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Y&R 30 June 2011: Adam and Diane Team Up Against Victor

Tucker says that if word gets out about his condition he will be ruined. He said he only trusts ashley. She asks about Sophia and he said he can't chance it.

Question time: he's known Ashley all of five seconds but known Sophia a whole lot longer But he doesn't trust Sophia?? I'm lost. I hope someone can help clear that one up.

Ashley wants to talk about it later but in the meantime she goes to look for his nurse to get him the medication. Noah shows up and catches Ashley in the hallway and asks about Tucker. She says he's doing fine that the Ashley tells him that the charges against her have been dropped but not to tell Abby. Guess where Noah is going to do. To let Abby know.

A staffer let's Abby know that she didn't make her bed. Abby says she will do it tomorrow and the lady says she doesn't get special privileges and she leave. Eden walks in gives the same story that if you want to change you have to change you attitude. Abby wants to know what's going on with Eden.

Sam brings his dog to visit Sharon for a special occasion and that being it's date night. He's asking Sharon out on a date. Sharon says she can't.

Diane is at Glo Worm on the phone with Michael and Adam over hears the conversation. Adam has a plan for Diane and sees this as an opportunity to strike back at Victor. Referring to the stock fraud they did. Diane says that was before they were subpoenaed.

Kyle visits Jack at his office. Kyle asks Jack if he's going to jail and from the door way Victor says, "That's a very good question".

Tucker asks Ashley if she has any regrets and she says none at all. Ashley says that she ran into Noah in the hall and when he asked about Abby, Ashley realized she hadn't told Abby that she and Tucker were married. Tucker says she won't be happy. Ashley said she has a little to think about how she's going to tell her and Tucker asks why is that and Ashley replies that Abby is out of town.

Eden tells Abby that she was thinking the same thing about Abby, that she was hiding something. Eden thinks Abby was boozing it up. The staffer returns and tells Eden she's being discharged today.

Sharon says she's not ready to date.

Side note: if you're wondering why Sam looks familiar, it's because he was in the movie Powder.

Sam is trying to convenience Sharon to go on a date with him but she says going out in public makes her uncomfortable. He states she doesn't have to get out of the car. He's telling her about a drive through burger place and then he can take her to a drive in. She says he's put a lot of thought into this. Sam is leaving thinking him and Sharon have a date tomorrow night and she tells him that she didn't say yes.

Jacks wants to know where Kyle got the idea that he's going to a hoosegow. Kyle said that him and Diane got served subpoenas. Jack explains that him and Diane got into a financial situation and that a subpoena "is the authorities wanting to talk to us". Jacks says he didn't do anything bad. Victor offers Kyle two tickets to a ball game and Jack is pissed about it. Jack tells Victor to stay away from his son. Victor asks who will take care of Kyle when him and Diane go to prison.

Staffer tells Eden that she's officially done with the program. Eden seems like she doesn't want to leave. Abby asks her wouldn't she want to go back to Paris. Abby thinks the rehab place is full of freaks and Eden should welcome leaving. Eden says the place isn't so bad. Eden finally tells Abby she doesn't want to go back out there.

Sharon agrees on the date with Sam. He said he will be back in a few hours to get Sharon. The little girl that lives on the range brings Sharon some flowers and Sharon (who goes by the name Sherry) tells her about her date with Sam but states all she has to wear are jeans. The little girls tells Sharon she will be right back.

Jack doesn't think that thee SEC will charge with him with anything. Victor tells him that he shoulda be worried now that Tucker is awake. The conversation goes on about Jack having a large amount of Newman stock and Victor not being happy about it and Victor basically tells him that this will be the last birthday he'll have as a free man.

Diane tells Adam that his last plan got her in trouble with SEC. Adam says that,"if you do this you won't have to worry about Security Exchange Commission, plus you get the added bonus of seeing Jack and Victor destroyed.". She said she'll think about it and he says no time. He needs to know now if she's in or out.

Sharon comes out the room in a white spaghetti step dress. It used to belong to the little girl's mother. Sharon has a flower in her hair like she is Billie Holiday.

