discuss Sharon's case. Avery reminds Victor that while she is a very brilliant attorney, she is not a miracle worker and will have to take a look at the trial transcripts before taking on Sharon's case.

Adam barely has time to react when Sam angrily arrives at his GCAC suite, pushing Adam inside as he slams the door. Soon after, Sam opens the door and walks out shaking the pain from his fist as Adam lays on the floor in pain, clearly having taken a beating. Sam heads to see Sharon and is happy when Victor arrives with Avery. Sharon is thrilled that Avery may be taking over her case, and thanks Sam, Victor, and Avery for being there for her.

At Gloworm, Deacon comments on Diane and Jack's argument before setting down a drink for Diane. Diane hesitates, but ultimately confides in Deacon about her upcoming departure from Genoa City and plan to inflict as much pain as possible on the people that have done her wrong. Deacon reveals that he has the camera containing Abby's confession and after a small bribe from Diane, hands it over.

Adam is cleaning the cut on his lip when his cell phone rings. Adam tells the mysterious caller that he cannot send anymore funds, and reminds them to stay underground to ensure they go undetected.


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