Thursday, August 11, 2011

Partial End Of This Blog

I will not be doing the You and the Restless blog everyday as I have. My focus is my writing and although I have received great feedback about my blog, it is not a reflection of my writing. Its a reflection of what I can do with a program that some may find boring. I enjoyed doing the blog. I was able to immerse myself into a show I absolutely enjoy watching. I was able to put spin on things. But again, it was not a reflection of my writing.

I will do it here and there, but not like I have been. I want to focus on my writing.

For those that read, thank you so much!!!!!!! It was because of you I kept going.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Mustache explains to Golden Boy (Jack) that in the event of Diane's death she wanted him to be guardian of Dumb Grin (Kyle).  Mustache says they can discuss visitation.  Golden rips up the documents and says Mustache will never take his son.  Mustache says read carefully, I already have.

Ashley is at the bar at the Athletes Foot Club calling Junior (Nick) about Billy leaving the country and Hair (Vicki) finding out in a bad way.  She warns Junior that Hair is going to need him and to be prepared.  Junior says that Billy can be an ass at times. Ashley agrees.  Junior asks if she got a new phone because he has been trying get a hold of her at her old number.  Ashley flashes back to the night of her and Diane and it appears she hit Diane with the phone. Present day she tells Junior she misplaced the phone.  Junior brings up a message he left her and she says that it must be important for him to bring it up again and asks what was the message.

Patch (Tucker) wants to know why Katherine is really there.  She said she told him.  He brings up that she stole control of the company and she disagrees, saying that he gave it to her.  He says his name is on the company and he will get it back.  Katherine knows that Patch was questioned by the police and she wants to know what they think he did or what has he done.

Junior flashes back to the night of him and Diane struggling and how there was a phone on the ground where Ashley's number had been dialed. Present day he asks if she has listened to her voice mail and she says no. He says his printer is on the other line - he has to go and hangs up.  Ashley runs out the joint (without paying for her drink, mind you - STOP THIEF!)

Red walks into Restless Style looking like she should be going out to a night club asking Junior is he is talking to Transplant (Ronan).  Junior asks why would he be and Red says that detectives always seem to have just one more question.  Junior says that neither he nor Red answered Diane's text so there's no more questions to ask.  Red wants to talk about their next cover and since everyone thinks they are going to do a story on Diane's murder, they should do some thing light and fluffy.  Junior agrees but says he has to leave and does just that.

Meanwhile, back at the cop stop, Transplant tells a cop to get Bed Head's (Adam) ring down to forensics.  But hold the phone kids - on yesterday's show, Transplant was standing outside of Bed Head's room when he told a cop there to take the ring to forensics.  Were we not to remember that?  But before giving it to the cop on today's show he takes the ring that was in a small bag and puts it in a huge zip lock bag.  Really?  Come on Y&R.  You can do better than that.  Don't you watch CSI - it is on your station after all.  Then he asks the cop to check on the forensics of the nail he found.  After he says that, the scene switch to Red's hands typing, indicating the that her finger nails match the one that was found at the scene.  Password is: Lee Press On Nails

Phone rings and its Transplant calling Red, stating he has a couple more questions for her regarding the murder.

Mustache tells Golden Boy that Baldwin filed the papers.  Golden says he is Dumb Grin's father, but Mustache says he's his guardian.  Mustache says that Kyle has been through a lot so he will not insist on taking him now, but eventually he will come to get Kyle.  Golden says something about Dumb Grin being his flesh and blood and Mustache brings up the point that Golden didn't know he had a son and the whole bit with Diane and the stolen sperm deal and blah blah blah.  Mustache then says that Golden is not able to take care of Dumb Grin and Golden asks why and Mustache says its going to be hard to raise a kid from inside a jail cell when he is convicted of killing Diane.

Patch asks Katherine if she had a spy on him and that is how she knows about the cops.  She said it doesn't matter.  Katherine says if the police are questioning him, she has to know for the company's sake.  He said if she is worried about the company's reputation being damaged, it happened the day Katherine took over.  Katherine feels she is entitled to an answer and he says she's not entitled to squat and to get the hell out of his house.

Ashley is at the town bridge looking for something, I think her phone and she jumps at some sound.

Transplant is with Red saying he needs to get something cleared up.  He asks Red if she and Nick were at Restless Style all night and she says yes but that he could have asked her that question over the phone.  He pulls out the picture of the finger nail they found.  He says they can't run tests on it because its fake...acrylic. He tells Red that the finger nail is hers and how did it end in the vicinity of a corpse.  She can tell him now or a grand jury later.

Junior is the noise that Ashley heard.  She wants to know what he is doing there.

Red said she will play along.  What she knows of acrylic nails is they are attached to a real fingernail and since DNA couldn't be found Red says the nail he found could have been there for months, years.  He reminds her that she said she got her nails done the night before her and Junior pulled an all nighter.  He states he talked to her manicurist and she said that Red's nails were pretty tore up and she had dirt shoved up in her nails.  He said he got a sworn statement from the lady.  He knows that Red got her nails done the day after the murder and wants to know why Red would lie to him.  He says her (Red's) sworn statement is full of lies.

Patch tells Katherine that Transplant was the one who questioned him.  He says that Diane text a lot of people the night she died and a lot of Katherine's friends were on the receiving end as well.  Katherine ask what did Patch say to him and Patch says that he told him the truth that he was at his office that night and Ashley can back him up.  He walks to the door and tells Katherine to get out since she got her information.  Katherine is still running her mouth as she is walking out and Patch shuts the door on her.  He then begins scratching his lower arm.  Seems like poison ivy.

Golden says that Mustache is the one that was accused of domestic abuse and he's the one that tried to leave town, pretending to be looking for Smirnoff (Nikki).  Mustache says that Golden caused a scene with Diane at Gloworm when he couldn't get a hold of Kyle and then he went ballistic when he found out that Kyle was in Switzerland.  Dumb Grin comes down stairs and wants to know what's going on.

