Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday 28 July 2011 - Tucker Surprises Lauren and Jack on The Talk

Lauren and Golden Boy (Jack) are at The Talk. Jack gets a call from Katherine. Katherine says she is on her way to see Patch (Tucker) who sis going before a judge about his competence so he can get Katherine out and Katherine said she's going to put him through a test to see if he has really recovered like he says he has. And if it's true they will go from there.

Patch, Ashley and Sophia are at Patch's office talking about Shabby (Abby) and her idea, but Patch (Tucker) wants to talk about his hearing with a judge to get himself back in charge of his company. He says it is all about perception.

Holly Robinson and Leah Remini just introduced Jack and Lauren onto the show. Lauren and Jack go out bearing gifts. Holly brings up Shabby being the spokesperson of Beauty of Nature. Jack finds away to get the conversation back on the Jabot products.

Hair (Victoria) and Shabby are at Newman Enterprise in the boardroom. Hair thinks that Shabby being mentioned on The Talk is a good sign. Shabby is concerned The Mustache won't go for it, but Hair says that her father put her in charge and she doesn't need to run everything by him.

Diane got a copy of the video that Shabby made a few weeks back in which she confessed to hitting Patch. She is putting a copy of the video onto a pen drive. She calls room service and orders mamosa to her in room breakfast.

The Mustache is at Bed Head's (Adam) room. The Mustache has a report (a thick one at that) from the Grand Jury about the day his company went public. He hands it to Bed Head and said he thinks Bed Head will find it interesting reading. Bed Head said the report is a joke. Mustache said Bed Head better hire a good lawyer because this is serious business. He leaves.

The Talk segment is on...boring and pointless. Oh wait...something good happened. Holly brings up the fact that Ashley is married to Patch (this is because Golden Boy brought up that Ashley is the developer of the products) and then Leah states that before Ashley married Patch she tried to run him over. Golden Boy diverts the subject by saying the couple put it behind them and therefore, they should to.

Back at Patch's office, Sophia and Ashley have the show on. Ashley just got off the phone with someone. They are preparing for Patch to do his TV stunt. Katherine shows up and is about to knock on the door but begins thinking about her talk with Patch when he was in the hospital and him not liking her business decisions. Inside, the cameraman tells Patch to get ready to go live, just then Kathering knocks on the door and Ashley lets her in. Katherine wants to know what's going on. I think Marvin Gaye wanted to know the same thing.

Shabby says if The Mustache says yes, what's next. Hair explains there will be magazine ad and such. In the midst of them chatting it up, The Mustache walks in and says he is not accustomed to hearing news about his company on TV, especially if its news to him. And he won't get accustomed to these surprises. He still runs the company and Hair better not forget it. Hair is pitching her idea of The Naked Heiress as Beauty of Nature's spokesperson.

Bed Head is reading the Grand Jury's report.

Diane is having her congratulatory mamosa when someone begins banging on her door and I do mean banging. She hides the pen drive. Its Bed Head at the door asking her what did she do.

Patch is about be on live TV by showing up on The Talk via satellite. Holly brings up the accident again to Patch and Leah brings up Ashley being the one that hit him and he plays it off. They end up talking about Jabot and Leah asks if they plan on expanding the line and Golden Boy says that since this is Patch's company he should let him explain what's going on. Now, if you all remember, Patch has a medical condition in which business language and such doesn't make sense to him that much. So Golden Boy is trying to put him on the spot. Katherine is anxious to hear Patch's answer. Patch plays it off like he did not hear Golden Boy's questions. But Holly said they are out of time. Sophia and Ashley are happy with the outcome.

Shabby says she was not trying to do anything behind his back and Hair says the same thing. The Mustache says this campaign just might work, but he wants to be in the loop on every idea and every step of the way. Shabby is saying this is going to be so great, so great. Now, here's the funny thing - The Mustache starts laughing for real and you can Hair laughing as well. I mean real laughs as in not in the script.

