Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Young and the Restless: Wed 13 July 2011

Lily and Daniel are at Fenmore's talking with Jack and Jill (no pun intended). Lily is thanking them for her birthday gifts. While talking Colin walks in the front door and as Lily is trying to make her escape out the side door Genevieve walks in.

Malcolm (aka Eddie Winslow) is at Lily's house with Devon cleaning up the place and getting it ready for a birthday party for Lily. Neil show's up and it seems him and Malcolm are on the outs (I'm not sure why - didn't watch two weeks of stories). Sophie shows and Malcolm sends Devon away. Malcolm says this is the only time the three of them will be able to speak freely so let's straighten some things out.

Angelo visits Big Head Kevin at the coffee house.

Rafe is questioning Victoria who is on the stand and says that Billy is devoted to his kids. She goes on to explain how Billy is with Delia and states that if either should be separated from each other they would both be heart broken.

Sophie says she's been trying to get a hold of Malcolm but Malcolm said of all the messages she left she never once mentioned the paternity (OK now I know why Neil and Malcolm are on the outs). She said the blood type comes back RH+ then its Neil's. Malcolm wants to know if the blood test comes back RH- then he could be the father, but Sophie says there's more testing that will need to be done.

Lily ask Daniel to take the babies out of Fenmore's. Colin says he didn't know the babies were at Fenmore's. Lily has a restraining order against Colin and states if he comes near her kids again she will put him in jail. Jack says good for her. Gen says, "You've always known how to clear a room, Colin."

Rafe is questioning Victoria about Lucy and she states it was a legal question and not about her and Billy's ability to raise a kid. Rafe brings up Jana and Victoria states she's known Jana for years and she never saw what Jana did coming. Rafe brings up that Chloe warned Victoria about Jana but Vicki says that Billy would have acted if he had any proof of what Chloe is saying. Vicki is still singing Billy's praises on how he is with Delia. She's being cross examined by Chloe's lawyer. He brings up Reed but Rafe objects and the judge agrees. The lawyer brings up Billy buying a baby on the black-market and Vicki explains that Billy loves her and that's why he did it. Vicki is done testifying/being a character witness. Judge will have a decision in the morning.

Lily and Daniel are at Lily's house and Daniel tells Lily of the surprise b/d waiting for her. He did it because he felt Lily had been through enough today. She goes in the house and acts surprised with her terrible acting. Someone is watching from the window outside (we know its Lame aka Cane). Sophie goes to get a knife from the kitchen to cut the cake. Neil, Eddie Winslow follow. Devon asks Lily if she's ok. Daniel approaches the front door and sees a box on the ground. He reads the card and its from Lame. He puts Lame's card in his back pocket and goes inside. (I so hope her and Daniel get back together). Lily is opening gifts and cards.

Jill is talking with Colin about how he and his wife Gen show up at the same place and he asks Jill to stop referring to her as his wife and she says "she is your wife" Jack gets a note from a clerk there and the notes says "Meet me for coffee at Crimson Lights". (The notes should have read Meet me for coffee at the only coffee house in town). Jack is going to leave and offers to walk Jill to her car but she has to stay. Jack leaves. Jill questions why Colin is really there. Colin says he's there for a new suit.

Angelo is still talking with Kevin. He's offering Kevin a job to help him with the books. Kevin said he will think about it. Chloe walks in and Angelo leaves. Kevin ask about court and Chloe said that Vicki showed up and testified for Billy.

Billy is at Vicki's door and thanks her for what she did for him and says it meant a lot.

Jack is at Crimson Lights with Gen out on the patio. She's the one that left him the note at Fenmore's. Gen says she would like to get know Jack better and meeting for coffee is the standard first date.

Jill says Colin isn't there for a suit and he says he is and she tells him that he can go elsewhere or shop online.

Billy apologises to Vickie when she came to his trailer a couple of days ago. But when Vicki came to the court house and pulled him out of the fire...  Vicki said he shouldn't get the wrong idea. It doesn't change things between them. But Billy says it does for him. Vicki says she respects his relationship with his daughter. Vicki shoes Billy away by saying she has work to get caught up on. He leaves.

The b/d party is still going on. Devon wants to play a game that requires teams of two but Malcolm says that Sophie is tired and should be leaving. She's about to get up to put her plate away when Malcolm gets it and says in a stern voice, "I got it." Lily, Devon and Daniel notice that something isn't right. Lily says the days of lying to protect her are over and she wants the truth. (This should be interesting). Malcolm tells them he moved out and is staying at the club. But they want to know if the wedding is still on. L, D and D learn that Malcolm may not be the father of Sophie's baby. Devon thinks that Sophie had an affair but she says she didn't. Malcolm wants them to know the truth but Sophie doesn't want him to tell them. A few moments of silence and then Neil states that he may be the father. Stunned looks all around please.

Billy is at Glow Worm at the bar and a blond sits next to him. Vicki is at home working away on her laptop and begins thinking about her and Billy. She runs out the house.

Devon makes a comment and Neil says he doesn't have an explanation for all this and Malcolm says that's for damn sure. Lily sits down like she's about the fait and then states that she thought Neil and Malcolm had patched things up. Sophie says she loves Malcolm with all her heart and hopes he can forgive her.

Chloe says it was looking good until Vicki showed up. Kevin agrees that Billy is a great dad and Chloe is afraid the judge will think that too.

Vicki is at Billy's trailer but he's not there.

The blonde asks Billy what's he drinking to and he says to oblivion. He pays for his drink and is about to leave when she tries to get Billy to take her home but instead he lays a $100 bill on the counter and says that should get her home which is where he's going and he leaves.

Jack is still with Gen at Crimson Light on their date. They begin talking about business and such. Yawn fest is going on right now for me.

Jill brings a suit out to Colin but the brings up the fact the note says he'll be by tonight to pick it up. He's flirting with Jill but Jill isn't having any of it. She said when she saw Colin and the kids she remembered what he was really up to. He gives his spill and leaves with the suit(s).

Devon is talking with Malcolm and asks what's he going to do if he finds out the kids is his. He said he will try to forget about Neil and Sophie and what happened, but he doesn't think he could do that.

Neil is at Crimson Lights meeting with Sophie. She says she feels bad meeting with Neil behind Malcolm's and the risk she's put her baby's future in. Neil says not to look so far into the future.

Daniel and Lily are at Glow Worm talking about what they learned. Daniel then tells Lily that he might have misled her earlier but she states she knew the perfume was from Lame. It was his way of saying he's sorry. Daniel asks if she wants the card and she says yes.

Kevin asks Chloe is Vicki said anything that wasn't true and she says no. Chloe said she needs Billy to be responsible and he's not.

Vick remembers where the hidden key is and lets herself in.

Billy is walking down the street when the lady from the bar catches him. Just then two guys tell Billy he's under arrest for solicitation.


Adam tells Diane he knows what she's been up to

Chloe's lawyer tells her that the hearing is about to start but Billy isn't there.

Billy is explaining to Rafe that he didn't hire a hooker but Rafe said the trick is convincing everyone else.

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