Red says she messed up her nails potting flowers.  She says her daughter likes sunflowers.  Transplant said she must have ran home after the all nighter because she called her salon at 8am and asked for an emergency mani so she must have been planting at 7am.  He tells her that he believes she did meet Diane and things did get nasty and because of what happened just now between her and Transplant she moved up in the suspect list.  He leaves and Red calls Junior but he's not answering.

Junior said he is looking for her (Ashley's) phone as well.  Ashley finds it kinda a weird that he would be doing that.  Junior says that he knows Ashley was there the night Diane died.  Ashley says that must be some message on my phone - a message you don't want the cops to find.  Junior says he doesn't know what's on the phone but he knows its not good.  Ashley thinks the police might already have her phone and Transplant is only waiting for a time to come at her again. Junior says they shouldn't be talking about it there.  He offers to take her for coffee.  She agrees.  She tells him to watch his step for the cops haven't cleaned up poison sumac (This is what Patch possible has, rather stumbled upon)

Patch is leaving a voice mail for Ashley on her room's phone and telling her about Katherine being there and asking about Transplant questioning him.  He states he has some other things he wants to tell her but not on the phone's message.  While he is doing this he is putting cream on his arm and then wraps it in bandage.

Mustache tells Dumb Grin that he and Golden were having a business talk.  Golden says Mustache was just about to leave - Mustache leaves.  Golden tells Dumb Grin to go upstairs and he will be up there to tuck him in, but Goofy (new name for Kyle) says that they were talking about his mom and he wants to know why his mother was killed.

Mustache meets up with Baldwin at the Athletes Foot Club.  He tells Baldwin that he wants to get the ball rolling on him getting full custody of Goofy.  Baldwin says the kid just lost his mother and the only constant he has is Golden Boy and Mustaches wants to disrupt that by getting the courts involved.  Mustache wants to know what's wrong with that.

Goofy and Golden are having a Kodak moment - so nothing to writer.  But I will say this, Golden tells Goofy that the cops are questioning a lot of people about Diane's murder and Goofy asks Golden if he's one of them.

Katherine shows up at the police station given Transplant the what-for.

Junior and Ashley are at Crimson Lights out the patio talking about his run in with Diane at the park.  He said when it was over he noticed that his phone dialed Ashley's and there is probably a pretty "funky" stuff on there.  He asks Ashley how did she loose her phone and she said she went to the park to confront Diane about threats she was making toward Shabby (Abby - but Ashley didn't say her name - she just said someone she loves).  She still thinks the police might have her phone.  Just then Red walks in and says to Junior, "Is this why you had to leave so quickly?"

Transplant says he's just there working the case.  Transplant said he didn't grow up there so he's not going to answer each time Katherine rings her bell.  She says she's waiting to hear why he left and he tells her she will be waiting a long time.  She asks him if he have any apologizes or explanations and he says he's fresh out.  She says he can't stand the sight of him and leaves.

Ashley leaves.  Red tells Junior about Transplant being at the office and showing her a nail and putting it on her.  Junior says he is just playing games to see if it sticks.

Inside Crimson Lights Patch approaches Ashley and they both say Hi to each other.

Golden tells Goofy that he (Golden) isn't going anywhere and he won't let anyone take Goofy away from him.  He tells Goofy to ignore all the bad things he will hear about his mother.  He also states that whomever killed Diane will be caught.

Mustache tells Baldwin that Diane wanted him to be the father of Goofy and since she couldn't do it biologically she did it illegally.  He also brings up the fact that Golden wasn't there for most of Goofy's life, but Baldwin states that he is there now.  Mustache says that Golden can't raise a kid behind bars.

Ashley asks Patch what's wrong with his arm and he says its probably carpal tunnel.  He tells her that Katherine came by trying to get more ammunition against him.  They both agree they were home together the night Diane died.  Patch then asks Ashley to come home and she says she can't and for him to not ask again.

Transplant is looking at the nail and Red's picture on the suspect wall.

Junior said he can call the DA's office and tell them to back off, but Red said she doesn't need protecting for she did nothing wrong.  She said if Transplant thinks she was wondering around that night that makes her a liar - that makes both of them liars and then they have no alibi - but they did nothing wrong.  That's why she came to the coffee shop, to tell Junior that.  Junior says thanks for the heads up.  She leaves.  His phone rings and its the recording of him telling Diane that he will kill her before she lets him hurt them again.  Inside, Red is getting some cookies out the giant coffee cup and leaves.  We see Deacon in a both and he says, "Honey, I saw what you did".

Golden tells Goofy it won't always be like this.  It will get better,  but Goofy says it won't and runs up stairs the best way he know how - THE GOOFY!

Baldwin says he will keep in touch about Kyle and he will find out what the status is on Diane's case. He leaves.  Mustache gets up to leave and sees a newspaper with Diane on the front page.  He flashes back to him looking at Diane floating in the water.


Hair to Chloe: Billy left because you took Delia way from him.
Chloe back to Hair: Yeah and he changed his life because you broke his heart (I'm not sure if she said changed to tainted, but changed sounds more logical)

Deacon to Phyllis: I pissed so many people, figuring out if you're one of them

Victor to Ronan: (referring to the ring the cops found) You'll be able to lift Adam's finger prints off of it and by dinner time (he's looking at Adam now), you'll be in jail.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Hair (Victoria) is complaining to her father about Billy going to Hong Kong and not telling her.  That she had to find out from someone who found his phone.

Patch (Tucker) arrives at his office/apartment to find Ashley there but she says she's not staying.  She asks him if he is supposed to be at his occupational therapy appointment. He said they changed the time and it went well.  His main concern is that he won't progress far enough before the public finds out of his condition.  But more importantly, he is worried about what damage is company is going through with Katherine in charge.

Neil is at Katherine's house talking about Patch not being happy about her being in charge.  She says Patch will bounce pack quickly, but before he does she has to move quickly, by having Chancellor Industries gain control of Jabot.

Boring (Sam) is visiting Prison Garb (Sharon) and they are talking about Diane being found in the park and Prison Garb is giving Boring the run down of Diane and her sordid past.  Boring thinks that Bed Head (Adam) is on the top of the list of possibly killing Diane.

