Monday, June 27, 2011

Y&R - Monday 27 June 2011

Abby is recording The Naked Heiress confessing that she's the one who ran Tucker off the road. Deacon over hears it all.

Ashley and Katherine is at the hospital where Tucker has regained consciousness but he can't quite speak. He's trying to tell them that Abby tried to run him over and Ashley is trying to convince him that it wasn't Abby, but rather her, Ashley. He wants to talk to Ashley alone so Katherine leaves the room. He tells Ashley that he saw her (Abby) and he says that he needs to know.

Victor serves Jack with a subpoena He is being charged with stock fraud.

Diane and Kyle are having desert at Crimson Lights and Diane wants to know if he's still mad at her. Diane wanted to leave town and sprung it on 'no acting' Kyle at the last minute. She wants to put everything behind them.

Nick visits Phyllis at her apartment and brings her a humidifier. Nick asks if Lucy has spiked a fever. He wants to know how sick is she and Phyllis says she's sleeping. Nick figures out Phyllis dragged out him there on a wild goose chase and he wants to know the real reason she wants him out there. Phyllis admits she needs a friend and she doesn't have anymore of them and Nick is the closest thing even he's really not her friend.

Tucker is telling Ashley what he remembers of the night of his accident. He asks her why was he at the cabin. .He wants to know how long he's been in a coma and Ashley says for a few weeks. He wants to know what happened and Ashley said that her and Abby where on their way to see him and that she was driving and blah blah blah. Katherine comes in the room with a nurse who needs to check on Tucker. She asks Ashley if anything is ok. She said she hopes so.

The director, or whatever he is to Abby, is on the phone with someone at a newsdesk and is about to tell them what he has but then realizes his camera bag is missing. He asks the bartender,who happened to be Deacon, if he seen his bag and deacon says no. Abby is walking out of Glo Warm when she's nabbed from behind.

Diane brings Jack desert to his office saying it's a special occasion. Referring to Jack being in charge of Jabot. 'No acting' Kyle is there as well.  Why don't that monkey farmer get lost!

Nick is still at Phyllis's apartment and he reminds her whose side he's on which is Victoria and blah blah blah. Nothing much happens here.

Katherine tells Ashley they should get some rest but Ashley wants to stay. In the meantime the district attorney (Spenser) shows up wanting to ask Tucker some questions. Katherine would like for him to do it tomorrow but the attorney said he checked with Tucker's doctor and he gave the ok as long as it's brief. The attorney asks Katherine and Ashley to go outside. Katherine asks Ashley what Tucker might say and Ashley says whatever he remembers.

Victor is the one that nabbed Abby. They are on his jet and he tells her he's taking her on a trip. She tells him it's too late to stop her because her confession is all over the air but Victor tells her otherwise.

Diane leaves Jack and Kyle alone. OMG! This kid cannot act. Kyle tells Jack that he never wanted to leave and Jack asks him why would he have to leave town. PLEASE LEAVE YOU NO ACTING BRAT!!!!!!

The attorney asks Tucker how much does he remember about that night. He said a car hit him. Outside Katherine asks Ashley why does he think Abby hit him and Ashley says he's very confused. Katherine says Tucker seems very certain to her. Ashley said he probably has an image of Abby in his mind from just seeing her. Katherine goes to speak to Tucker's doctor. Ashley calls Victor to tell him that Tucker is awake. Victor tells Ashley that Abby tried to confess her story to the world. After the phone call Abby tells Victor that Tucker will tell the attorney what happened and Victor says his memory is fuzzy. Abby says she will help Tucker remember but Victor has other plans. Abby tells him he can't make her disappear like he did the camera bag and Victor says he can and he will.

Mean while back at Phyllis's apartment. Nick asks Phyllis what's got her so upset and she said she was putting Lucy to sleep and she was standing over her and got this overwhelming wave of fear. Phyllis is now questioning her drive to get Lucy. Phyllis fears that getting Lucy there with her was about winning and not about Billy and Victoria and her son. She says she doesn't like what she sees when she looks in the mirror so she wants Nick to tell her who she is.

Jacks wants to know what happened with Kyle mother and he says that his mother sounded like they were leaving town as in moving and jack wants to know when is this supposed to take place. Kyle says right away but they ended up not going. Just then Diane walks in and jack gives the look which tells her that Kyle told hin something

Tucker doesn't remember why he was at the Abbott cabin but remembers the car accident. He remembers the car coming towards him. The attorney wants to know who was driving.

Victor wants Abby to check herself into a therapeutic retreat. He wants her to go to rehab. Where is Amy Winehouse when you need her. Oh where she is. Take it away Amy - Oh wait, Amy is in rehab - I said NO NO NO!

Abby tells tells Victor that this whole thing is a cover up and she'll have no part in it. Victor says yes she will.

Jack took Kyle to the media room so he and Diane could be alone. Diane tells him that she had a problem with the SEC. Jack said he was served as well but he's not upset. Diane said that he had inside information and if she tells the grand jury and Jack cuts her off and asks if she was wearing a wire, being video taped. He says she doesn't have proof. She said if she has leave town to protect her son she will. Jack tells her if she leaves town with his son again she will lose.

Victor has a heart to heart with Abby. Abby thinks her mother is destroying her life for Abby. Victor tells her the case against her mother is full of holes and the key witness, that being Diane, is unreliable and the police know this. Abby says that Tucker was looking right at her before she hit him. Victor says Tucker had severe trauma to his head. Abby thinks confessing is the right thing to do. Victor wants to wait and find out what Tucker says and the go from there.

Spencer, the attorney, comes out of tucker's room and states that Tucker said he doesn't know who hit him. Spencer is hoping this changes over time. He leaves. Ashley wants to go spend more time with Tucker but Katherine said she wants some time with Tucker and goes in his room while Ashley stays in the hallway.

Phyllis is still feeling sorry for herself. Nick tells her that he will always be her friend. He says she crossed the line with the Lucy situation and he understands why she didn't stop and he understands why everyone turned their back on her. She wants to know how to fix it and he said he doesn't know but that she will handle it. Phyllis tells Nick he should go but in a playful way and he agrees.  He tells her that she's going to be fine and the he's not going to worry about her. Nick gives Phyllis a hug. He leaves.

No acting Kyle is back at Jacks office and Jack tells Kyle he's not moving anywhere and says he promises him that.

Ashley calls victor and tells him and Abby that Tucker doesn't remember who hit him. Ashley agrees with Victor on sending Abby to a retreat. After the phone call Victor tells Abby that he's going to make it all go away.

Katherine is talking with Tucker and says she hopes that attorney didn't take too much out of him and Tucker says there wasn't much to tell. That he barely remembers anything about that night. Katherine says they all need to know the truth. Tucker says that he needs to rest.


Katherine is talking with Victor and asks why is Tucker's first memory is of Abby running him down

Diane asks an attorney how quickly can she get her out of the charges and the attorney says it doesn't look good

Tucker wants Ashley to marry him "right here, right now"

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  1. Excellent! I didn't get to watch the show today, so this couldn't have come at a better time. Keep the Y&R blog going. I am really enjoying it.