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Y&R: Monday 25 July 2011: Sharon and Adam Wed...

Jack shows up at Diane's room (at the club) to get Kyle and Diane asks him to wait a minute, that she needs to finish a phone call.  Jack is in the hallway while Diane reminds Dumb Grin (Kyle) not to mention to Golden Boy (Jack) that Big Grin is going to Switzerland.  He's going to Switzerland?  I wonder if he's going to Geneva to have a conference.  BAHAHAHA.  Golden Boy enters the room on his own accord and asks if Diane is done with her phone call.  Dumb Grin now has a Dumb Look on his face.

Red and Nick are looking at their trending points on a labtop while talking about Bed Head (Adam).  In the meantime, Boring (Sam) walks in and overhears their conversation about Bed Head having the evidence for Sharon but not sharing it.  Boring asks them if they really believe Adam has the evidence.

At the jailhouse rock, Adam presents Sharon with her engagement ring.  Sharon asks where did Bed Head find it and he said the lady that died in the carjacking had it on her, which was given to Noah and then Noah gave it Bed Head because it is really his mother's ring.  He tells Orange Jumpsuit (Sharon) that the ring (the one you put on your finger, not the movie The Ring) got him through some tough nights and now she's back and alive and the ring belongs on her finger.

circa around 1999

Hold on while I sway back and forth to the Nadia's Theme.

Katherine is at GloWorm where Neil meets up with her. Katherine canceled the meeting Sophia called about some acquisition because it would be audited.  Neil tells Katherin that Patch (Tucker) isn't going to be happy that she is undermining his right hand man, Sophia.  Sophia shows up and says she saw her meeting out in the parking lot.  She says she's back at McCall but Katherine still finds ways to cut her off at the knees.

Tucker asks Ashley how did she find out he had a son and she said Katherine found out from his living will and she told Ashley.

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Sharon is quiet and he asks if it has to do with Boring and she says no. She said the DA visited her and wants her to testify against Bed Head and in return she can stay in the jailhouse rock while she's waiting for her appeal.  She wouldn't have to go to Penn State..I mean State Pen.  Adam says to take the deal.  She says he could go to jail, but he doesn't care.  He said she can be close to home and her kids.  He's explaining about life in the hoosegow.  He's begging her to take the deal.

Golden Boy is asking Dumb Grin if he's ready to go home with him and Dumb Grin said he can't because he's going somewhere.  I could not understand what mumbles was saying.  He gives Golden Boy a hug.  Diane shoes himself by telling him to get his tooth brush.  While he is out of the room, Diane says, they are done.  Golden Boy says they will be done when Dumb Grin is 18.  Golden Boy says if Diane goes to jail, Dumb Grin will be with him full time.

Ashley says Katherine and Paul were going through his things at the office to try find information about his son.  He said they won't find much since he found out he had a son from an anonymous note.  He said he got someone pregnant and he doesn't know her name.  He said he worked with rock stars and acted like one.  Tour buses, private jets and a different woman every night. The note he received said he will never know his son. Ashley asks how does he know its even true since it was just a note.  He thought the same thing until he received a second note saying he will never know his son, then he knew the woman wasn't after his money.  Ashley says he would have been a great dad.  I hope Devon is his son..that would be great.

Sophia tells Neil that Patch is still mad about Katherine putting Sophia on leave and now this.  Neil asks is Tucker mad or she mad?  Neils tell her she needs to deal with her resentment again Katherine.  Katherine comes back to the table and apologizes to Sophia for canceling her meeting and says she is glad to have Sophia back.  Sophia says she sticking by Patch's side.

Boring introduces himself to Red (Phyllis) and Nick. He said he's trying to get to the evidence that Adam has.  Boring brings up the fact that Adam has been by Sharon's side the whole time, yet he has evidence that can free her and Boring does not understand this about Adam.  Nick and Red said they do not care about the Sharon/Bed Head romance but Red said she is interested in Bed Head and proving he's a snake to count her in.  Boring said he will do just that.  But he wants to know why Bed Head would hold on to evidence like he is doing.  Red said he could be waiting for the right time to use it like at her hearing and come off like her savior.

Bed Head tells Orange Jumpsuit that in his heart he and Orange Jumpsuit are still married.  He can arrange it with a Chaplin and they can be married today.  He's still running his line of BS to Orange Jumpsuit and she's buying it hook, line and sinker. Orange Jumpsuit agrees to marry Bed Head, but she says she won't turn states evidence against him.  He leaves to make arrangements.  Orange Jumpsuit is making yet, another phone call.  She calls Boring and says she needs to see him.

