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8 July 2011 - Nick and Phyllis Working Together

Phyllis is at Restless Style working on something. Jack walks in learns that Phyllis works there now, but he knew that Nick bought the magazine. He congratulates Phyllis. She congratulates him being back at Jabot - in a sense.

Ashley and Nick are at Crimson Lights. He says he has to get back to RS. Nick's sitter had to cancel, but Ashley offers to watch Faith and Nick agrees. Nick can't find Faith's yellow blanket. Adam finds it on the little overpass they were all at.

At the dance Boring and Sharon are talking. He's glad Sharon is there. They kiss. Boring's friends meet Sharon, who goes by the name of Sherry while on the farm. Brenda, another of Boring's friend, sees Sharon and says she knows her.

Jack thinks there's something going on between Phyllis and Nick but Phyllis says there's nothing going on. She says Jack looked excited to be behind the desk again. Jack is about to leave and Noah shows up. He gives Noah a hug and then leaves. Noah and Phyllis hug (I thought they were on the outs with each-other?) He says he has a friend who's interested in the magazine business and he would like to show her where his dad works. Phyllis tells him that Nick is not there. Noah asks if he could stick around. She mentions that they (Noah and his family) had a ceremony for Sharon and she wants to know if he was able to say good bye.

Nick sees Adam on the little overpass and asked if he was following them. Adam said he has a right to say good bye to the woman he was going to marry. Nick disagrees. They exchange a few words and then Nick says if it wasn't for Adam there wouldn't an urn full of ashes.

Brenda is convinced she knows Sherry (Sharon) but Sharon is trying to dispute that. Sharon gives her the look like she needs to shut it and Brenda does saying she must be out of it. Brenda leaves. Piper tells Sharon there's a square dance contest going on later. Sharon meets the state trooper who is a friend of Boring. Marco (the state trooper) says that Brenda is really good with her memory. He said when he met Sharon a while back, she looked familiar to him too. Sharon is concerned about the people that recognize her.

Ashley calls Nick to tell him that Faith is being good and there's no need for him to rush back with the blanket. Jack visits Ashley and asks about Tucker. Jack asks why Ashley has Faith and she explains and he asks if she thinks that's a good idea.

Noah tells Phyllis about the Memorial they had for Sharon (Sharon's mother's name is Doris - I couldn't remember that for the life of me on my last blog, but Noah was nice enough to remind me - thanks Noah). Hunter, Noah's friend, shows up at RS. Phyllis explains what she does there. (There's something about Hunter that's not setting right with me). Noah asks about Hunter doing a summer intern and Phyllis said she will speak to Nick about it.

Nick and Adam are still exchanging words. Adam gets Nick where it hurts by stating that Sharon choose Adam over Nick and that Nick just can't live with that.

The fools get through dancing and Piper's father, who is a federal marshall, gets a phone call and has to leave. Sharon is about to look at Piper's pie when no acting Brenda runs in saying she needs the police now. (Now, let me get this straight - there's a state trooper there and a federal marshal, but yet she runs yelling for the police like neither one of them is there). Sharon has a look of concern - like she always does. I think I'm going to nickname her Concerned).

Ashely feels that watching Faith for a while is a great idea. Ashley appreciates Jack's concerns and assures him she's not living in a fantasy world. She loves Faith. Ashley is so happy for Jack being back at Jabot. Jack wants Ashley back in the lab creating new fragrances. Ashley said she doesn't really have any free time, and then she tells Jack that Tucker asked her to take over McCall but she hasn't agreed to it yet. He asks if it means the whole company, including Jabot and she says yes, including Jabot.

Phyllis said she has to go to the art department and to let Nick know when he comes in. Hunter is excited about possibly interning at the magazine. Noah said he can mention it to his dad as well. He said its been kinda of weird day for his family and then he tells Hunter to go with him.

Nick and Adam are still having words. Adam calls Nick's magazine Useless Pile and states that he and Phyllis are cooking up something to drag Adam through the mud while he's (Adam) is trying to prove Sharon is innocent.

Brenda finds that guy that carjacked her and its the same guy that carjacked Sharon aka Sherry aka Concerned a few months back.

Ashley explains to Jack that Ashley is only taking over as far as Tucker lets her but that Tucker has the las word. Jack states he's moving into his office and is going to be there a long time. He states Jabot is his and nobody is taking it from him.

Boring asks Sherry if she's ok. He then says that the carjacker seemed to recognize her as well. She says the guy just seemed scary and that was all. Piper says that Sherry hasn't seen her pie. She thanks Sam for caring. Sam is having second thoughts about Sharon.

Nick comes in and asks where are they on the piece of Adam but wants to be respectful to Sharon's memory. Phyllis feels that Nick is going to like what she has so far.

Emit is in Adam's room showing him what he recovered from the memory card and he got part of Sharon's voice.

Jack is at his office unpacking a box and comes across a picture of someone.

Noah takes Hunter to the bridge where they spread Sharon's ashes.

Nick and Phyllis are going over the article and making changes and such. The conversations turns to Phyllis's cooking and Nick says he doesn't like her cooking and they have a playful fight about it. And per usual she ends up in Nick's arms but say they can't do this.

Adam and Emit find what they were looking for and that's proof that Sharon did try to save Skye's life and not kill her. Emit leaves and Adam picks up a picture of sharon and tells her that he finally found proof that she is innocent.

Sherry tells Piper that her pie is beautiful. They have a Kodak moment. A live band is playing and Boring asks Sherry to dance with him. The carjacker is outside telling the state trooper and federal marshall that he knows Sherry and he's really pleading his case. While the band is playing, they are showing Ashley with Faith and Jack at his office mulling something over in his gulliver. He puts the picture back into his box. Phyllis and Nick are looking at each-other. He gets up and walks to her and they kiss and about to do a bit more. Noah is still at the bridge by himself and Adam is holding the memory card, crying. Now we are back at the dance. The State Trooper and Federal Marshall approach Boring and Sharon and say they need to take her into custody.

Federal Marshal: "Sharon Newman, you're under arrest." and she gets handcuffed.

OMG!!!!!!! THANKS GOODNESS THIS IS OVER - I was getting so tired of her being on that dumb farm with Boring and his no acting friends.


Phyllis tells Nick that she cared about her self preservation before her own children's.

Michael tells Victor that Sharon's situation could have adverse effect on his company.

Spencer asks Sharon is Adam helped her escape. Her lawyer, Leslie tells her she doesn't have to answer that, just then both Adam and Nick walk into the police station and see Sharon.

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