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Thurs 7July 2011 - Family Holds A Memorial for Sharon

Geneieve walks into Glow Worm with someone who works for her talking business and sees Colin at a table by himself. Genieve excuses herself and goes to Colin and says, "Eating alone Colin. No one wants to break bread with the town pariah?" They exchange words then Genieve says she's working on some project and that's when Colin realizes she's not leaving Genoa City (besides the contract she signed with Young & the Restless). She says she's staying because of Ethan (aka Cane aka Lame) and her grand babies. Colin states she's never seen the grand babies and she hasn't contracted Cane since he left the family. He says she's only staying to piss him off.

Jill (who works at Fenmore's now) is told she has a customer who wants to see her and when she comes out it's Lame (aka Cane) and he says she won't return any of his phone calls. She tells him to get a hint. He says he know she's angry at him but she says she much more than angry at him for what he did and didn't do and that Colin was using her to get the kids and that he was still married.Cane said he wanted to tell the truth but he couldn't. Cane says pretending his was dead was the only way to protect the people he love. Jill says he doesn't know what love is. That he's much more of a monster than Colin and she wants him to get out of town for they are better off with out him.

Lily and Daniel stop on a little walkway overpass and have small talk (they've been jogging). (Man, I hope those two get back together). Lily tells him that Cane has been staying away from her and kids. Daniel asks what if Cane comes knocking on her door and she jokes and says she'll move. He's being serious and ask if she thought about a divorce.

Ashley is at Crimson Lights and Katherine joins her at her table. Katherine wants to clear things up with Ashley now that she's married to her son, Tucker. She apologized for keeping Ashley from Tucker. Nick shows up with Faith. Katherine gets a phone call and leaves.

Noah shows up at Adam's place to say he didn't find anything but Adam said he may have found something. Noah wants to see it but Adam says its with a friend of Malcolm's trying to get more pictures off of the card.

Boring Sam walks into the bedroom where Sharon is finishing making up the bed. He said everyone is closing up shop early because tonight is the town dance and he wants her to go with him.

Faith is sitting on Ashley's lap and Ashley is playing with her. She thinks Faith remembers her and Nick says she does. Nick would like Ashley to be a big part of Faith's life and she's for it. Sharon said she has nothing to wear to the dance but Boring Sam brings her something. Sharon said she doesn't feel like being around people. She said they could do something special at the ranch but Sam counted on them going and volunteered to help set up. Sharon said he has to honor his commitment.

Adam gets off the phone with the recovery man who says he's sure he can recover the memory card with a new program. Just before Noah leaves he tells Adam that they are spreading Sharon's ashes today and its low key..."just Grandma, dad, Faith and me". Adam understands.

Katherine is out on the patio of CL when Colin walks in. A little small talk here and there and then Colin says he's going to see Jill. Katherine tells him not to go near her or she'll use all her power to make sure he doesn't.

Cane is still pleading his case to Jill and said he had good intentions but she says it's too late for good intentions. He says he loves everyone. Jill tells him if he loves everyone he will leave them alone. Genieve walks in and says to Jill in a sarcastic way, "how are you. Have you recovered?" Jill tells to Gen to stop acting like she cares and Jill will stop acting like she wants through her off a balcony. Gen says she does care and knows what its like to be married to Colin. Jill asks why didn't she get a divorce and Gen says that divorce can be so messy.

Lily doesn't want to look at the big picture right now. She wants to deal with little decisions, like what's for dinner and such. She said she'll never trust him again and Daniel said she's said that before. She assures him that this time it's for real.

Boring Sam is still trying to convince Sharon to go the dance with him. He leaves without saying good-bye.

Noah shows up at CL where Sharon's mother and Nick are there as well. Sharon's mother said the last time she was there Nick and Sharon owned the place. They head to the memorial and just as they are leaving Adam sneaks in from the patio.

Colin tells Katherine that he cares for Jill a great deal. Katherine tells him she didn't trust him from the first day, but he tells her that Jill doesn't need protecting from him, but Jill says he's right and asks Katherine to leave.

Cane gets on Gen for how rude she was to Jill. She wants to know what it is with Jill that have him and Colin so drawn to her. After a few more words, Gen tries to convince Cane (Ethan is a much better name) to come back to the house with her for she's the only allie he has now. Cane walks away without saying anything.

Daniel doesn't want to see Lily going through another breakup after what he (Daniel) put her through. She says he was light weight compared to Cane. She said they're friends and he's helped her out and he said she's done the same for him.

Boring is helping set up things for the dance. Some people ask about Sharon. Back at the ranch the little girl that leaves near by asks Sharon why isn't she dressed and Sharon says she's not going to the dance.

Nick, Sharon's mother, Noah and Faith are standing on the overpass (that Lily and Daniel were just one - its one of those that go over a lake or something - very small and really cute). Adam is hanging back so they don't see him. Sharon's mother has her say to Sharon, Noah has his say and Nick has his. After they are done, Nick pours "Sharon's" ashes into the water.

At the barn where the dance is going to be held, Brenda shows up and apologizes for being late but she was carjacked last night after leaving the diner and had to catch a ride.

The little girl is still trying to convince Sharon to go to the dance. The girls says her mother said this is the first time Sam's been to the dance. Sharon asks since when and she says (the little girl) since Sam's wife left him there.

Katherine is at Fenmore's with Ashley talking about Jabot's product being in the store. Ashley excuses herself. Gen walks over to Katherine and introduces herself and Katherine says she knows who she is. Gen says she's been looking forward to meeting Katherine and Katherine replies with, "That makes one of us".

Jill wants the gifts, the flowers and calls to stop. Colin wants to know which of million reasons should he abide by to stay away from her. Jill says what part of we are through he doesn't understand. Colin said he's not giving up. That Jill will surrender.

Cane takes a job as a bartender back at Jimmy's. He goes in the back to sign paperwork. Lily and Daniel come into the place. She would rather be at Crimson Lights having coffee, but Daniel said Jimmy's much more fun.

Gen tries to invite Katherine to her house but Katherine says she busy for the next six or seven months. She says they aren't friends and never will be. And she won't tolerate her causing trouble for her friends, family or business associates. Gen said she's not the one she needs to worry about. Katherine said she know her type.

Jill wants to know why Colin won't let this go and he states that he loves her. He said he misses the deep sexy dirty love of hers. Jill tells him to get hell out of her life. He states, so I live to fight another day, and leaves.

Daniel and Lily are playing the bowling game at Jimmy's and Lily wins. Daniel kisses Lily and Cane see's this and walks back to the back room.

Noah and Nick (with Faith) at Crimson Lights. Noah asks if its OK if he goes hangs with Hunter but can stay if Nick needs him. Nick says its OK for him to go. Noah leaves just as Ashley is walking in. She asks Nick about the memorial and he says it went well.

Adam is on the overpass about to say his two cents. He says he won't stop until he clears Sharon's name and that he won't let her down.

Still setting up for the dance, Piper (that's the little girl's name) walks in and Boring wants to know how she got there and she says Sharon walked her over and then Sharon walks in in the dress he got her.


Adam tells Nick that Sharon choose him (Adam)

Boring asks Sharon to dance with him

Jack tells Ashley that Jabot is his and no one is taking it away from him.

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