Elaina is with Bed Head (Adam) about to enter his hotel room when a blonde makes a comment about her and Bed Head being next door neighbors.  She tries to get the name from the woman with Bed Head but he diverts that operation and the way he does it basically tells the blonde that he wants her gone.  She leaves but not before Bed Head says, "Good luck on whatever case you are working on counselor."  Bed Head and Elaina go into his room.  He tells her that he needs her back him up on when they were together and for how long.

Transplant (Ronan) is looking at the suspect board when a cop tells him if he looks at that board any longer his head will fall off.  Transplant says that every person that Diane texted that night claims they weren't near the park, but they are all liars.  He says they have evidence but can't link any of it to the suspects, but he points out the ring impression on Diane's arm.  He is focused on Bed Head, saying Diane pushed him a little too hard.

OMG!!!!!!!!!  Dumb Grin Kyle is on the scene.  I thought we saw the last of that boozer until he was a teen which would mean a brand new actor.  Not this clown.  Golden Boy (Jack) shows up at his boarding school and Dumb Grin wants to know why he is there and not his mother.  Golden is explaining to Dumb Grin about his mother and per usual, Dumb Grin has one expression and no tone in his voice.  Where did this kid learn to act, on Zoey 101?  Dumb Grin wants to know how she died and Golden Boy tells him.  This boy could not act his way out of paper bag.

Bed Head asks Elaina to follow his lead.  A knock comes on his door.  He tells her to go powder her nose.  It's Transplant at the door.

Katherine says that with her being CEO of McCall she can authorize the sale of Jabot to Chancellor.  Neil states that if Katherine does it will seem that she declared him incompetent in order to push the Jabot deal through.  Katherine says she's just protecting herself.  She says she's going to sell Jabot to Chancellor double the market value.  Neil says that Patch is going to go crazy no matter how incredible it is.

Ashley is on the phone telling someone she will be over in a minute and hangs up. Patch asks if its bad news and she tells him its non of his business.  He begins with the hurt look on his face and she tells him that it won't work.  He asks her if Shabby knows and she says no, but she plans on telling her.  Then Patch says that he misses Ashley and she says, sarcastically, "Did you miss me when you slept with Diane?" She leaves. WOW! Someone needs to tell Patch he needs to stand in the unemployment line, cause he just got axed! Patch picks up the newspaper with the headline McCall Still Going Strong he tosses the paper down and calls someone telling them he has to see them right now.

Hair is still talking about Billy.  Hair says she doesn't understand.  The Mustachse says what's there to understand.  That Billy has gone back to gambling, boozing and assorted women.  Hair tells him to stop, that she doesn't want to hear it.  Mustache looks at it like Billy is making Hair break the the news to his family.  Mustache calls Billy a coward.

Transplant is questioning Bed Head about his where-abouts when Diane was killed.  Transplant said he asked the bartender but he can't confirm that Bed Head was at the bar.  Bed Head said that Transplant can call Shabby, but warned him that Shabby is a bit flaky and she was bathing in alcohol that night.  Bed Head calls the bartender a moron.  Transplant doesn't think Bed Head has an alibi but Bed Head calls out Elaina.

Prison Garb tells Boring that he cheered her up and thanks him.  She said she got a letter yesterday from Piper.  Boring makes me ill.  Hold on while I go to the doctor and get a cure for the boredom he generates.

Hair says she knows how Mustache feels about her husband and that he never gave Billy a chance.  A knock comes upon the door.  Its Ashley to say she spoke to Tracy and she hasn't heard from Billy.  She says Golden Boy is with Dumb Grin to bring him back home.

Golden asks Dumb Grin if he is ready to go home.  They leave the boarding school.

Ashley asked Hair if there's anything she can do.  Hair tells her father she wants to speak to Ashely in private.  He gives Hair a kiss and leaves.  Ashley ask if Mustache was there when Hair found out about Billy and she says yes and that he rubbed it in.  Ashley asks if Hair really want to talk with her or was it her way of getting rid of her father.  Hair says she doesn't know what she wants.

Transplant is questioning Elaina and asks if she's certain about the time and she says yes.  He asks a few questions before Bed Head jumps in.  That's when Transplant tells Elaina that Bed Head is the lead suspect in a brutal murder and this shocks Elaina and Transplant is getting a kick out of it.  He says he needs to speak to Bed Head alone but if he has anymore questions he will call her.  She leaves.  Transplant points out that Elaina left in a hurry.  Him and Bed Head exchange words.

Someone is in Patch's office where Patch is bringing up that he signed a confidentiality contract, that everyone in his (the guy in his office) facility did.  Patch says he has a spy on the inside and they say this guy was trying to break in to Patch's computer.  The guy is denying it.  Patch says that the guy tried to sell the information he got to the media and the guy denies it again.  Patch says that he talked to the guy's boss and the guy is fired.  Patch threatens the guy by saying that if he talks to the media or speaks his name in public he will not only sue him but he will make it is personal media to destroy his life.  Then he tells the guy to get out.

Katherine said Patch should never have had Jabot that he stole it from her.  Neil says the only reason he has Jabot is because of Ashley and Katherine says that she feels that Patch loves Ashley more than the company.  Neil feels that she's getting at something and she tells him that she's having the marriage annulled. Neil wants to know on what grounds.  She said because it wasn't of sound of mind when the ceremony took place.  Katherine tells Neil her plans.  She's going to tell him about the sale, but she's hoping he will be so busy fighting the annulment that he won't see the Jabot deal coming, at least not in time to fight it.

The blonde that ran into Bed Head at the Athletes Foot Club is now visiting Prison Garb and Boring and she is talking about how she was able to bump into Bed Head a couple of times.  Prison Garb warns the blonde that if she bumps into Bed Head one too many times he will get suspicious, but blondie tells her that he already knows who she is.  She said she likes him being unnerved with having her so close.  Blondie talks about how she is going to do what Prison Garb's other attorneys didn't do because appealing against this particular judge is going to be hard because he never overturns a ruling. The counselor was hired by The Mustache and she's exclusively working on Prison Garb's case.