Bed Head says that that Grand Jury indicted him and only him for the fraud. Diane is trying to act surprised. Bed Head says that there was information in there that only she knows. She's claiming she didn't betray him. Bed Head says he is done with her and there's no more plan, no more money, they are through.

The Mustache is happy that Hair and Shabby are working at his side again after what happened last year. Hair gets a call from Nikki and she is about to tell her good news when she is interrupted by what Nikki is telling her which has to do with something Diane did.

Golden Boy and Lauren are back stage and Golden Boy said they were blindsided by Patch so Patch could show he is in charge now. Golden Boy says that he and Lauren handled it, but he is not so sure about Patch.

The cameraman leaves Patch's office. Ashley apologizes for not being able to help him with that last question, but Katherine was standing there. Katherine says she needs to speak to him about a pressing issues that has to do with his company and they all try to shoe her way but she says this can't wait.

Golden Boy and Lauren on the private jet on their way back Genoa City. Golden says he deserves to be CEO of Jabot. Golden is concerned that if Patch takes over he is going to fire Golden and put Ashley in charge. Lauren feels that Ashley won't go for it, but Golden says that Patch did it before and Ashley did fight him.

Katherine goes over some business stuff with Patch and hands him paperwork to look at, but you can see he's at a lost. She wants to know what is the cause of the lost and he says he will get back to her. She says fair enough, but she asks another question and Sophia tries to answer for him, but Katherine wants to hear it from Patch. He is doing his best to play it off. Katherine hands him a lease to sign for a loft (I think), he signs it and says that he really has to get going. Now, I'm wondering what did he sign.

Bed Head is walking out when Diane admits that she made a deal with the DA. He comes back in and wants Diane to tell him why. She said she has Kyle to worry about it and herself. She said Kyle is on the other side of the planet. How is she to get to him and Bed Head said she should have thought of that before she sent him down the river. Diane says its just an indictment. She said they have no case if she's not there to testify. Bed Head says he doesn't trust her anymore and leaves.

Hair is about to get off the phone from her mother. Hair explains that Nikki was served papers in rehab. Diane is suing her for alienation of affection - causing the end of the marriage between Diane and The Mustache. The Mustache says Diane caused the divorce, not Nikki. Hair hopes this doesn't derail Smirnoff's (Nikki) recovery. The Mustache says he will make sure it doesn't. He will take care of things and Diane.

Golden Boy and Lauren are talking about Beauty of Nature and Lauren says she can't talk about it. Golden Boy is interested in taking out the competition.

Patch is in a hearing (in room with a judge and Ashley) about his condition. He just needs the judge's signature and all is good. The judge says that since Mrs. Chancellor is not there, its not going to be contested. Patch says that when he met with Katherine earlier she didn't bring it up. The judge is about to sign Patch's release when Katherine comes in.

Bed Head is back at his room, but notices his door open. He finds the SEC in his room searching through his stuff and say they need his computer and other stuff. They leave with the goods.

Hair is telling Nikki (via voicemail) that all will be OK. Hair says to Shabby she hopes The Mustache can make this all go away.

The Mustache is at Diane's room and says if she doesn't open the door he will kick it in. He comes in laying into Diane and slams the door behind him. She tells him that she caught Nikki with The Mustache twice. Victor says he has nothing but distain for Diane and once this case is thrown out, he will destroy her. She says she has a better idea and gets the flip camera that has Shabby confessing about running over Patch. Diane says if he wants it to go away he has to take out his checkbook. The Mustache grabs the camers and throws it against the fireplace. Diane says it is a good thing she has copies in a safe place.


Hair tells Diane that she went after her mother and her father and now she's going to have to deal with her and her hair.

Patch tells Katherine that he has more contempt for her now than he did when he first laid eyes on her.

Mustaches tells Bed Head he is not long part of the Newman Board of Directors.

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