Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Suds Will Continue and Why Suds in a Bucket

I heard from a friend of mine who was following on a previous blog site about how my blogging about Y and R helped her on days she was unable to see the show.  She stated that reading my blogs was like watching the show and this made her feel as though hadn't missed anything - meaning the blog was descriptive enough it was like watching the show.

Because of her post, I've decided to head up the blogging of Y and R again.  Now, I'm not doing merely on her post/comment.  I'm doing it because if she feels that way, I'm sure there are others who feel that way, but just haven't said anything.

Oh and if you're wondering if got the name of my blog from the Sara Evans song, you are right.  Its a play on words for me for they refer to Y & R and like show as soap operas.  The reason being, is during commercials they would show dish detergent commercials due to the fact that the majority of the viewers were housewives back in the day.  So that's the Suds part of my Blog name.  The bucket just flowed with suds for me.  So a big thanks go to Sara Evans for singings a great song.

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