Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sharon Remembers - Monday, 4 July 2011

Sharon wakes up next Sam and thinks about what happened the previous night.

Nick is at Restless Style and finds an old magazine with the title Damsel in Distress on the cover and he remembers a time him and Sharon were at court outside talking and her wanting to see Faith before she (Sharon, no Faith - she's too young) goes to prison.

Adam is not finding what he's looking for and says, "Wedding pictures. How many more of these am I going to see?" He finds one more media app to look through and its of Sharon when him and her were together. He gets teary eyed. Whatever.

Sharon is looking like she doesn't remember what happened last night. She gets up and looks out the window. Sharon is now at the foot of the bed looking at Sam and now she's at the desk writing a letter to Sam. She's telling Sam about herself and where she's from and how she ended at his ranch. OMG! Here we go with the reminiscing - she went so far back to when her and Nick were first together..Meaning Nick was a youngster in this flashback. She then begins writing about Matt and her being raped by him. I didn't know Sharon was raped. She states when Nick found out he felt he needed handle it and ever since then he's been rescuing her.

OK...This episode is what I thought it was - the Sharon show. I am not going to write this one out. I'll just FF (fast forward) to the end and see what happens and right about that.

Nick, Sharon and Adam all reminiscing. I was wondering why did the show like this, but I'm sure the producers knew not many people would be watching on the 4th of July so why even bother. Put something to satisfy those watching.

Oh wait, something is happening.

Nick tosses the magazine just as Noah is walking in. Nick apologizes to Noah and they hug. Nevermind, I thought something more was going to happen. Boozer.

Adam is holding a ring of Sharon's and begins reminiscing. Good grief!

Sharon is finishing her letter by telling Sam he's given her a second chance and that her family can go on with their lives.

Are you kidding me. Sharon just tore up the letter. She spent the entire show writing it and then tears it up. What a dumbhead.


Billy learns that Phyllis works at RS

Sharon tells Sam that them sleeping together was a mistake

Adam tells Victor he's slipping and everyone can see it. Victor tells him he's playing with fire.

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