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Y&R 30 June 2011: Adam and Diane Team Up Against Victor

Tucker says that if word gets out about his condition he will be ruined. He said he only trusts ashley. She asks about Sophia and he said he can't chance it.

Question time: he's known Ashley all of five seconds but known Sophia a whole lot longer But he doesn't trust Sophia?? I'm lost. I hope someone can help clear that one up.

Ashley wants to talk about it later but in the meantime she goes to look for his nurse to get him the medication. Noah shows up and catches Ashley in the hallway and asks about Tucker. She says he's doing fine that the Ashley tells him that the charges against her have been dropped but not to tell Abby. Guess where Noah is going to do. To let Abby know.

A staffer let's Abby know that she didn't make her bed. Abby says she will do it tomorrow and the lady says she doesn't get special privileges and she leave. Eden walks in gives the same story that if you want to change you have to change you attitude. Abby wants to know what's going on with Eden.

Sam brings his dog to visit Sharon for a special occasion and that being it's date night. He's asking Sharon out on a date. Sharon says she can't.

Diane is at Glo Worm on the phone with Michael and Adam over hears the conversation. Adam has a plan for Diane and sees this as an opportunity to strike back at Victor. Referring to the stock fraud they did. Diane says that was before they were subpoenaed.

Kyle visits Jack at his office. Kyle asks Jack if he's going to jail and from the door way Victor says, "That's a very good question".

Tucker asks Ashley if she has any regrets and she says none at all. Ashley says that she ran into Noah in the hall and when he asked about Abby, Ashley realized she hadn't told Abby that she and Tucker were married. Tucker says she won't be happy. Ashley said she has a little to think about how she's going to tell her and Tucker asks why is that and Ashley replies that Abby is out of town.

Eden tells Abby that she was thinking the same thing about Abby, that she was hiding something. Eden thinks Abby was boozing it up. The staffer returns and tells Eden she's being discharged today.

Sharon says she's not ready to date.

Side note: if you're wondering why Sam looks familiar, it's because he was in the movie Powder.

Sam is trying to convenience Sharon to go on a date with him but she says going out in public makes her uncomfortable. He states she doesn't have to get out of the car. He's telling her about a drive through burger place and then he can take her to a drive in. She says he's put a lot of thought into this. Sam is leaving thinking him and Sharon have a date tomorrow night and she tells him that she didn't say yes.

Jacks wants to know where Kyle got the idea that he's going to a hoosegow. Kyle said that him and Diane got served subpoenas. Jack explains that him and Diane got into a financial situation and that a subpoena "is the authorities wanting to talk to us". Jacks says he didn't do anything bad. Victor offers Kyle two tickets to a ball game and Jack is pissed about it. Jack tells Victor to stay away from his son. Victor asks who will take care of Kyle when him and Diane go to prison.

Staffer tells Eden that she's officially done with the program. Eden seems like she doesn't want to leave. Abby asks her wouldn't she want to go back to Paris. Abby thinks the rehab place is full of freaks and Eden should welcome leaving. Eden says the place isn't so bad. Eden finally tells Abby she doesn't want to go back out there.

Sharon agrees on the date with Sam. He said he will be back in a few hours to get Sharon. The little girl that lives on the range brings Sharon some flowers and Sharon (who goes by the name Sherry) tells her about her date with Sam but states all she has to wear are jeans. The little girls tells Sharon she will be right back.

Jack doesn't think that thee SEC will charge with him with anything. Victor tells him that he shoulda be worried now that Tucker is awake. The conversation goes on about Jack having a large amount of Newman stock and Victor not being happy about it and Victor basically tells him that this will be the last birthday he'll have as a free man.

Diane tells Adam that his last plan got her in trouble with SEC. Adam says that,"if you do this you won't have to worry about Security Exchange Commission, plus you get the added bonus of seeing Jack and Victor destroyed.". She said she'll think about it and he says no time. He needs to know now if she's in or out.

Sharon comes out the room in a white spaghetti step dress. It used to belong to the little girl's mother. Sharon has a flower in her hair like she is Billie Holiday.

Eden said she made mistakes in Paris when she and Noah broke up and more after they broke up. Eden asks Abby again not to tell anyone she's back in the states and Abby assures her she won't. Eden says don't you wish you could go back and change things. Eden says she accepts the things she can't change. Abby semi confesses about what she did to protect her mother.

Ashley is getting Tucker ready to go somewhere. Tucker wants Ashley and him to wear the wedding rings they bought for the wedding that was supposed to take place a few weeks back. The nurses come and get Tucker and soon after Victor walks into the room and tells Ashley he's there to help.

