Monday, June 20, 2011

Young and Restless: Monday - 20 June 2011

At Crimson Lights, Abby, Kevin and Chloe are discussing Daniel's hearing to get baby Lucy back to Billy and Victoria. Just as they are discussing things Daniel walks in and looks none to happy. They ask how did things go

The doorbell rings at Billy's house and its Rafe to check in on Billy. Rafe asks where is Victoria and Billy gives the famous Soap Opera stare, we then see Victoria running into her father's house where she runs into Nick and said she heard the news in the car and wants to know where "dad is" and Nick says he's at the office straightening some things out, and Nick apologized for leaving the hearing early but he got a text from his father then he changes subject by asking Victoria what happened at the trial. Vic gives the famous Soap Opera sort of sad face to where Nick hugs her. Victoria begins to cry and say she lost Lucy.

Phyllis is brings Lucy back to her apartment and tells her shes where she belongs. 

Kathryn visits Tucker in the hospital wheres he's in a coma and begins talking to him about how she's been second guessing herself in all her business decision and how that not like her and she's playfully blaming Tucker aka Comatose.

Victor is in his office on the phone with someone asking how far did they get with the SEC. Oh he's on the phone with Michael Baldwin-lawyer extraordinaire, and Victor is repeating what Baldwin says (though we can't hear him hence the reason for the repeating of words by The Mustache). Apparently the SEC has launched an investigation into fraud and stock manipulation which are both felonies. The charges are going to be filed against Diane and Adam who are at Glo Worm drinking champagne. 

Adam says to Diane the Newman stock keeps going up and up. Adam says he's pleased and rich. He tells Diane he wasn't sure if she could trusted or not. Jack walks in and pulls up a chair to join in the celebration. Adam is confused and then Jack tells Adam the Diane tipped him (Jack) off.

Billy thinks that he should be appealing the decision. Rafe is telling him there's nothing to be done since Daisy, the birth mother is in the picture. Billy says he's lost his daughter and he's pretty sure he's lost his wife

Victoria is talking with Nick at their father's house. She said billy was trying to take her pain away and that the three of them were happy for a while. She wonders how she's going to explain all this to her son Reed. She said when JT finds out he's going to want Reed on on the first thing smoking back home (I forgot where JT moved to). Nick said that if Victoria needs anything he's there for her. She said her and Billy will work things out. She just needed to get out of the house for a bit. Nick apologized again for having to leave the hearing but he received a text that his father had a stroke. Victoria says that the stocks went down when they thought Victor had died but stocks went up when he assured everyone he was fine. Nick said it happened on purpose.

Adam finds out that Diane sold Jack the information about Adams scheme and Jack feels the price he paid was with every penny.

Victor is on the phone with Baldwin again asking what happened. He finds that extraordinary buys were made when the stock hit rock bottom. He's asking for names but Baldwin doesn't have names yet. Victor wants him to stay on it and call with the information. He states he's going to Glo Worm to pick up dinner.

Kathryn is still talking to comatose Tucker. Charlie Brown's teacher is talking during this scene.

Victor shows up at Glo Worm to find Dinae, Jack and Adam there. Jack greets him with a smart remark. Jack tells Victor that he bought a large sum of Newman stock and now he owns a good portion of Newman Enterprises and there's nothing Victor can do and Victor agrees with him but he has a smirk on his face while agreeing with Jack. Adam keeps his back to Victor while drinking his champagne.

Kevin, Daniel, Chloe, and Aabby are sitting at a table at Crimson Lights discussing the whole Baby Lucy thing and how she's with Phyllis who she hardly knows. Once the judge found out Billy bought the baby from a broker it was all but over. They are all trying to find someone to blame and Daniel and Abby agree that it's Phyllis's fault because if she hadn't pushed so hard none if this would be happening.

Nick goes to see Phyllis and says to her that since she won is she happy (said in a sarcastic tone of course and Phyllis says (in her sarcastic tone) that she's happy. She states shes not a monster. Lucy is crying all the while and Nick asks how long has Lucy been crying and Phyllis says a little while and that she's changed and fed her and none of it seemed to help. Nick basically says that Lucy is with a stranger in a strange place and that she needs her mother - referring to Victoria.

