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Y & R Spoilers for the Week of 25 July 2011 And The Following Week

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Scoops, previews, teasers, and spoilers
For the week of July 25, 2011

Sharon tells Adam she’ll marry him

The DA puts a deal on the table – tell the truth about Adam’s involvement or go to the state penitentiary

Sharon listens as Spencer explains that she only has a short time to decide

As the clock ticks, Adam asks Sharon to turn it down

Adam opines that the deal is unnecessary because he will clear Sharon himself

Sam goes to Phyllis and Nick with his worries about Adam’s nature

Nick and Phyllis explain to Sam that Adam is simply evil

Sam goes to Sharon and advises her to take the deal

Sharon confides her intention to marry Adam again

Sam is shocked by Sharon’s decision

At a dead end, Sam decides to go home to New Mexico

Sharon lets the deal with the DA expire

Adam returns with a chaplain and the ceremony begins

Sharon recites her vows

When Adam’s turn comes, he refuses to go through with it

Moving in for the kill, Adam tells Sharon he would never marry her

Sharon is shocked at Adam’s vicious cruelty

Adam goes on to say that Sharon deserves this because she betrayed him

Sharon asks Adam if it’s true that he has evidence that proves her innocent

Adam walks away without answering

Sharon tries to tell Sam he was right, but her call goes to voice mail

As Sharon prepares for her transfer to the state pen, Victor arrives

Victor hires justice seeking Avery Bailey Clark to be Sharon’s new defense attorney

Genoa City’s first impression of Avery is that of a frowzy, disheveled broad

First impressions can be deceiving

Sam confronts Adam

Tucker tells a horrified Sofia the truth about his condition

Ashley confirms Tucker’s explanation

Billy infuriates Chloe when he visits Cordelia

Diane sends Kyle to safety at a boarding school in Switzerland

Jack is unaware of Diane’s decision

Nick and Phyllis comb through Adam’s room for the missing memory card

Adrenalin heightens the sexual tension between them

Back at the magazine, the duo succumbs to passion

Fresh from putting Kyle on the plane, Diane walks in and gets an eyeful

Losing her cool, Diane attacks Phyllis

Nick is helpless as the two she-cats go at it tooth and nail

Diane strikes a killing blow when she spits out the truth about her affair with Nick

Phyllis is blindsided

Driven by fury, Phyllis delivers a chilling threat

Phyllis tells Nick she’ll take Diane out

Diane retreats to Gloworm for a meeting with Adam

Adam is sarcastic when Diane presses him to put their plan in play immediately

Michael interrupts to deliver the restraining order Phyllis filed against Diane

Diane begins to feel everything slipping away

Victor is infuriated when Diane attempts to blackmail him with the truth about Abby

Diane is confronted by Victoria, then Jack

Jack is infuriated by Diane’s treachery

Diane files a lawsuit against Nikki

Victor is outraged

Diane’s complaint to the police gets results

Victor is arrested and locked up

Lauren and Jack hit the talk show circuit to promote Jabot’s new line

Tucker surprises Lauren and Jack when he walks in on their interview

Victoria is surprised when Abby takes a job

Abby and Victoria revel in their achievement

Victor revokes Adam’s board seat

Kay realizes that something isn’t right with Tucker

Tucker’s competency becomes the subject of a court case
Kay makes a successful gambit

Spoilers for Next Week

Diane manages to infuriate nearly everyone she comes in contact with

Victoria and Billy have a passionate reconciliation

Tragedy strikes Genoa City, leaving suspicion and chaos in its wake

Ronan takes charge as a mystery unfolds

Spoilers for down the road

Avery’s past proves relevant to more than one Genoan.

A mysterious woman arrives in town with surprising connections to Neil and Sofia

The secret Eden and Noah share about their past weighs heavily on them as they try to move forward

Hunter, blissfully unaware of the dark history between Noah and his ex, is happy to make a new friend in Eden

Heather returns from her business trip

Tucker learns the identity of his long lost son

Adam and Diane’s Machiavellian plot to destroy Victor has unexpected ramifications

Diane exits dramatically

Paul’s 18 year old son Rick pops up in Genoa City and mixes it up with two young ladies… sweet, shy, and trusting Hunter, and Selena, a brilliant, studious Latina. 


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