Eden said she made mistakes in Paris when she and Noah broke up and more after they broke up. Eden asks Abby again not to tell anyone she's back in the states and Abby assures her she won't. Eden says don't you wish you could go back and change things. Eden says she accepts the things she can't change. Abby semi confesses about what she did to protect her mother.

Ashley is getting Tucker ready to go somewhere. Tucker wants Ashley and him to wear the wedding rings they bought for the wedding that was supposed to take place a few weeks back. The nurses come and get Tucker and soon after Victor walks into the room and tells Ashley he's there to help.

Adams tells Diane he's trying to help her. She says she doesn't like to be pressured but since Victor and Jack betrayed her (Victor not keeping his word about dropping the charges against her and then Jack making a fortune on the IPO trade and not giving her any money). Diane says she's in and wants to go over the plans but Diane wants to check in on her son. They are going to go over the plans later. She leaves and Adam listens to the secret recording he did of him and Diane's conversation. He thinks Diane is up to something.

Noah is at the rehab center Abby and Eden are at. He's told by a staffer he needs a visitor's pass but of course the staffer has to leave and Noah runs into Abby. She asks how did he know she was there and he said grandpa. Abby asks if everything is ok and he says he has some really big news. In the background you can see Eden is shocked to see Noah (she is behind Noah so he doesn't see her)

Jack is talking to his dad's picture and about how disappoint his father would be at him for what he did. After his talk with the picture, he calls someone.

Diane is on the phone with Kyle and tells him to enjoy the game. After the call she begins talking to herself about she can't trust Victor, Jack and Adam. She pulls a card out her purse and calls the number on it. She states, "I need to see you"

Ashley tells Victor that she got married and Victor is happy for her. She states that Abby doesn't know and that sending Abby to rehab was a great idea. He also tells her that he had Diane recant her story and that as why Ashley is free. Ashley wants to pay him back for what he's done and he comes up with something

Sharon is on the phone leaving messages with Sam (I guess he hasn't show up for the date yet). Just as she gets off the phone Sam comes in the barn and said he got her messages and just lost track of time and she says she thought she knew him but she doesn't.

Abby asks Noah if it's good news or bad news. He tells her the charges against her mother were dropped. Abby thinks she can just leave the place but she needs to say good bye to someone. Noah said he will meet her out front. Abby calls for Eden she knows is hiding. Abby is trying to convince Eden to go back to Genoa City to see her family.

Adam is listening to the recording again. Jack shows up to see Adam. Jack tells him everything is about to change

The person Diane called is the DA Spencer. He wants to know if she's changing her story again and she says this has nothing to do with Ashley. It's about Adam Newman. Diane says she's willing to testify against Adam about Adam and IPO and in return she wants immunity.

Victor said that Ashley will be helping him as well as Tucker. He wants her to run Jabot. Ashley says that Jack is the right man for the job and he's staying there. Victor brings up that Jack is being investigated and it won't look good for Jabot. And just as Victor says, "I wonder what Tucker thinks about all this" Tucker comes in the room and asks what's going on.

Eden doesn't want to go back to Genoa City. Abby said it was good to see Eden. Abby asks Eden to hit her up if she decides ides to come home. Abby leaves and Eden calls to cancel her flight to Paris and books one to Genoa City.

Sharon is mad at Sam for standing her up. As she walking to her room he falls down and when she goes to help him she realizes he's drunk.

Diane is talking to herself again.

Jack tells Adam that his friend (meaning Diane) can get the both of them in a lot of trouble. Since Jack owns the funds he's shutting it down. Jack leaves.

Ashley says that Victor stopped by to say hello and that he was just leaving. Victor says hi to Tucker and leaves. She tells Tucker that she and Victor were talking about Abby. Tucker says he was having trouble with circle and squares at therapy. The nurse asks Ashley to step out for a bit. When she goes in the hallway Victor there asking her to think about what he said because he needs an answer very soon.


Sharon tells Sam she thinks it's time she start moving on and Sam says this is her home

Nick brings Billy Goat the papers to buy Restless Style if he was serious about selling it.

Genevieve is having drinks with Jack

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  1. Another good one. Again, I'm up at 2 a.m. drinking coffee and watching old movies. I really need to go to sleep, but I wanted to read your Y&R blog first. I'm glad I did. I missed it today, so it was good to read your post. I missed a good episode.