Transplant had a credit charge of Bed Head's first drink that night looked up and says that he was at the bar later than he said, which gives him plenty of time to commit the murder and make it back to the bar. Bed Head said he bought the first couple of rounds in cash and tells Transplant to leave.  Transplant wants to search Bed Head's place but Bed Head won't let him.  He said the good thing about the 4th Amendment, that Transplant needs warrant.  ***Drum roll please*** Transplant pulls a warrant out his pocket.

Mustache is asking Baldwin (via phone) if he knows when Golden and Dumb Grin arrives and then he says he needs to see Baldwin right away.

Blondie is giving a quick background of herself and Boring intervenes with knowledge of his own about her like this makes him less boring - Yeah it does make him less boring - AND MORE ANNOYING.  Damn, why couldn't someone kill him at the bridge. Blonde explains that she has a team of college students comprised of law students and journalists.

Ashley is talking with Hair and tells her Billy usually comes back after he pulls it together.  Hair tells Ashley about the night Billy left.  She said it takes Billy leaving the country to make her understand its over between them.

Katherine shows up at Patch's office and he lays into her and she tells him that he is not his normal self so he should calm down because they have business to discuss.  She has a deal she's been working on that she needs him to sign off on.  He thinks its a trick.  Patch says he will look over the files and sign the ones he approves of.

Ashley's get an email on her phone from Billy that he also sent to Jack and Tracy, but didn't send to Hair nor does he mention her in the email.  Hair is hurt and says this is how her marriage is ending.  Then in dramatic soap fashion she gets up and goes to a window to look out.

Prison Garb is concerned that Brooke (That's the blonde's name) has a team of college student's working for her.  Boring intervenes again with knowledge he has of Brooke's team. SHUT THE DEUCE UP, DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Brooke says she has gotten guys off of death row and given them their lives back and Prison Garb should let her do the same for her.

Bed Head's room is being searched.  Transplant gets called to the side (out in the hall to be exact) by a cop who shows him a Harvard ring he found.  Transplant tells him to get it to forensics to see if that's the ring on Diane's arm.  The cop leaves and Transplant goes back inside.

Golden and Dumb Grin are at Golden's house.  Dumb Grin is doing the worst acting he's done thus far, and that's saying a lot.   Mustache is at Golden's door.  Mustache gives his conlenscens to Dumb Grin.  Dumb Grin goes up stairs.  Mustache tells Golden he's not just there to give his condolensces, then he pulls out some papers from his pocket and hands them to Golden.  They are papers showing Diane giving Mustache sole custody of Dumb Grin.


Patch to Katherine, "You're not entitled to squat. Now get the hell out of my house"

Ashley to Nick, "Why are you here?  I'm not going to say anything else until you tell me"

Transplant to Red (Phyllis), "You lied to me Phyllis.  Now why would you do that?"

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday 8 August 2011

At Crimson Lights Lily is talking with Picasso (Daniel).  Picasso wants to get back together with Lily but he thinks she still has feelings for Lame (Cane) but she says she doesn't.

At Jimmy's Lame is thinking about the kiss he witnessed between Picasso and Lily but is interrupted when Scorpio (Collin) walks in.  They are taking jabs at each other when Genvieve walks in and says, "The happy family together again."

Meanwhile, back at the one police station in town with the one Private Eye in town that couldn't find a dead dog even if the dog dies right at his feet, gets off the phone with someone - oh he's trying to get a hold of Nina but all he gets is her voice mail.  He asks Transplant (Ronan) if he's tried to get a hold of her and he says no.  Paul lays into him about not getting a hold of Nina to tell her that he is back in town.  Transplant says he doesn't consider Nina his mother and he doesn't owe her a thing.

Nina is talking to someone at Chance's job trying to find out where he is and she finds out he is out on location and is unable to contact anyone right now.  She gets off the phone.  Esther and Jill try to comfort her but she's not having it just like she never has it when someone is trying to talk some sense into that dull skull of hers.  How did she become a paid writer anyways?

CL (Crimson Lights) Big Head Kevin and Chloe are talking and she tells him that Delia cried herself to sleep last night.  Big Head Kevin with an even bigger head with that hair cut says that Delia misses her dad.  Chloe agrees but says he is always out of control.  She says it breaks her heart to see Delia upset all the time and it makes Chloe more upset when Big Head Kevin gives her grief about it all the time.  Kevin just walks away.

The Mustache (Victor) is at Hair's (Vicki) house about the Naked Heiress campaign (Beauty of Nature) but Mustache says that they have to look out for Shabby (Abby) and Newman Enterprises and therefore, he is pulling the plug on the entire thing.  Hair thinks Shabby did something to piss Mustache off, but he tells the real story of how Shabby ran over Patch (Tucker) but that Ashley took the fall for her.  He tells Hair that Shabby video taped the confession and that Diane got a hold of the tape.  Hair understands but seems disappointed, but she tells Mustache that Genvieve may have some ideas for Beauty of Nature.

Genvieve and Scorpio are still taking jabs at each other.  Nothing worth writing.  Lame wants them both to get on a plane and leave, but Genvieve is happy in GC and Scorpio says he's not leaving because of Jill.

Platypus (Jill) says she thinks Chance volunteered for this mission.  I know if I was Chance and Nina was my mother I would volunteer for the Kamikaze mission.  She says that Chance being all they have but Esther brings up Billy and Lame.  She says Billy resents her.  Nina tells Platypus that she should reach out to Billy.

Lily tells Picasso that she will always love Lame, but she can't build a future off of that.  She says she needs to stop putting it off and file for divorce.  She says she's read and is going to end the marriage.

Chloe apologizes to Big Head Kevin but they both agree that they are out of sync with each other. They said they used to have a lot of fun and someday they will get that back.

Genvieve thanks Scorpio for the orchids and she says enjoy your groveling, because it is such an attractive part of a man (obviously, she is being very sarcastic). As she leaves she tells Lame he can drop by the house (she bought the family home in town).  Scorpio stops her and asks where is his invitation to drop by and she says, "I don't think my other overnight guests would appreciate that" and she leaves.  Scorpio laughs.

