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Y & R: Tuesday 19 July 2011 - Abby Confesses to Tucker

Ashley brings Tucker to his office. Tucker is regretting going to the launch because if the questions the reporters asked him. Ashley is on the phone trying to get a hold of Abby but gets her voicemail and asks Abby to call her.

At Glow Worm Abby is at the bar where Deacon ask if she wants to talk about what's bothering her. Abby doesn't want to tell. Deacon says part of his is job is to listen to people and keep secrets. Abby says his only job is to make her another martini.

Victor is still at Fenmore's leaving a message for Abby on her voice mail about how worried he is about her and wants her to call him. Kyle shows up and tell Jack that he won the baseball game. Diane is with him. Jack, Diane and Kyle take a few pictures. Victor shows up and says that he will have his pilot fly over Kyle's next game with a banner saying something. I don't remember what he said nor do I care. Jack said he will pay for Kyle's team and their family go to Great America. Diane shoes Kyle away by telling there's over there and tells him to go eat so she can ream Jack and Victor for what they are doing by using material things to buy Kyle's affection, but they both remind her that she didn't have a problem with it when it benefitted her.

Side Note:  If anyone has been following the stories as long as I have, you should remember the whole Diane stole Victor's sperm and such.  Now from my recollection (and a little research), Abby was born in November and Kyle in January.  So, right now, they should both be the same age.  Yet -- YET, they made Abby older (much older because she's able to drink) but kept Kyle a school boy.  What gives?

Chloe is at Crimson Lights where Victoria shows up and begins talking to Chloe about her taking Billy to court and taking Delia from him. Chloe said there's a side of Billy that Vicki doesn't know about like the drinking and the woman and that she doesn't want her kids around him.

Billy is in the hospital where a cop is having trouble getting hold of someone in Billy's family.

Side note: the actor playing Billy, whose name is Billy as well. Billy Miller to be exact. May be leaving the show this fall. His contract ended and there's no word if he is staying or leaving.

Jack and Jill are talking about the success of the launch when he gets a call from SSgt. Burke about Billy being in an accident. Jack and Jill leave for the hospital.

Ashley leaves another voicemail for Abby. Her and Tucker are talking when she gets a phone call from Jack about Billy. Tucker wants to go with her to the hospital but she wants him to stay there and rest and if Abby comes by to let her know what's happening.

Diane shows up at Glow Worm talking to herself and Abby makes a snide remark that if Diane is looking for her next meal ticket there's an 80 year old man in the place. Diane replies with rich people not having any class. Diane's lunges at Abby but Deacon stops her.

Jack, Jill and Ashley are the hospital talking with the doctor. She said he separated his shoulder but no internal bleeding. They want to keep him over night. The cop arrives and says that it was it a single car accident and that Billy was seen leaving Jimmy's. The cop is having Billy's blood tested and if he is over the limit he will be arrested.

A nurse is in Billy's room trying to make him comfortable. Jack, Jill and Ashley enter the room. He says he knows he is in trouble now with all three of them being there. Jill wants to know what he was thinking.

Chloe tells Vicki that she's not to blame for How Billy is. Vicky's phone rings and she's told about Billy. She gets off the phone and tells Chloe what happened. Chloe asks her to keep her posted on Billy.

Victor shows up at Glow Worm looking for Abby but she isn't there. Diane says when he finds her maybe he can teach her some manners. Victor says it's Diane that needs some manners.

Abby shows up at Tucker's office. He tells her that Ashley is worried about her. She asks where is Ashley and Tucker tells her that Ashley is at the hospital due to Billy being in an accident. He tells her Billy is going to be just fine. He apologizes for Abby having to hear about his and Ashley's marriage but he said she handled it well when questioned by the reporters. He begins telling Abby that she has been there for her mother and Abby says no that her mother has been there for her and then she confesses that she is the one that hit Tucker that night. Tucker says he knows because he saw Abby behind the wheel. He wants to know if she did it on purpose. Did she try to kill him. He says it will stay between them.

Billy is explaining that he didn't drink anything. He paid for the shots Cane poured him and left. He said he didn't touch a drop.

Chloe is at Jimmy's telling Cane that him working at Jimmy's is a good way to build his life (all said sarcastically of course). Cane tells her that for someone who took Delia away from Billy, it was a cold thing for her to say. That's how she knows for sure that Billy was there before the accident. Cane is shocked to hear about Billy being in an accident, but tells Chloe that Billy wasn't drunk and that he didn't have a drink before leaving. Chloe says what if Billy had a flask, or went to another bar of had Delia in the car. Would everyone be defending him then?

