Thursday, July 28, 2011

About Me

My name is Nikki and currently reside in Northern California where I work as a data entry clerk for a healthcare company 40 hours a week.   My evenings are spent watching and blogging The Young and the Restless (  After-which, I finish up blogs I began earlier in the day, or write a new one that I have been thinking about.

I started blogging in 2008 in which I watched and blogged Denise Richard's show.  In just a few months time, my blog got up to about 5K.  From there, I knew I found my niche and soon began watching and blogging Pam Anderson's show.  However, the show was cut short and so was my blogging.  I could not find another show, nor the time, to continue blogging.  So I gave up writing for a few years.

I took up blogging again this year with the show Mob Wives and just like Denise Richards' show, Mob Wives drew a large crowd to my blog each week.  While blogging Mob Wives I also had the idea to blog Young and the Restless, but never did it.  I did more talking than writing with that.  One day I just had to force myself to sit down and actually blog the show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But just blogging about shows is not what I want to focus my attention on. There is more to me than watching TV.

I do not claim to be an expert in anything but the experiences I have gone through and the thoughts in my gulliver (Britsh slang for head - refer toClockwork Orange for more information), and that is the reason I began Thoughts From The Underground.  This blog will also contain my thoughts on TV shows as well.
I am also an accomplished musician with two CD's under my belt.

New Age

The name Nikki Carlyle was my stage name when I had this big dream of making a living with my music.  But in the words of Pink Floyd, the child has grown, the dream is gone.  So I gave up the Carlyle and went back to Hoskin and back to writing.

I also have four certifications in computers:  A+ (troubleshooting hardware and software issues), MCDST (Microsoft Certified Destop Support Technician),MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and Network+ (connections between the computer and the Internet and/or servers and sometimes the wall).  I love technology and am a gadget and application hound and because of that I will begin doing a technology blog soon.  Some will be written and some will be videos.

I thank you very much for stopping by and reading and commenting, if the mood hits you.

Additional Blog site: Thoughts From The Underground

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