Mustache doesn't want Genvieve associated with the Beauty of Nature with her being in the paper a lot lately.  Hair says she doesn't want a job, just giving ideas.  Mustache asks Hair to go to the gym with him, but she says Reed is going to be home soon and they are going to do a video chat. Mustache leaves.  She checks her phone for a message from Billy, but nothing.

Nina shows up at the police station looking for Paul but runs into Transplant instead.

Kevin asks Chloe if she wants to get out of CL for a bit, but just then Esther walks in.  Kevin fixes her fave drink as Esther pulls Chloe aside to let her know about Chance being in the Middle East.  Chloe says she feels bad for Nina because she lost Transplant and now Chance (meaning - both her sons are not near her - so Chloe knows).

Nina tells Transplant that she thought he died after the operation, but that he just disappeared.  He tells her he can't tell her where he was.  But, per Nina, she can't have it.  She says she has  been defending him to everyone, that they there had to be a good reason for him leaving.  Paul walks in and Nina lays into him about knowing Transplant was in town and Paul says, "Why do you think I've been trying to get a hold of you." But Nina just wouldn't be Nina if she had to find fault in him just leaving messages for her to call him instead of him just saying in the voice mail that Transplant (her son) was in town. Hey Nina, how about returning his phone calls you fracking moron.  She turns to Transplant and says that she knows it pains him for her to call him son, but she thinks of him as no more than a stranger.

Picasso asks Lily if she talked to a lawyer yet and she says no.  She thinks talking to Lame first is the thing to do.  Picasso thinks that the lawyer should do it, but she thinks that's a bit cold.  Picasso brings up the point that Lame let her believe she was crazy which is the definition of mental cruelty.  She says she doesn't want to become vindictive or bitter like Lame's mother.  She wants to show her kids how to handle things.  Picasso offers to go with her, but she says no but asks him to wait there for her.

Genvieve shows up at Hair's house showing her condolences about Hair's former step-mother.  Hair invites her in, and they speak about the death of Diane and Hair saying she hopes Kyle is shielded from the details.  Hair then moves the conversation to her telling Mustache about Genvieve's ideas and how he liked them.  She tells Genie (shortcut but no pun on her real name) that her father is at the gym.  Genie says its a small town and they are bound to run into each other at some point.

Esther says she can stay with Delia if Chloe wants to get some sleep.  Chloe says its not just Delia, she feels there's something not right between her and Kevin.  Kevin is talking with Picasso about Lily and then ask him if he has seen Lucy lately and he says no and the way he says it indicates to Kevin that Picasso and his mother still aren't talking to each.  Kevin tells Picasso to give her a call if he's worried about her (I think he is talking about Lily), and Picasso says she is busy right now.

Scorpio is about to leave but says to Lame it's pointless to shut him out, that Lame is going to need someone to turn to soon.  Scorpio says loneliness gets old real quick, and then he leaves.  After he leaves Lily comes in and tells Lame that she is filing for divorce.

Platypus is at Hair's house looking for Billy and Hair says she is looking for Billy as well.  Platypus says she got some bad news earlier in the day and it got her to thinking about Billy.  Hair ask Platty to tell Billy to call her if Platty hears from him before Hair does.

Mustache is fighting a punching bag and winning by the looks of it and in walks Genvieve watching him for a bit then says, "My, my - not sure whose picturing on that poor bag but I'm glad its not me".

Paul wants him and Nina to leave but Transplant says he's leaving and he does.  Paul explains that he didn't want to leave that type of message in a message.  Nina apologizes to Paul and says she understands and asks if Heather knows he is back and Paul says no and she hasn't asked about him, but she is holding out hope.  Nina says she can't tell Chance about Transplant because he is out on mission.  She states she has one son she may never see again and another son who doesn't want to see her.  Paul consoles Drama Queen.

Genie gives her condolences to Mustache about his lost and he thanks her.  He said he's heard about her from his daughter and she plays dumb and ask which daughter, Shabby or Hair and he says Hair and that Hair was impressed with her and Genie says she was impressed with Hair as well.  That she is a very sharp young lady.  She says to Mustache that she has always wanted to try the punching bag but didn't want to look like a fool.  He offers to teach her and a teaching he is a doing.

Scorpio shows up at the Athletes Foot Club and sees Platy sitting by herself and seems upset.  He asks if she is OK and that's when he notices she has been crying.

Lame ask Lily to reconsider but she says not to give her a hard time about it and he said he won't.  He asks abut the kids and she says she if filing for full custody.  He asks if there is a way for him to spend time with supervised.  He says he loves those babies.

Lily is back at CL (Crimson Lights) and Picasso is waiting for her.  He asked how did it go and she said it went pretty well, that Lame isn't going to fight the divorce. But she explained that Lame asked for visitation but that she couldn't give him an answer right now.  Picasso says he's a rotten father and going to use the kids to manipulate her.  She says her and Lame are throw.

Nina says that Paul has enough to do than worry about her and that she needs support right now with Chance being in the Middle East.  She said she got through Chances last three deployments, she will get through this one.  Paul thinks it would easier for her if she has the support of Transplant but she says that Transplant has made it clear that he doesn't want to be apart of her family and she feels the same way.

Esther tells Chloe not to worry about Big Head Kevin.  That every moment can't be hearts and flowers.  She leaves.  Transplant walks in and sees Chloe and says hi, but Chloes asks what is he doing there, just then Big Head Kevin walks up and tell Transplant to leave, that he's not welcomed there.  Transplant says he will get is coffee to go and Kevin says he doesn't want his business.  Transplant leaves.

Scorpio wants to help, but Platypus says all they can do is pray, that she can't lose him too.  She begins to cry and Scorpio consoles her and Genie sees all this.

Mustache is at Hair's house telling her that Genie tracked him down at the gym and Hair finds it suspicious.  Mustaches says that it could have been a coincidence, but Hair says that she told Genie where he was.  He asks what does she want, but then Hair's phone rings and its a call from Billy but its a woman's voice on the other end.  She said Billy is in Hong Kong but left is phone on the plane and Hair was listed as an emergency contact.  She tells her Mustache that he left her.