Abby says she going over that night but everything is still fuzzy. She says she doesn't believe that she's capable of hitting Tucker on purpose. She said everyone was really mean to Ashley but Tucker said they would have been meaner to Abby. Abby begins telling him about the texts she sent and he's confused about the texts. She said she sent one from Malcolm's phone to Tucker about a bachelor party and the she sent one from Tucker's phone to Diane telling her to meet him at the cabin. He asks why she did that and she said her mother didn't believe Abby when she told her that Tucker would end up hurting her. Abby says since she is been honest she wants the same from Tucker and asks if he and Diane had sex the night Abby found them together. He said there is nothing between him and Diane and says it is best the both put those nights behind them. Abby rushes out the room.

Victor says the reason Abby was rude to Diane is because Abby knows the type of person Diane is the type of company she keeps and he leaves. Deacon chimes (right after Victor leaves) and says, "That guy is a piece of work. Unbelievable." Diane goes over to the bar where Deacon is. Diane says she is tired of the entire family thinking they can use people and throw them away. Deacon says, "Or run the over". Then he tells Diane that Abby was driving the night Tucker was hit.

Cane tells Chloe that she doesn't know about Billy's state of mind when he left Jimmy's. Chloe asks him not to comment on her parenting skills. He tells her what she did was cruel but she thinks what he did to Lily was cruel and he agrees. He said what he did was done for the people he loves and Chloe said she was doing it for her daughter and it would be nice if one person wouldn't look at her like she is a selfish monster. Cane says he knows the feeling.

Jill, Jack and Ashley want to get Billy a job at Jabot where they can keep an eye on him. Vicki shows up and asks if Billy can have visitors. They point her to his room where he's asleep from the pain medication the doctor gave him.

Vicki pulls up a seat next to billy and begins talking to him. She's telling him that when she lost Reed all she wanted to do was work and forgot how to have fun until Billy came along. Before then she didn't realize how boring she was. She talks about the impromptu trip to Jamaica her and Billy took and the tattoo she has with Billy's name on it. She says she's not happy anymore. She said she can't do this anymore and that it has to end.

Ashley is back at Tucker's office and he's telling her that Abby confessed. Ashley says to Tucker that she (Ashley) was driving but he tells her he knows it was Abby. Ashley says she could not let Abby go to jail and so forth. Tucker says he understands why Ashley did what she did. Ashley asks how did things end with them and Tucker said they both agreed to put that night behind them. Ashley says that Tucker is such a good man.

Abby is now at Victor's house. Abby says she told Tucker the truth. Victor says that Tucker is a very vindictive man and if she doesn't believe him she can ask Tucker's mother. Abby said the tape of the accident is gone thanks to Victor and Kent won't tell because how is he going to make any money off Abby if she's in jail. Victor says it is not sounding comforting to him.

Here's why Victor:

Deacon is telling Diane (by the way the actress playing her was fired by CBS) that Ashley and Abby know the truth but he doesn't know who else. He asks Diane what did she see and she said she was driving behind the car that hit Tucker and saw a blond driving and when she heard it was Ashley driving she assumed it must have been Ashley. Deacon says Diane isn't the type of person who assumes and she says why would he be sharing explosive information with some he hardly knows? He said both he and her dislike Victor Newman. They both know there's a missing video tape and Diane says this cover up has one name written all over it.

Tucker says now that he and Ashley are married they should start looking the part and he hands her  matching rings.

Abby is apologizing to Victor for being mad at him for sending her to rehab and if he had not she would have done something really stupid. Victor says he is glad the ugly incident is behind them.

Diane says she filing all the secrets she knows about the elite I her head and when needed she's going to use it. Deacon says if she needs help he's there. She says she will keep that in mind.

Cane tells Chloe she doesn't need to pay for her beer. He said if she needs to talk he is there and she responds with, "You have my number" and leaves.

The cop just told Jack and Jill (no pun intended again) that there wasn't any alcohol in Billy's blood. Jill hopes this accident is a wake up call for Billy. Vicki is still talking to Billy and says she's glad he's going to be alright but she can't pick up the pieces anymore without falling to pieces herself. She kisses him on the forehead and leaves. Billy opens his eyes indicating that he wasn't sleeping after all.


Phyllis asks Nick f he remembers what they were doing when they found out Sharon was alive

Victor tell Sharon at the court house that he's never forgiven himself for letting her down before.

Adam tells Diane that they are going frame his father for her (Diane's) murder and she's not backing out.

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