Adams tells Diane he's trying to help her. She says she doesn't like to be pressured but since Victor and Jack betrayed her (Victor not keeping his word about dropping the charges against her and then Jack making a fortune on the IPO trade and not giving her any money). Diane says she's in and wants to go over the plans but Diane wants to check in on her son. They are going to go over the plans later. She leaves and Adam listens to the secret recording he did of him and Diane's conversation. He thinks Diane is up to something.

Noah is at the rehab center Abby and Eden are at. He's told by a staffer he needs a visitor's pass but of course the staffer has to leave and Noah runs into Abby. She asks how did he know she was there and he said grandpa. Abby asks if everything is ok and he says he has some really big news. In the background you can see Eden is shocked to see Noah (she is behind Noah so he doesn't see her)

Jack is talking to his dad's picture and about how disappoint his father would be at him for what he did. After his talk with the picture, he calls someone.

Diane is on the phone with Kyle and tells him to enjoy the game. After the call she begins talking to herself about she can't trust Victor, Jack and Adam. She pulls a card out her purse and calls the number on it. She states, "I need to see you"

Ashley tells Victor that she got married and Victor is happy for her. She states that Abby doesn't know and that sending Abby to rehab was a great idea. He also tells her that he had Diane recant her story and that as why Ashley is free. Ashley wants to pay him back for what he's done and he comes up with something

Sharon is on the phone leaving messages with Sam (I guess he hasn't show up for the date yet). Just as she gets off the phone Sam comes in the barn and said he got her messages and just lost track of time and she says she thought she knew him but she doesn't.

Abby asks Noah if it's good news or bad news. He tells her the charges against her mother were dropped. Abby thinks she can just leave the place but she needs to say good bye to someone. Noah said he will meet her out front. Abby calls for Eden she knows is hiding. Abby is trying to convince Eden to go back to Genoa City to see her family.

Adam is listening to the recording again. Jack shows up to see Adam. Jack tells him everything is about to change

The person Diane called is the DA Spencer. He wants to know if she's changing her story again and she says this has nothing to do with Ashley. It's about Adam Newman. Diane says she's willing to testify against Adam about Adam and IPO and in return she wants immunity.

Victor said that Ashley will be helping him as well as Tucker. He wants her to run Jabot. Ashley says that Jack is the right man for the job and he's staying there. Victor brings up that Jack is being investigated and it won't look good for Jabot. And just as Victor says, "I wonder what Tucker thinks about all this" Tucker comes in the room and asks what's going on.

Eden doesn't want to go back to Genoa City. Abby said it was good to see Eden. Abby asks Eden to hit her up if she decides ides to come home. Abby leaves and Eden calls to cancel her flight to Paris and books one to Genoa City.

Sharon is mad at Sam for standing her up. As she walking to her room he falls down and when she goes to help him she realizes he's drunk.

Diane is talking to herself again.

Jack tells Adam that his friend (meaning Diane) can get the both of them in a lot of trouble. Since Jack owns the funds he's shutting it down. Jack leaves.

Ashley says that Victor stopped by to say hello and that he was just leaving. Victor says hi to Tucker and leaves. She tells Tucker that she and Victor were talking about Abby. Tucker says he was having trouble with circle and squares at therapy. The nurse asks Ashley to step out for a bit. When she goes in the hallway Victor there asking her to think about what he said because he needs an answer very soon.


Sharon tells Sam she thinks it's time she start moving on and Sam says this is her home

Nick brings Billy Goat the papers to buy Restless Style if he was serious about selling it.

Genevieve is having drinks with Jack

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Y&R Wednesday: 29 June 29 2011

Diane is at the ranch telling Victor he is the problem. Michael is explaining how Diane can get out of her troubles and Diane asks what does she have to do and Victor says for her to recant her story about the night Tucker was hit.

Tucker and Ashley are now married. Katherine asks the priest to leave so she can talk to her son and his new bride. Katherine is not happy about the marriage at all and basically told Tucker and Mrs Tucker that. Jack seeing the priest outside Tucker's door thought he had a set back. Jack learns of the wedding from the priest and he's not happy either but I'm going to learn that that look wasn't unhappiness.  Hmmm, could have fooled me.

Nick (who recently went to the barber and had is nice locks cut off but forgot to get permission from the viewers) is at Glo Worm with Victoria. Victoria and her hair is telling Short Hair Nick about Victor's offer to Hair to help run Newman and a seat on the board. Victoria aka Hair will take the job if Nick joins her but he says it's not on his radar and that was the whole point of the lawsuit.

Billy Goat is listening to a horse race that he obviously has a bet on and loses when his horse dosn't win.

Nick is explaining to Hair that dad won't change and she shouldn't be fooled. Nick thinks The Mustache is doing this because Billy is gone and he never liked him. Nick feels that his father feels like he's won.