Bed Head (Adam) tells Aleeysa that he needs her to back him up and asks if she's willing to do that.

Prison Garb (Sharon) is telling some blonde that Bed Head is pretty sharp if there's too many accidental run ins he will begin to suspect something.

Patch (Tucker) tells Ashley that he missed her.  She asks him if he missed her when he slept with Diane.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friday 5 August 2011

Transplant (Ronan) is looking at the suspect board with Diane doing a voice over.  Now they are showing Diane (sitting in a white dress), I am guessing she's in purgatory until her murder can be solved and then she will move on to wherever.  It seems they are going to have Diane doing voice over during the show, which I will not be writing.  I will only be writing what is taking place on the show.

Red (Phyllis) and Junior (Nick) are at Useless Pile (Restless Style).  Golden Boy (Jack) enters and says he found Kyle in Switzerland.  Red says she doesn't envy him having to tell Kyle about his mother's death.  Junior asks if the police have any leads and Golden says they questioned him and that Transplant is in charge.  He says the reason he is a suspect is because of the custody battle in addition to him receiving the text from her right before she died to meet her at the bridge.  Red admits that she received the same text.  Golden has to go to Switzerland, so off he goes.  Junior asks Red if she is nervous about talking to the cops.  Red says murders do that to her.

Hair (Victoria) is at home and makes a phone call to Billy, but ends up leaving a message on his voice mail asking him why did he leave and to call her.  Her door bell rings and its Mustache (Victor) who tells her that the police talked to him about Diane's murder and he is sure they will talk to her (Hair) and Junior (Nick) about it as well.  He explains that Diane's lawsuit against Smirnoff (Nikki) is matter of public record and it won't be too hard to convince the DA that she (Hair) and Junior might have gone after Diane because of the lawsuit.  Hair says she does't have anything to hide.

Shabby (Abby) is at the bar at the Athletes Foot Club and orders an orange juice.  Bed Head (Adam) shows up and begins talking to her about Diane's death and how many people didn't get much sleep last night because of it.  They flash back to Diane and Shabby being at the bridge where Diane is holding a key and says it could take down Shabby and her family.  She says the key is to a safe that has the video of Shabby confessing about running Patch (Tucker) over.  They show Shabby charging at Diane and then it cuts back to her at the bar saying she doesn't know anything about Diane's murder.  Bed Head said they will probably want to question her like they did him and she says, "Cool.  I'll tell them the truth."  Bed Head said he told them he was at the bar last night, just like Shabby.  He says they could help each other.  He is saying they were both there at the bar all night long.

Patch is looking at the newspaper with Diane on the front page.  Patch flashes back to his meeting with Diane on the bridge.  After a few words he realizes that Diane is mad that he choose Ashley over her and now she is wanting to ruin his, Ashley and Abby's life because of it.  Diane said they won't know when its coming.  She brings up the fact that they did have sex that night.  Now we are back to Patch's office where Ashley comes in and says she is going to pack up some of her stuff and stay at the club for a bit.  She says, "For months I told Abby she was wrong about you.  I said that you would never do that to me, that you would not have an affair with Diane."  Ashley goes on to say that she defended him and that Abby would have never hit him and Ashley would not have gone to jail if he just told the truth.  He wants to make it right for Ashley and Shabby.  He wants forgiveness.  Ashley doesn't know if she can.  He says you agree with Katherine that they should end the marriage.  Just then his phone rings and Ashley answers it.  It was Transplant who wants to talk to both of them about Diane's murder.

Mustache said he didn't mean to upset Hair.  She says its been a rough day.  He asks if Billy is there and she says she doesn't understand him at all.  She says she loves but him, but Mustache doesn't think Billy is worthy of Hair's love.

Red asks Junior if she looked over the ideas she had for the next issue and he said he did but didn't like any of them.  She said the police questioning her about Diane's murder has her off her game.  She said she's hated Diane for years and then she gets a text to meet her at the bridge before she dies.  Junior says a lot of people probably  got that text.  They flashback to Junior and Diane meeting at the bridge.  He asks her if she's going to stop harassing his family.  She says she's going to bring each one of them to their knees and enjoy doing it.  He starts dialing his phone and says he is calling the DA to tell them that Diane has been blackmailing him and Diane knocks the phone out of this hand and they show the beginning of a struggle between the two then scene goes back to Junior at work.  Junior tells Red that he ignored the text and asked if she did too.  Flash back to Red with Diane.  Diane says they have unfinished business to discuss, then the scene is Red back at the office telling Junior that she didn't go near Diane but that the police will want to talk to both of them.  Junior says he isn't worried about it and Red said neither is she but they should both have alibis for it will make things a lot easier.

The bartender gives Shabby a cup of coffee and she says she didn't order it.  Bed Head said there's a study that says caffeine helps improve memory.  Bed Head wants her to remember the woman he was with at the bar.  She said she remember but she's not interested in his sleazy life.  Bed Head thinks he and Shabby can help each other.  Shabby isn't interested.

Golden is on a plane with this look on his face of him dreading having to tell Kyle (who I HOPE HOPE HOPE is a different person) that his mother is dead.

Ashley and Patch are waiting for Transplant.  Ashley said that everyone knows that she hated Diane.  That it was on record.  Patch said when he found that Diane had told Ashley about him and Diane and that she threaten to take Shabby's confession to the police, he does not think anyone was more pissed at Diane than him.  The scene goes to Ashley and Diane meeting up and Diane talking about her night with Patch and she says some other stuff regarding Shabby. And  then Diane tells Ashley that she's a horrible mother.  Back at Patch's office Transplant shows up and ask where were they last night.

Bed Head tells Shabby that Eddie (waiter) saw her last night but he can't remember for how long, but  Bed Head could.  Shabby said that one night stand tramp he was with could vouch for him, but she's not going to do it.  Bed Head states that at least he has someone to vouch for him, but Shabby doesn't.  He leaves.

Hair is looking for a file (work) for Mustache, but cannot find it.  Mustache tells her its OK.  He's going to work out on a heavy bag and leaves.  Hair looks at the text she received from Diane to meet her at the Foot Bridge.

