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Y&R Friday July 15 2011 - The Jabot Launch Party

Chloe is at Katherine's house and Esther walks in the living room with Delia.  Esther goes into the kitchen.  Katherine comes into the room and gives Chloe a pep talk about Billy and him being a good father and all.

At Vicki's house Billy and Victoria hug and then Victoria pulls him way.  He tells Vicki he lost Delia.  He has brief supervised visits with her but her lost all other rights.  Vicki expresses her sympathy to him.

At Fenmore's ,the Jabot products are set up ready for the launch/opening.  Lauren says she's wearing all of Jabot's beauty products.  Lauren and Michael go to talk to the press.  Jack goes to find out what's wrong with Jill and she tells him about Billy losing custody of Delia. Then she tells him that Billy was arrested last night for solicitation of a prostitute.

Abby is at Glow Worm and she's greeted by two people she knows by name of George and Giva (I guess that's the lady's name.  If it isn't, its going to be in this blog.  I have a right to change the names of people to protect the guilty..I mean innocent).  I have no idea who they are.   They are there for the Jabot launch and Abby says she's not going.  George informs her that's in the Where Are They Now column in a magazine and she needs to resurrect herself.  Abby can't believe it.

Ashley is kissing Tucker.  He's still in the hospital.  Tucker wants to know how Abby took the message that he and Ashley are married and Ashley says she hasn't told her yet.  That she and Abby have been playing phone tag.  Tucker then tells Ashley that's being release from prison, I mean hospital tonight.

Katherine asks if Chloe even compromised with Billy.  Chloe says she almost dropped the suit but found out Billy's been drinking, gambling and he was arrested for picking up a hooker.

Billy said he thought he had a chance even up to the time of court.  Vicki tells him she knows about the arrest.  He's trying to convince her he didn't do anything.

The launch of Jabot is happening with people and the press being there. Abby shows up and takes a pictures with Jack.  She said she's not going to drink so there won't be any outbursts.  

Tucker says he's not completely free.  He has follow up appointments and rehab.  Tucker says he wants tonight to be special when he gets out of the hospital by letting him announce at the Jabot Launch that she's running McCall while he's recuperating. 

At the launch party, Jill is speaking to the press.  Lauren is saying hi to Abby's friends. Jack is talking with the press.

Tucker wants Jack out of Jabot and Ashley back in charge.  Ashley said if it wasn't for her there would be no need for Jack to take over Jabot.  She says Jack is doing a great job but its about getting Katherine out of control.  Tucker wants to know if she'll take the job and she said she doesn't have an answer because she wants to focus on Tucker getting better.

Katherine and Chloe are still talking about Billy.

Billy is telling Vicki that he bought the lady a drink and cab money and that was it.  Vickie say she believes him.  Vicki tells him that she was at his place waiting for him all night long. She even fell asleep there but he never came home.  She says he's going bars and getting thrown in jail and she can't let him do that to himself.

Abby was talking to the press when she recognized one of them as an old friend of hers.  The lady brings up Abby being in rehab and she (Abby) plays it off.  The lady wants to talk to Abby's mother.  Abby said she'll be there soon.

Tucker is getting ready to leave but he's adamant about going to the Jabot party even though Ashley won't take the job.  Ashley is concerned about him being asked complicated questions by the press.  She warns him that the appearance may not go as well as he hopes.

Esther comes in the living room with Delia and states that Delia was asking about seeing her father since its father/daughter night for them.  Chloe explains to Delia that she won't be seeing daddy tonight because he's not feeling well.  She says that her, Esther and Delia hava e a good time by having a slumber party.

Vicki says her and Billy worked so hard to make that home and now it's empty and how did that happen.  He says they didn't see it coming.  Billy asks Vicki not to give up on him. She says she doesn't want to but he needs to give her something to hold on to.  He sais he will give her something.  She says since he's moved out the house, she hasn't seen anything like that.

Abby is saying bye to her media friends George and Giva as they leave.  Jill and Katherine have a short conversation.

Vicki is by herself in the house.

Billy is over at Katherine's.   Chloe is telling him he has to  go but he says he wants to see Delia.  Chloe says all that changed at the hearing.  Billy wants her to make this one of his supervised visits but she says no.  

Katherine is talking with Jack.  Lauren comes to get Jack and says they are almost ready.  Lauren goes to talk with Jill. She (Jill) is talking about Billy and how he's throwing it all away and no one can stop him.

Chloe is being adamant about Billy  not seeing Delia.  Chloe brings up his encounter with the hooker.  Billy says he's going to appeal the decision (him losing custody).  He asks Chloe one more time about seeing Delia and she still says no.  He acts like he's going to leave but heads for the stairs. Chloe grabs him and he tells her to get out of his way and in a very firm voice.

Vicki is on the phone with the rehab center her mother is out but she didn't realize it was so late.  She just leaves a quick message and hangs up.  She begins to cry.

Billy just wants to explain things to Delia, but Chloe won't let him.  He's still pleading with her but she's not budging.  She finally gets him to leave.

Jack and Lauren were trying to wait for Ashley before holding the press conference, but they can't wait and go ahead themselves.  Michael is on his way out and see's Sophia.  He gives her a kiss on the cheek and mentions something abut her being there.  She says she's glad she could make it.  He leaves and she joins the others at the press conference. After Lauren says her spill, Jack takes the mic and says his spill then says that he and Lauren didn't discuss what he's about to do but he feels there's someone in the room who deserves to have their say and then Tucker McCall and Ashley walks in and everyone's stunned.  Tucker says he's happy to share this moment with everyone.  Jack, Lauren, Jill and Katherine are all shocked.  Sophie has a big smile on her face and I don't know why when he didn't put her in charge of his company when he was in the hospital.  Of anyone, he could trust Sophie, but he thought he could trust Ashley more.  Ok.  I'm going to get off my soap box.


Lame (aka Cane) tells Billy should fight for what he believes in

Abby's press friend is presenting a question to Ashley and Tucker and states that they were married in the hospital and ask if she wants to comment.

Vicki is asking Victor when do you know when its time to walkway?

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