Michael wants to know if Diane will recant her story but she wants to keep it to make Victor suffer. But Michael and Victor are explaining how guilty she looks to the SEC. They bring her son in to the picture. She said she'll think about it but she says she knows what she saw and Victor tells she better change her story.

Katherine thinks Tucker and Ashley should have waited to get married because what they've done is reckless. Jack walks in. Katherine thinks Ashley was taking advantage of Tucker's condition. Tucker tells her to leave if she can't be happy for them, but Ashley asks Katherine to stay. Ashley asks Tucker to talk with his mother and he says he will do it for her. Both Ashley and Jack leave the room.

Jack and Ashley are in the hallway. Jack says that Ashley and Tucker deserves a little happiness. Ashley knows Jack is concerned about Jabot now that Tucker is awake.

Katherine apologizes to Tucker for upsetting him. Katherine says she was surprised and moved that Tucker put her in charge. He says it would have been Ashley if they were married. Tucker says it time for him to take over.

Hair tells Nick that The Mustache knew about Billy Goat moving out when he offered her the position. Nick states he will not go back to work at Newman as long as his father is in charge.

Diane is concerned how she will look to the DA if she changes her story. Michael is helping her see things different by planting stories in her head. Both him and The Mustache are working Diane. Diane wants to know why was As The World Turns Was canceled, but more importantly, how will she know that The Mustache will keep his word. The Mustache is having Michael call his inside man at the SEC. Diane says she will do it. Michael says the meeting is all set. Diane is off to see the DA. Michael says to Victor that the SEC isn't going to let her walk just because Victor says so. Victor states that he doesn't give a damn as along as they protect Ashley and 30 year old Abby who is playing a teenager.

Nick is at Billy Goat's trailer and finds him on the floor passed out but he wakes him up.

Victoria visits The Mustache about her possible job and what will she be doing. He says she will be his right hand man, his COO.

Jack brings Ashley some coffee to celebrate her marriage but wished it was champagne.  I say bust out the Patron, brotha!  Never-mind, I'll do.  Sheesh have to do everything myself.

Katherine doesn't want Tucker going back to work. He wants to know what's going with business. She states that she's been running things from the hospital. Katherine states things have remained the same for the most part and Tucker wants to know what does that mean and she said she didn't execute his plan for taking advantage of Newman IPO and Tucker states he's not surprised. Tucker wants to know what else she's done and she stated she changed the leadership at Jabot. She tells him about Jack working there. Tucker is mad.

Damn, isn't anyone happy on this show? I'm not happy that he's not happy because she's not happy because no one is happy. Everyone better get happy and get happy real quick, DAMNIT!

Katherine tells Tucker that Jack is on a three month trial. Tucker is pissed. Katherine tells what the alternative would have been (don't ask me what she said because I don't remember) and it infuriates Tucker that Katherine did all this. He dismisses her and she says this is the thanks she get for all she s done. She said he can't run a company from a hospital bed, he says he will get someone else to do it. Katherine leaves the room upset. She tells Ashley she can have Tucker. Ashley goes to find out what happened.

Diane is meeting with Spencer, the DA. She basically recants her story and he states this is ruining his case.

Michael is meeting with someone from the SEC. Michael tells the guy that The Mustache was a bit harsh in including Diane in the investigation. The guy asks if Victor will be joining them and Michael says that he has a written statement from Victor. He tells the guy the real person is Adam Newman.

Ashley asks Tucker what happened between him and Katherine. He said he didn't like what katherine had done.  He said he got more and more upset and Ashley asked why and Tucker states that he heard her words but her couldn't understand what she was talking about. Ashley is telling Tucker that this problem with not understanding may be temporary. Tucker is concerned it may be permanent.

Victor tells Hair that if they could go back the wouldn't change a thing because he's stubborn and she says she stubborn too. Victor says that he wouldn't want anyone else by his side other than Hair. He says she will fight for what she thinks is right.

Nick tells Billy's place smells. He said he was there to talk some sense into Billy. Billy is basically feeling sorry for himself. Nick asks when is the last time he has been into work and Billy said he's nothing about work Ruhr one. He said he would even sell Restless Style to Nick for cheap.

Katherine is at Jack's office telling him that Tucker fired her but that she's not leaving. Jack wants to know why Tucker wont buy out his contract and Katherine said something that I didn't understand but then she said that if Jack proves himself in the next 90 days he will be locked into a three year deal.

Ashley finds Jack employment contract and read some things to Tucker to see how he does. She reads a bit and he understands, she reads a bit more but he doesn't quite get it. He looks at the contract to read it himself and he gets frustrated because he doesn't understand it. She said they can try again later.

Jack and Katherine discuss Tucker letting her go after all she's done for him.