Patch tells Transplant that he and Ashley were at his place (office) all night long.  Transplant confirms it with Ashley and she agrees with Patch.

Junior brings up that Red went home to check on Lucy and Summer while he went to get ice cream Outside of that they were together all night and have alibis.  Transplant shows up at Useless Pile asking Red where was she last night and she says there working with Junior.  Transplant acts like he doesn't believe her.  He looks the bruises on her hands. She says she got them a few days ago, and he says they look fresh.  Transplant ask them not to leave town and he leaves (the office, not town).

Mustache told Shabby that he was questioned by Transplant.  Shabby tells Mustache that Bed Head wanted her to give him an alibi.  Shabby says that she was freaked out about Diane having the video and therefore, she came to the bar for a drink and she doesn't remember anything after that.  Transplant shows up and Mustache thinks he's there for him, but he's there for Shabby and wants to know if she was at the bar last night when Diane was killed.  She says she was and that Eddie could verify it, so he calls Eddie over who does verify that Shabby was there slamming them back and finally he had to cut her off but he doesn't remember what time it was.  Transplant dismisses him.  Mustache said with so many people at the club last night someone has to have seen Shabby there. Bed Head witnesses the whole thing, as usual.

Transplant is back at the station where he pulls out a huge glad zip lock back with one finger nail in it.  Really?  Do they not watch the cop shows and see that when they go to crime scenes the cops/detectives have different size zip lock bags with them?  Oh brother. Anyways.  We see Red with Diane and Diane saying she captured Red and Junior all over each other and she should post it on View Quick (I promise that's what she called it instead of You Tube - like they call Facebook, Face Place) for Summer to see one day.  Then she says like she should capture this moment and while she's going for her phone/camera, whatever, Red goes after her and they slap each other.  Diane says she needs to make a phone call and begins walking away.  Red finds a rock on the ground and the scene switches to Transplant looking at autopsy report again.  Patch is now with Diane where she says she will bring down his entire family.  Patch grabs her around the neck and says he will kill her before he lets that happen.  She tells him he can barely stand and she pushes him away which causes him to fall. She walks away and he gets up and follows her.  Back at the police station, Patch is handed another large zip lock bag with a small silver key which was found in Diane's mouth.  Shabby and Diane at the bridge with Shabby struggling for the key.

What they are doing through the show is showing each person's struggle with Diane and that everyone she met with at the bridge that night is the possible killer, which we knew anyways, but they are really giving us food for thought that each and every person did do something physical to Diane.

Transplant looks at a picture of Diane's arm and there's a strong imprint of a Harvard ring which indicates that whomever grabbed her really had a tight grip on her.  There's a shot of Bed Head dialing his cell phone and on his hand is a ring from Harvard.  He calls Aleeya and says he needs to speak to her about their time together.  The next hand they show is of Golden Boy Jack, who also has a Harvard ring.  He is still on the plane looking at a picture of what is supposed to be Tim Dalton but its really Kyle.  Transplant has the same picture and puts up on the suspect wall next to Jack's picture.  Transplant takes out Mustache's plane trip that he was going to take to find Smirnoff (Nikki). They show Mustache and Diane at the bridge (it's the same scene they showed on 8/4/11's show where he finds his watch underneath a bloody rock that Bed Head planted), but they show a bit more and that's Diane lunging at Mustache after he says he won't help her (in a hostile tone) and while she's lunging he raises the rock into the air and off to the side we see Hair has witnessed the whole thing.

We are back to Diane in purgatory with all of her possible killers scattered around her.

Her voice over says they were good citizens of the town but now they have cast themselves into darkness.  She goes onto say a few other things and then ends with, "They say dead men tell no tales. Whoever said that, better meant me" and they show a mile on her face.


Victor is all sweaty (from his punching bag routine) and ask Genevieve if she would like him to show her a thing or two

Lily tells Cane she's filing for divorce

Nina tells Ronan he is the most selfish, uncaring human being.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thursday 4 August 2011

Tattle Tale (Paul) is at the scene of Diane's death along with Transplant (Ronan) who is lead detective on the case.  Him and Transplant have words about Transplant taking off after getting his brother's liver and leaving a lot of people hurt.  Tattle Tale feels that Transplant owes people an explanation.  All Transplant wants to do is solve this case.

Mustache is at the police station with Michael wondering what the hold up is on getting him out of there.  Michael explains that Diane's murder is a big deal and he wants to know if there more to Mustache and Diane that the Mustache is telling.  The Mustache says no.

Someone is banging on Bed Head's (Adam) door like nobody's business.  It turns out to be Golden Boy Jack laying into Bed Head, accusing him of killing Diane.

Billy Goat shows up at Hair's (Victoria) house to get the rest of his things.  While there his cell phone rings and its Rafe telling him that Chloe reported him to the judge and the judge has taken away his visitation rights (completely) with his daughter.  They are appealing the decision.  After he hangs up from Rafe, Hair comes home and didn't expect to find Billy Goat there.  She brings up her asking Billy Goat to coffee yesterday and him saying it was a bad idea.  He still thinks its a bad idea now.  Hair says she needs her friend.

Meanwhile, back at the crime scene, Tattle Tale is still harping on Transplant leaving and then coming back to town without letting anyone know.  Tattle Tale tells Transplant that he has until the end of the day or he (Tattle Tale) is going to call Nina himself to let her know that Transplant is back in town.  Tattle Tale is about to go look at something until Transplant notices something.  He notices what seems to be drag marks in the dirt and he wonders why some would drag a body away only to bring it back.  Another detective found a letter that has Diane's signature on it while Tattle Tale has her cell phone.  Transplant wants the letter examined immediately and Tattle Tale wants the cell phone examined as well.  I think Tattle Tale needs to have his head examined.  Tattle Tale asks if there's anything useful in the letter and Transplant says yes, the first person he's going to bring in for questioning.