Red and Nick show up at Bed Head's room searching for the memory card.  He brings up the time they were in St. Barqs.

Boring shows up to see Orange Jumpsuit and tells her to take the deal the DA gave her.  Orange tells Broing that Bed Head proposed and she accepted like the fracking idiot she is.

Ashley tells Patch (Tucker) that he's nothing like Katherine.  That Patch looked for his son and even added him to his will.  Patch said there were a lot of women and he doesn't know his son name.  Sophia shows up and asks Patch when is he going to kick his mother out of her job.

Jack is at GloWorm with Katherine and Golden Boy says that he saw Ashley and Patch and he looked less than up to speed.  Katherine said that Patch did fine at the Jabot Launch and as she sees it McCall Unlimited is in capable hands.  Golden Boy sits back and gloats.

Diane is on the phone with Bed Head about her son, Dumb Grin, lying to Golden Boy.  She says this plan of his helps her as much as him and she's not going to die in vain.

Sophia is showing Patch a business a slope line in Dalton's company (a company that Patch does business with) going down and explaining it to him, but he's standing there like a lump on a log.   Sophia tells him he needs to get Katherine out because Dalton doesn't like doing business with her.  Patch says the numbers don't mean anything to him.  Ashley plays it off like its his glasses and he says he can't play it off anymore with Sophia.  Then he explains his medical situation.  He tells Sophia that they have been through some wars together, but if she cannot deal with his situation, she can walk away and he will understand.

Red and Nick are back at Useless Pile without the memory card or anything.  The office is empty as well.  Red thinks that Bed Head might have gotten rid of the evidence.

Boring is questioning Orange marrying Bed Head.  Bed Head is outside and over hears the conversation.  Inside, Orange is pleading her case to Boring and tells him he should go back to New Mexico.  Before leaving he tells Orange that marrying Bed Head is a mistake.  He meets up with Bed Head outside and Bed Head tells him he won't have to worry anymore.  He will look after his wife.

Diane is at the airport with Dumb Grin who I hope is 20 something when he returns, with a new hair do, because right now, he's sporting a hair don't!  Diane gives Dumb Grin a hug while Dumb Grin does his best (which isn't much) to show some emotion - DAMN! THAT BOY CANNOT ACT!  Dumb Grin is off (in more ways than one).

Red and Nick are at Useless Style - still - and they begin making out.

Boring is at Crimson Lights with a pen and notepad thinking about the night him and Orange did the do.  He is writing Orange a letter.

Bed Head is back at the jail to marry Orange with a Chaplin.

Katherine and Neil are talking business.  Golden Boy is about to leave, but before he does he stops at Katherine's table and says that if Patch isn't ready to take over McCall he isn't ready to take over Jabot.  Katherine says she established that with him earlier.  Golden Boy leaves.  Katherine tells Neil about Golden Boy noticing something being off about Patch and she wants Neil to dig deeper.  If its bad Katherine will protect her son and his company.

Sophia said she will never turn her back on him.  Ashley asks that it kept between the three of them.  Ashley said if some business comes up or documents need to be signed Sophia is to step in and handle it like Patch would want her to.  She (Sophia) says she knows what Patch is thinking before he does and called him honey.

Nick and Red are about to get it on when Diane walks in and she's furious.

Boring is telling Piper (via phone) he's on his way home. If you forgot who piper is, and who hasn't forgotten, she's the annoying little brat that screamed like a damn fool when they arrested Orange Jumpsuit in New Mexico.

Bed Head and Orange are about to get married.  He is saying his  love speech to Orange.  She is giving her spill.  The Chaplain does the Do You's to Orange and she said "I Do" it is Bed Head's turn and he says, No, he doesn't.  "How the hell can I be married to you.".  Orange is shocked!


Nick tries to break up a fight between Red and Diane

Chloe catches Billy Goat following Cordelia Junction and thinks he's going to lure her away.

Bed Head tells Orange that she betrayed him and she deserves what she get.

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  1. OMG!!! Now that was the funniest blog EVER!!! i love the names you gave them. I think I love BORING..He's kinda cute. coring is gonna save the day for Orange Suit!! ROFLLL GREAT WORK Nikki!!!