Ashley said they are going contact to his neurologist to find out what's going on. In the meantime, Spencer walks in to tell Ashley that the restraining order has been lifted and he's not sure which Abbott or Newman is responsible but he's dropping the charges against her, but not by choice. Well looky loo, some is happy. Tucker wants Ashley to run his company because she's the only one he trusts and no one can know why.

Diane tells Michael that she got Spencer to change his mind and she wants to know if Michael was as brilliant as she was and he says that she's still at the center of the investigation. She feels that Michael and Victor betrayed her. He said he can show Diane the letter that Victor write but she doesn't want to see it. She storms out of Glo Worm.....not happy.

Nick tells Billy he is not selling the magazine. Nick tells Billy that Hair needs him and Billy asks if Hair told him to say that. Nick tells him that's all he's saying now and that Billy needs to shape up because Hair needs him.

Hair tells her father, The Mustache, that she will take the job and the board seat.


Sam asks Sharon out

No Acting Kyle asks Jack if he's going to jail and from the door way The Mustache says, "That's a very good question"

Adam asks Diane if she's in or is she out.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Y&R: Tucker and Ashley Wed

Noah Visits Victor at the main house. He wants to know the whereabouts of Abby

Abby is telling a worker at the center she's at that she doesn't belong there. She's supposed to be going to group therapy but doesn't want to go.

Diane is at Glo Worm and says hi to Michael who ignores her but goes back to wonder why she didn't make remark of him doing so. Diane basically said she's not worried at all about Victor's lawsuit. Michael tells her that if she, Jack and Adam think they can manipulate the stock and get away with it then she's stupid. Diane becomes upset. Michael leaves but not before trying to comfort her.

Neil is at the hospital talking with Katherine about Tucker waking up. Then they begin talking about Sophie for about a second. Neil has documents for Katherine to sign. Ashley shows up excited about Tucker. She gives Neil a hug and a kiss. Neil sees she's glowing and congratulates her on her relationship with Tucker. She goes in to see him. Neil says to Katherine that because Ashley is out on bail doesn't mean the charges have been dropped. Katherine tells Neil to forget about the documents because there's something she really needs to do.

Ashley is talking to Tucker. She asks how is he feeling and he says just fine now. They are holding hands

Devon sees Michael at Crimson Lights. They say a few words and Michael goes out in the patio to call Eden about some trust documents but she's not home and he's not happy about it.

Victor tells Noah that Ashley is in rehab and he's surprised. Noah leaves and as he's leaving Katherine walks up the steps and Victor gives her a hug. Katherine gets straight to business and asks Victor why was Abby the first thing Tucker remembered when he woke up. Why did he remember her running him down.

Ashley is in group therapy. Just as the group is about to start Eden walks in. Yeah, Michael's Eden. The one he thinks is in Paris or whereever she's supposed to be.

Noah goes to Crimson Lights to meet Devon. Michael asks if he keeps in touch with Eden and Noah said no not really. Michael is wondering if Noah might know where Eden might be in. Noah said there's some people in England she got tight with and he can check with them and Michael appreciates him doing that. Michael leaves.

Eden is telling her story in group therapy. Eden just noticed Abby and she none to please to see her. Now it's Abby's turn to tell her story. Eden makes a swipe at Abby. The group leader has to leave. Abby goes to talk with Eden about being back in the states. Abby makes a snide remark to Eden about embracing her inner bulimic since Noah dumped her and Eden states that she's moved on a few times since she and Noah split up. She states that Noah is not the reason she's there.

Victor tells Katherine that Abby wasn't driving and that Tucker is confused. Katherine wants to talk with Abby but Victor states shes in rehab and Katherine finds all this is convenient that she's in rehab when Tucker wakes. Katherine feels she getting the run around from a lot of people. Victor tries to tell Katherine that Tucker being awake is the most important thing right now.

Nurse comes into Tucker's room to have him sign some release papers since Katherine is no longer in charge. Ashley gets his buddy Holly glasses and puts them on him and while he's looking at the paper work you can see he's having trouble seeing. Ashley asks him what's wrong. He says he can see the sentences but he doesn't know what they mean. He wants to know if this normal. The nurse is going to get they doctor. Ashley tells him that since he just woke it's going to take a bit for him to get back to normal.

Neil and his attorney lady friend are at Glo Worm. They are apologizing to each other for being out of touch with each other. She goes to meet Diane at a table and Neil stays at the bar. Diane asks her about the accusations and how soon can she get her out of it and the lady says it doesn't look good.

What the is the name of that attorney. Hold on while I look it up because it's bothering the skippy out of me. Either hum the theme song to this soap or the Jeopardy theme song. Her name on the show is Leslie Michaelson. Damn I feel better.

Noah is telling Devon that Abby ends up in rehab and he has to hear it from his grandfather and Devon says he understands because he didn't know what was going on with his sister.

