Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Young and the Restless: Tuesday 12, July 2011

Rafe is at Glow Worm where Victoria walks in and Rafe's asks if she's seen Billy. Rafe is concerned that Billy is in no shape to face the judge today.

Esther takes Delia while Chloe goes to court. She's at Crimson Lights right now with Kevin.

Billy's phone rings and its Rafe but Billy is passed out on his couch.

(CBS decided to do an Emergency Alert System so it cut out some of the stories)

The story picks up with Noah all pissed off about the ashes not being Sharon's. He's talking to Eden. Eden says he's mom is alive and that's all that matters.

Sam is talking with Sharon when Victor walks in and she apologizes to him (Victor). He wants to know who the guy is with Sharon.

Adam is back in his room where Diane shows up. He says his back is full of cutlery and if that's what she's there for she can leave.

Billy has a knock on his trailer door and its Victoria. Billy is dressed in a suit. She tells him that Rafe was looking for him. She says he's off to a good start because he's wearing her favourite suit. She tries to give him a little encouragement for his custody hearing. He leaves for court.

Diane said she thought Adam would be excited about Sharon's return. He tells her that while he was grieving she was off with some other man. He says at least he knows what he's getting with Diane but he tells Diane to leave. He seems pissed at Diane for some reason. Diane leaves. Out in the hall Diane calls someone and asks that person if they've spoken to the DA yet.

Sharon tells Victor who Sam is. Sharon asks Sam to give her some time with Victor but then the cops come to take her to her cell. Victor and Sam are left alone. Victor wants to know what Sam is after.

Chloe is in court where Billy has yet to show up. Rafe tells the court that Billy will be there and just then Billy shows up.

Eden is talking with Kevin. Right now Eden doesn't have anywhere to stay because she doesn't want to stay with Michael and Lauren because they treat her like a kid. Kevin offers Heather's place while Heather is in New York (she's really having that baby she's been hiding behind purses, black clothing and big coats like Phylisia Rashad did on the Cosby Show when she was pregnant - actually Heather has had the kid in real life). Kevin wants to know what happened in Paris between her and Noah and she says stuff happens.

Spencer, the DA is meeting with Diane and Leslie (the attorney - which I am guessing that's who Diane called in the hallway of the athletic club) in a park. Diane said she has evidence that pins Adam to the IPO fraud but wants gurantee that she's safe before handing it over. Spencer tells her she's going to have to take her chances.

Boring says he's not after anything. Victor wants to know how he came to know Sharon and he tells the story. Then he says he fell for her. He says he doesn't care that Sharon knows Victor Newman. Boring gets a phone call and excuses himself.

Adam is at Glow Worm and gets a call from Orange Jumpsuit Sharon. Sharon asks him to come see her and Victor over hears this. Adam says he'll find out what visiting hours are and see what he can do. Noah shows up and him and Sharon hug while the cop says no physical contact.

Chloe is on the stand being questioned by her attorney. She's giving her statement about how she's a good mother and when she has to leave town or work late she has people to help watch the child. She's now speaking about her marriage to Billy and that his current marriage is on the rocks because of poor choices he makes. She states that her daughter shouldn't be with Billy because he drinks and has recently been involved in criminal activity. She's allowed to give one last statement about how she enjoys her daughter. Billy doesn't want Rafe crossing examining her. Rafe says if he doesn't challenge her testimony Billy is going to lose the case.

Esther runs into Victoria in the park and Delia says "daddy". Victoria sais Delia is used to seeing her and Billy together. Victoria would like Esther to speak to Chloe and ask her to drop the case.

Noah is visiting with Sharon. She's explaining that the last time Noah saw her in jail she didn't like the hurt feeling she was seeing so she thought it best she run away (or something to that affect - Sharon rides my nerves sometimes and rewinding to find out what exactly she said is not worth my remote). Cop comes in says visit is over and that Sharon has another visitor. But before Noah leaves he tells her that Adam may have proof that Sharon is innocent of Skye's death. (You know, these are some jails and prisons on these stories.  The prisoners gets all kinds a vistors at all hours of the day and sometimes night)

Billy tells Rafe no below the belt jabs. Rafe brings up Chloe's two arrest for criminal actions. He asks Chloe that despite her criminal past is she a good mother and she says a very good one. He then says that even though people have a terrible past they can still be good parents. Then he goes to sit down. Billy is now on the stand and Rafe is asking him to explain his relationship with his daughter.

Diane is telling Spencer about the day of Victor's stroke and the whole IPO thing. Diane said she won't give the source until Spencer gives her the deal. He said he will see what he can do.

Adam is waiting to see Sharon and Victor approaches him. Adam says Sharon is there because of Victor and Victor says that Adam took advantage of Sharon when she was most vulnerable.

Boring (aka Sam) is in the visiting room with Sharon talking about how suspicious Victor was of him and Sharon states he's like that with a lot of people. Sharon said she thought Victor would be mad at her but he's being very supportive of her as her son Noah. Boring is now learning that she has a son and a daughter. (OMG! Sean Patrick aka Sam is such a BOOOORING actor). Sharon calls for guard and tells Sam to leave and not look back. He meets Adam in the hallway and Adam gives him a look. Adam is now in the room Sharon and she's explaining about Boring. Adam said he left because seeing Sharon, he felt overwhelmed and he's saying he understands why Sharon got with Sam. Adam said he would have done anything for her and she said she knows that and that's why she almost ran to him at the festival.  Adam is looking confused and she refreshes his memory about that day.

Noah is at Crimson Light and says Eden was right about seeing his mother. Eden tells him that Kevin wants her to move in to an apartment across from him and right then Kevin asks her if she's going to the take the sublet.

Rafe is questioning Billy about gambling and drinking. Billy answers yes to both. But states he's a loving father and that Delia is his highest priority. He's being cross examined by Chloe's attorney. The attorney brings up the fact that Billy hired Jana Hawks when he was warned by Chloe that Jena was dangerous and then Jana ended up kidnapping his kids.

Diane and Leslie are at Glow Worm. The DA won't pursue criminal charges if Diane's sources are correct, but the SEC is insisting on imposing a fine and the fine isn't a small one. She shows her the fine and Diane says she'll pay the fine.

Eden said she'll take the apartment. Noah said now that his mother is back he's going to stay in town and not head back to New York.

Sharon explains that she didn't go to Adam because Adam could have gotten into a lot of trouble, that it was too risky. Sharon brings up what Noah said about Adam having evidence proving she's innocent. He said that he wished Noah hasn't said anything because it got her hopes up. Adam says that Noah misunderstood. Adam said he thought he had something but it didn't pan out.

Boring tells Victor he's heading back to New Mexico and asks that Sharon is well taken care of. Victor tells Boring that Adam is trouble. He tells Sam to stay and help Sharon because he feels that Sam is a good guy.

Victoria comes into the courtroom to testify on Billy's behalf.


Lily tells Colin the next time he comes near her kids she will put him in jail

Chloe tells her lawyer that that was a disaster

Billy shows up at Victoria's house.

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