Golden is still laying into Bed Head when Bed Head says that this town has not imagination.  That every time a crime happens, they blame Bed Head.  Bed Head says that Golden had motive because she took his son away and he doesn't know where he (Kyle) is. Golden tells Bed Head that he knows his son is in boarding school in Switzerland under and assumed name.  He thinks Bed Head knows more.

Mustache keeps telling Michael that he didn't kill Diane but he's not sorry she's dead.  All Mustache wants is to get out of the police station.

Hair says she misses her too (meaning Lucy) and Billy Goat says he misses her too, but they can't go back.  Hair wants to go way to when they were friends, but Billy Goat doesn't want to do that.  She says she's going through a difficult time right now with her mother and Diane.  Billy Goat says he can't help her now.  She brings up (in a sarcastic way) that he has an appointment at Jimmy's.  She states that she has stood by him through Delia's custody hearing and then bailing him out of jail.  She just wants him to stand by her this once.

Bed Head said that Golden should put a GPS on Kyle.  Golden opens the door and sees the police at Bed Head's door.  Transplant asks Bed Head and Golden to go the police station with him.

Billy Goat says he can't be Hair's buddy.  He tries to leave but then end up locking lips and other things.

Tattle Tale is back at the police station and tells Mustache and Michael that Transplant is back in town and working for the Genoa City Police Department. Just then Transplant comes in with Golden and Bed Head.  Tattle Tale asks Golden if he got the picture of Timothy Dalton, but Golden replies with no, that the boarding school internet is down but he's trying to get them to fax something to the police station.  Mustache asks why don't he get on his jet and go over there but he states he can't until he gets questioned by Transplant.  Mustache is taking pleasure in both Bed Head and Golden being suspects in the murder. Transplant tells Mustache he wants to question him too.  Mustache says he has nothing to hide.

Tattle Tale and Transplant are looking at suspect board (like they are Criminal Minds or something).  Someone walks with the preliminary autopsy report: blunt force trauma to the head (ten blows), but she was dead after tow or three blows.  Tattle Tale says someone had a lot of anger in them.

Transplant is questioning Bed Head.  Bed Head says that Diane was married to his father for a second and when they got a divorce she allowed her to stay with him.  Then they show Diane and Bed Head at the bridge setting things up to make it look like Mustache killed her.  Transplant wants to know if they were lovers or friends.  Bed Head said he hardly knew her.  Now he is questioning Golden.  He asks when is the last time Golden says yesterday.  Now we are seeing Diane and Golden at the bridge (Diane didn't expect him to show up that soon) and Golden is pissed about Diane sending Kyle away.  He's questioning her but she's trying to get him to leave.  Golden said she came to his house wanting them to get back together.  Now Mustache is being questioned and he does not recall when he last saw Diane.  Transplant brings up Mustache getting a text asking him to meet Diane in the park.  Now they are showing Mustache and Diane in the park and her telling him that Bed Head set him up for her murder.  Back at the station Mustache tells Transplant he didn't go to the park.

Transplant brings out the information about Bed Head and Diane being investigated by the SEC.  He thinks Bed Head might have been mad enough to kill her.  Back to Diane and Bed Head at the bridge and her saying she brought some insurance of her own.  If things don't go as she wants she will release the tape of Bed Head faking the stroke of the Mustache.  Back at the police station now.  Before leaving, Bed Head tells Transplant that he was at the bar at the Athletic Club last night (HA! Last night -four days into the week and he says last night).  Eddie was the bartender and he can verify Bed Head's story.  Bed Head tell Transplant that Diane also screwed Golden in the SEC deal.

Transplant tell Golden that he knows he got a text to meet Diane at the park.  They show Diane and Golden again.  Back at the station.  He said he and Diane have had their disagreements, but not enough for him to kill her.  He gives Transplant another person to look into and that's Mustache.

Michael tells Transplant to either arrest Mustache or let him go.  Transplant tells Mustache that if he finds out he was at the park last night its not going to be good for Mustache.  Back to Mustache and Diane at the park.  Mustache says there's no proof that Bed Head set everything up, but Diane tells him to look under a rock and he does and finds something of his that Bed Head stole, which is one of Mustache's watches.  He says he believes her but he's not going to help her.  Back at the station Mustache says if Transplant finds proof that he was there its because Bed Head planted it there to set him up.  Mustache leaves.

Billy Goat and Hair are laying on the couch having a Kodak moment.  Hair gets up to make some coffee.  Billy Goat gets up, gets dressed and leaves but not before pulling out a picture of him and Hair (it was birthday gift she had gotten for him).  He puts it back into the closet and leaves the house.

Golden gets a email from the boarding school with a picture of kid named Timothy Dalton who it turns out is actually Kyle.  Golden tells Tattle Tale he has to leave but Tattle Tales tells him he can't leave.  Golden says he doesn't want Kyle to hear about his mother from anyone one but Golden.  Tattle Tale goes to ask Transplant for a favor.

At the Athletes Foot Club Mustache finds Bed Head at a table.  Mustache sits down and takes out the watch he found at the park.  Mustache says that Bed Head made a grave mistake trying to frame him, but he's going to use it against Bed Head to prove he murdered Diane.

Transplant says he can't stop Golden from leaving town.  Golden bolts out of there.  Tattle Tale and Transplant go back to their fake Criminal Minds suspect board when a detective says that six other people got the same text to meet Diane at the Foot Bridge (that's the name of the bridge).  Michael walks in from wherever he was and Tattle Tale and Transplant cover up the board.  Michael says Diane was Diane but she didn't deserve what she got.  She was his friend.

Mustache tells Bed Head that he knew about his plan to frame Mustache for Diane's death.  He says a few other things and then leaves.

Hair comes from the kitchen with coffee to find Billy Goat gone.

Billy Goat is on plane looking at a picture of his daughter on his phone and apologizes to her.

NEXT TIME - 5 Aug 2011 (Friday)

Bed Head tells Shabby (Abby) they can help eachother.  Shabby says she doesn't need Bed Head's help.

Transplant is at Patch's (Tucker) office askign where were the both of them last night.

Red (Phyllis) tells Junior (Nick) that some people will say they had the opportunity.  Junior says if they have alibis it wouldn't matter.