Abby asks Eden how long she's been there and she said a couple of months. Abby thinks the place reminds Eden of the ashram. Abby doesn't know how Eden and Noah became a couple (but states it in a very sarcastic manner). The leader of the group comes in and sees Abby and Eden talking and pairs them up since Eden is what's called a "senior member". Neither Abby nor Eden are happy about this because basically wherever one is the other has to be.

Michael is at the ranch speaking to Victor about Abby being the real driver but Ashley taking the blame. Victor tells Michael it was an accident. An alcohol induced accident. Victor doesn't want the case to go to trial. Michael will basically have to do some major tricks to keep this from happening. Michael says the can begin talking with Tucker, but Victor says that Tucker has already said he saw Abby behind the wheel. Michael says there's another avenue they can pursue. He brings up the other witness-Diane Jenkins.

Leslie said she'll do whatever she can to clear Diane but it won't be a cake walk. Diane is worried about going to jail. The lawyer leaves and Katherine walks in and asks Diane about the night Tucker almost died.

Ashley tells Tucker she feels the tests went well. He notices flowers in the rooms and Ashley reads the card which is from an employee of his. Tucker's asks Ashley to marry him and she says she plans to and he says, "now. Marry me now".

Devon and Noah are still talking about nothing.

Abby begins thinking about her conversation with her father on the plane and her saying that confessing is the right thing to do. Eden comes over to her and tells her that she'll go back to her room and a staffer will go through her things to make sure she doesn't have certain things. Abby wants to know if the place works and Eden says she's not the same person she was when she got there, so yeah the place works.

Diane is telling Katherine what happened on that night when her phone rings. She excuses herself to take care of the missed call. Katherine sees Neil and begins talking with him about Tucker and how he's going to need her protection even more now that he's awake.

A priest is at the hospital to perform the wedding ceremony and it looks like ma nurse is standing in as witness.

Side note: I really wish they would have let Neil and Ashley stay together. They made the cutest couple.

Ashley would like to say something to Tucker before they are pronounced husband and wife. Blah blah blah.

Abby is still giving Eden a hard time. She asks her when is she leaving and Eden says in a couple of days. Abby asks if she's going back to Paris before contacting Michael to make him think that's where she's been. She says Michael doesn't need to know where she's at and she said neither does Noah. Abby finds it interesting that of all the boyfriends Eden has had she brings up Noah.

Noah is on the patio of the coffee house calling the rehab center to see how he can get in to see a patient there

Neil is still at Glo Worm when Devon walk-in. Nothing said here.

Diane is at the ranch. Victor tells her that he can make the problems she created for herself when she aligned herself with his enemies to go away.

Katherine is at Tucker's room when she sees nurses standing in the doorway. She rushes in thinking something has happened to Tucker just as the priest tells Tucker that he can kiss his bride. Katherine is not happy.


Nick is at Billy's trailer

Victor wants to know if he and Victoria can trust one another.

Tucker says to Katherine in a hostile tone "while I lay here incapacitated you undermined my judgement"

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Y&R - Monday 27 June 2011

Abby is recording The Naked Heiress confessing that she's the one who ran Tucker off the road. Deacon over hears it all.

Ashley and Katherine is at the hospital where Tucker has regained consciousness but he can't quite speak. He's trying to tell them that Abby tried to run him over and Ashley is trying to convince him that it wasn't Abby, but rather her, Ashley. He wants to talk to Ashley alone so Katherine leaves the room. He tells Ashley that he saw her (Abby) and he says that he needs to know.

Victor serves Jack with a subpoena He is being charged with stock fraud.

Diane and Kyle are having desert at Crimson Lights and Diane wants to know if he's still mad at her. Diane wanted to leave town and sprung it on 'no acting' Kyle at the last minute. She wants to put everything behind them.

Nick visits Phyllis at her apartment and brings her a humidifier. Nick asks if Lucy has spiked a fever. He wants to know how sick is she and Phyllis says she's sleeping. Nick figures out Phyllis dragged out him there on a wild goose chase and he wants to know the real reason she wants him out there. Phyllis admits she needs a friend and she doesn't have anymore of them and Nick is the closest thing even he's really not her friend.

Tucker is telling Ashley what he remembers of the night of his accident. He asks her why was he at the cabin. .He wants to know how long he's been in a coma and Ashley says for a few weeks. He wants to know what happened and Ashley said that her and Abby where on their way to see him and that she was driving and blah blah blah. Katherine comes in the room with a nurse who needs to check on Tucker. She asks Ashley if anything is ok. She said she hopes so.