Victoria shows up at home and Billy is kind of shocked to see her not completely but enough for me to actually mention it. Victoria says that Reed will be home soon. Billy tells her not to worry because he's packed his bags. Billy says that he still has stuff in the closets that he will send for them because he doesn't want to have to come back. Victoria asks him where will he go and he's he doesn't know but names off some possible places. Billy goes upstairs to get his things.

 Summer shows up at Phyllis's apartment. Phyllis tells Summer that Lucy will be sating with them for a bit.  Summer is not happy and states that Phyllis is her mother and whatnot.  Whatever on her and her tude.

Kathryn is finally leaving the hospital. That goodness because she was riding my nerves talking to Comatose

Victor is about to leave Glo Worm with is food when Jack makes a snide remark. Victor doubles back and asks if he's aware of the laws pertaining to stock manipulation and fraud but the SEC is for that what they do. He states tomorrow will be a day of reckoning.

 Chloe tells the gang at the table that she is going to go after full custody of Delia and Kevin doesn't think she should after all Billy's been through already and she gets mad and storms out. Kevins goes and actually does some work at his place of business. Daniel apologizes to Abby for all he's done. Abby goes to call Victoria.

 Billy comes down the stairs with his suitcase and he's about to say something to Vicky but all he says is bye

Nick tells Phyllis she's recking so many people's lives. She states she knows how upsetting this is to everyone and that even Michael and Loren has turned their back on her. Nick feels that Billy and Victoria were great parents to Lucy and Phyllis brings up the fact that Ashley was a great mother to Faith and Nick took Faith from her. Phyllis has a good pint. TOUCHE PHYLLIS <-- I typed Phyllis with a French accent.

Adam wants to toast Newman Enterprises. Adam and jack aren't worried about the SEC. Diane feels that Victor won't let them get away with it.

 Victor runs into Abby at Crimson Lights. She is glad to see that he's OK. Nick shows up as well. Abby asks how Victoria is doing. Nick said she not doing well. Victor is finding out from Nick what happened and he's shocked and sad.

Reed shows up at Victoria's pad and says it quiet and wants to know the where a bouts of Lucy. Victoria explains that Lucy won't be living there anymore. This is a different Reed. The other Reed was adorable and looked just like Victoria. Reed then asks where is Billy. Well Victoria, where is Billy? Explain that one sister. Go on explain it. I can't wait to hear this one.

Abby visits Comatose. She's telling Comatose about what took place today and how this all started with lies. She's about to confess to Tucker what she did by running him down and all.

Diane is ready to go. She is Adam are standing in the foyer of Glo Worm and she thinks Adam is going to lay into her regarding Jack but all he says is,"Well played" and walks off. Diane has a pleasing smile on her face. In the meantime, Kathryn walks in and finds Jack who she was looking for. Kathryn hires Jack as the CEO of Jabot. He's pleased as pie. Jack finally got Jabot back in a sense.

Crimson Lights:
Nick finds Daniel out on the patio and gives him bit of a pep talk.

Phyllis's pad:
Lucy is crying her little head off and Phyllis can't calm her down.

Crimson Lights:
Chloe walks in with a bag full caramel popcorn for Kevin. It was her way of apologizing to Big Head Kevin and Big Head Kevin accepts her apology.

Jimmy's Bar:
Billy shows ready to throw them back. He orders a tequila. I hope its patron. He tells the bartender to leave the bottle. But since this is a dive bar, its probably not even real tequila.

Victoria's pad:
Victor shows up. Victoria sends Reed out the room. Victoria tells Victor that she can't bear a 'I told you so' right now. He says that's not why he's there and walks over and gives her a hug.


Victoria tells Chloe that Billy moved out and Chloe can't believe that Billy would leave at a time like this.

Baldwin tells Victor that there's a weak link and victor wants to make sure Adam goes down.

Adam tells Diane that ihes in the clear with the SEC but her and Jack aren't.


  1. Loved it. Well done. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

  2. This makes me want to watch the show. I'm more of a days of our lives fan. I watched Young in The Restless a few times and it seemed really good.