The director, or whatever he is to Abby, is on the phone with someone at a newsdesk and is about to tell them what he has but then realizes his camera bag is missing. He asks the bartender,who happened to be Deacon, if he seen his bag and deacon says no. Abby is walking out of Glo Warm when she's nabbed from behind.

Diane brings Jack desert to his office saying it's a special occasion. Referring to Jack being in charge of Jabot. 'No acting' Kyle is there as well.  Why don't that monkey farmer get lost!

Nick is still at Phyllis's apartment and he reminds her whose side he's on which is Victoria and blah blah blah. Nothing much happens here.

Katherine tells Ashley they should get some rest but Ashley wants to stay. In the meantime the district attorney (Spenser) shows up wanting to ask Tucker some questions. Katherine would like for him to do it tomorrow but the attorney said he checked with Tucker's doctor and he gave the ok as long as it's brief. The attorney asks Katherine and Ashley to go outside. Katherine asks Ashley what Tucker might say and Ashley says whatever he remembers.

Victor is the one that nabbed Abby. They are on his jet and he tells her he's taking her on a trip. She tells him it's too late to stop her because her confession is all over the air but Victor tells her otherwise.

Diane leaves Jack and Kyle alone. OMG! This kid cannot act. Kyle tells Jack that he never wanted to leave and Jack asks him why would he have to leave town. PLEASE LEAVE YOU NO ACTING BRAT!!!!!!

The attorney asks Tucker how much does he remember about that night. He said a car hit him. Outside Katherine asks Ashley why does he think Abby hit him and Ashley says he's very confused. Katherine says Tucker seems very certain to her. Ashley said he probably has an image of Abby in his mind from just seeing her. Katherine goes to speak to Tucker's doctor. Ashley calls Victor to tell him that Tucker is awake. Victor tells Ashley that Abby tried to confess her story to the world. After the phone call Abby tells Victor that Tucker will tell the attorney what happened and Victor says his memory is fuzzy. Abby says she will help Tucker remember but Victor has other plans. Abby tells him he can't make her disappear like he did the camera bag and Victor says he can and he will.

Mean while back at Phyllis's apartment. Nick asks Phyllis what's got her so upset and she said she was putting Lucy to sleep and she was standing over her and got this overwhelming wave of fear. Phyllis is now questioning her drive to get Lucy. Phyllis fears that getting Lucy there with her was about winning and not about Billy and Victoria and her son. She says she doesn't like what she sees when she looks in the mirror so she wants Nick to tell her who she is.

Jacks wants to know what happened with Kyle mother and he says that his mother sounded like they were leaving town as in moving and jack wants to know when is this supposed to take place. Kyle says right away but they ended up not going. Just then Diane walks in and jack gives the look which tells her that Kyle told hin something

Tucker doesn't remember why he was at the Abbott cabin but remembers the car accident. He remembers the car coming towards him. The attorney wants to know who was driving.

Victor wants Abby to check herself into a therapeutic retreat. He wants her to go to rehab. Where is Amy Winehouse when you need her. Oh where she is. Take it away Amy - Oh wait, Amy is in rehab - I said NO NO NO!

Abby tells tells Victor that this whole thing is a cover up and she'll have no part in it. Victor says yes she will.

Jack took Kyle to the media room so he and Diane could be alone. Diane tells him that she had a problem with the SEC. Jack said he was served as well but he's not upset. Diane said that he had inside information and if she tells the grand jury and Jack cuts her off and asks if she was wearing a wire, being video taped. He says she doesn't have proof. She said if she has leave town to protect her son she will. Jack tells her if she leaves town with his son again she will lose.

Victor has a heart to heart with Abby. Abby thinks her mother is destroying her life for Abby. Victor tells her the case against her mother is full of holes and the key witness, that being Diane, is unreliable and the police know this. Abby says that Tucker was looking right at her before she hit him. Victor says Tucker had severe trauma to his head. Abby thinks confessing is the right thing to do. Victor wants to wait and find out what Tucker says and the go from there.

Spencer, the attorney, comes out of tucker's room and states that Tucker said he doesn't know who hit him. Spencer is hoping this changes over time. He leaves. Ashley wants to go spend more time with Tucker but Katherine said she wants some time with Tucker and goes in his room while Ashley stays in the hallway.

Phyllis is still feeling sorry for herself. Nick tells her that he will always be her friend. He says she crossed the line with the Lucy situation and he understands why she didn't stop and he understands why everyone turned their back on her. She wants to know how to fix it and he said he doesn't know but that she will handle it. Phyllis tells Nick he should go but in a playful way and he agrees.  He tells her that she's going to be fine and the he's not going to worry about her. Nick gives Phyllis a hug. He leaves.

No acting Kyle is back at Jacks office and Jack tells Kyle he's not moving anywhere and says he promises him that.

Ashley calls victor and tells him and Abby that Tucker doesn't remember who hit him. Ashley agrees with Victor on sending Abby to a retreat. After the phone call Victor tells Abby that he's going to make it all go away.

Katherine is talking with Tucker and says she hopes that attorney didn't take too much out of him and Tucker says there wasn't much to tell. That he barely remembers anything about that night. Katherine says they all need to know the truth. Tucker says that he needs to rest.


Katherine is talking with Victor and asks why is Tucker's first memory is of Abby running him down

Diane asks an attorney how quickly can she get her out of the charges and the attorney says it doesn't look good

Tucker wants Ashley to marry him "right here, right now"

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Suds In The Bucket: No Recap Today -

Suds In The Bucket: No Recap Today -: "I had an interview with Kathleen Grissom, the author of The Kitchen House (um, a must read) tonight and had plan on doing the recap/review ..."

No Recap Today -

I had an interview with Kathleen Grissom, the author of The Kitchen House (um, a must read) tonight and had plan on doing the recap/review before the interview, but I got side tracked by making sure all my ducks were in a row before speaking with Mrs. Grissom and after the interview I got side tracked again.  Click here Thoughts From The Underground and you'll see what I was doing.

I am going to do double time tomorrow by recapping today's show and tomorrow's show and if you're reading this tomorrow - I will recap yesterday's show and today's show.  And if you're confused then you're at the wrong place - I only aim to confuse people - did you think I wanted to go on this journey alone.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Young and Restless: Monday - 20 June 2011

At Crimson Lights, Abby, Kevin and Chloe are discussing Daniel's hearing to get baby Lucy back to Billy and Victoria. Just as they are discussing things Daniel walks in and looks none to happy. They ask how did things go

The doorbell rings at Billy's house and its Rafe to check in on Billy. Rafe asks where is Victoria and Billy gives the famous Soap Opera stare, we then see Victoria running into her father's house where she runs into Nick and said she heard the news in the car and wants to know where "dad is" and Nick says he's at the office straightening some things out, and Nick apologized for leaving the hearing early but he got a text from his father then he changes subject by asking Victoria what happened at the trial. Vic gives the famous Soap Opera sort of sad face to where Nick hugs her. Victoria begins to cry and say she lost Lucy.

Phyllis is brings Lucy back to her apartment and tells her shes where she belongs. 

Kathryn visits Tucker in the hospital wheres he's in a coma and begins talking to him about how she's been second guessing herself in all her business decision and how that not like her and she's playfully blaming Tucker aka Comatose.

Victor is in his office on the phone with someone asking how far did they get with the SEC. Oh he's on the phone with Michael Baldwin-lawyer extraordinaire, and Victor is repeating what Baldwin says (though we can't hear him hence the reason for the repeating of words by The Mustache). Apparently the SEC has launched an investigation into fraud and stock manipulation which are both felonies. The charges are going to be filed against Diane and Adam who are at Glo Worm drinking champagne. 

Adam says to Diane the Newman stock keeps going up and up. Adam says he's pleased and rich. He tells Diane he wasn't sure if she could trusted or not. Jack walks in and pulls up a chair to join in the celebration. Adam is confused and then Jack tells Adam the Diane tipped him (Jack) off.

Billy thinks that he should be appealing the decision. Rafe is telling him there's nothing to be done since Daisy, the birth mother is in the picture. Billy says he's lost his daughter and he's pretty sure he's lost his wife

Victoria is talking with Nick at their father's house. She said billy was trying to take her pain away and that the three of them were happy for a while. She wonders how she's going to explain all this to her son Reed. She said when JT finds out he's going to want Reed on on the first thing smoking back home (I forgot where JT moved to). Nick said that if Victoria needs anything he's there for her. She said her and Billy will work things out. She just needed to get out of the house for a bit. Nick apologized again for having to leave the hearing but he received a text that his father had a stroke. Victoria says that the stocks went down when they thought Victor had died but stocks went up when he assured everyone he was fine. Nick said it happened on purpose.

Adam finds out that Diane sold Jack the information about Adams scheme and Jack feels the price he paid was with every penny.

Victor is on the phone with Baldwin again asking what happened. He finds that extraordinary buys were made when the stock hit rock bottom. He's asking for names but Baldwin doesn't have names yet. Victor wants him to stay on it and call with the information. He states he's going to Glo Worm to pick up dinner.

Kathryn is still talking to comatose Tucker. Charlie Brown's teacher is talking during this scene.

Victor shows up at Glo Worm to find Dinae, Jack and Adam there. Jack greets him with a smart remark. Jack tells Victor that he bought a large sum of Newman stock and now he owns a good portion of Newman Enterprises and there's nothing Victor can do and Victor agrees with him but he has a smirk on his face while agreeing with Jack. Adam keeps his back to Victor while drinking his champagne.

Kevin, Daniel, Chloe, and Aabby are sitting at a table at Crimson Lights discussing the whole Baby Lucy thing and how she's with Phyllis who she hardly knows. Once the judge found out Billy bought the baby from a broker it was all but over. They are all trying to find someone to blame and Daniel and Abby agree that it's Phyllis's fault because if she hadn't pushed so hard none if this would be happening.

Nick goes to see Phyllis and says to her that since she won is she happy (said in a sarcastic tone of course and Phyllis says (in her sarcastic tone) that she's happy. She states shes not a monster. Lucy is crying all the while and Nick asks how long has Lucy been crying and Phyllis says a little while and that she's changed and fed her and none of it seemed to help. Nick basically says that Lucy is with a stranger in a strange place and that she needs her mother - referring to Victoria.

Victoria shows up at home and Billy is kind of shocked to see her not completely but enough for me to actually mention it. Victoria says that Reed will be home soon. Billy tells her not to worry because he's packed his bags. Billy says that he still has stuff in the closets that he will send for them because he doesn't want to have to come back. Victoria asks him where will he go and he's he doesn't know but names off some possible places. Billy goes upstairs to get his things.

 Summer shows up at Phyllis's apartment. Phyllis tells Summer that Lucy will be sating with them for a bit.  Summer is not happy and states that Phyllis is her mother and whatnot.  Whatever on her and her tude.

Kathryn is finally leaving the hospital. That goodness because she was riding my nerves talking to Comatose

Victor is about to leave Glo Worm with is food when Jack makes a snide remark. Victor doubles back and asks if he's aware of the laws pertaining to stock manipulation and fraud but the SEC is for that what they do. He states tomorrow will be a day of reckoning.

 Chloe tells the gang at the table that she is going to go after full custody of Delia and Kevin doesn't think she should after all Billy's been through already and she gets mad and storms out. Kevins goes and actually does some work at his place of business. Daniel apologizes to Abby for all he's done. Abby goes to call Victoria.

 Billy comes down the stairs with his suitcase and he's about to say something to Vicky but all he says is bye

Nick tells Phyllis she's recking so many people's lives. She states she knows how upsetting this is to everyone and that even Michael and Loren has turned their back on her. Nick feels that Billy and Victoria were great parents to Lucy and Phyllis brings up the fact that Ashley was a great mother to Faith and Nick took Faith from her. Phyllis has a good pint. TOUCHE PHYLLIS <-- I typed Phyllis with a French accent.

Adam wants to toast Newman Enterprises. Adam and jack aren't worried about the SEC. Diane feels that Victor won't let them get away with it.

 Victor runs into Abby at Crimson Lights. She is glad to see that he's OK. Nick shows up as well. Abby asks how Victoria is doing. Nick said she not doing well. Victor is finding out from Nick what happened and he's shocked and sad.

Reed shows up at Victoria's pad and says it quiet and wants to know the where a bouts of Lucy. Victoria explains that Lucy won't be living there anymore. This is a different Reed. The other Reed was adorable and looked just like Victoria. Reed then asks where is Billy. Well Victoria, where is Billy? Explain that one sister. Go on explain it. I can't wait to hear this one.

Abby visits Comatose. She's telling Comatose about what took place today and how this all started with lies. She's about to confess to Tucker what she did by running him down and all.

Diane is ready to go. She is Adam are standing in the foyer of Glo Worm and she thinks Adam is going to lay into her regarding Jack but all he says is,"Well played" and walks off. Diane has a pleasing smile on her face. In the meantime, Kathryn walks in and finds Jack who she was looking for. Kathryn hires Jack as the CEO of Jabot. He's pleased as pie. Jack finally got Jabot back in a sense.

Crimson Lights:
Nick finds Daniel out on the patio and gives him bit of a pep talk.

Phyllis's pad:
Lucy is crying her little head off and Phyllis can't calm her down.

Crimson Lights:
Chloe walks in with a bag full caramel popcorn for Kevin. It was her way of apologizing to Big Head Kevin and Big Head Kevin accepts her apology.

Jimmy's Bar:
Billy shows ready to throw them back. He orders a tequila. I hope its patron. He tells the bartender to leave the bottle. But since this is a dive bar, its probably not even real tequila.

Victoria's pad:
Victor shows up. Victoria sends Reed out the room. Victoria tells Victor that she can't bear a 'I told you so' right now. He says that's not why he's there and walks over and gives her a hug.


Victoria tells Chloe that Billy moved out and Chloe can't believe that Billy would leave at a time like this.

Baldwin tells Victor that there's a weak link and victor wants to make sure Adam goes down.

Adam tells Diane that ihes in the clear with the SEC but her and Jack aren't.