Monday, July 18, 2011

Y&R Monday, 18 July 2011 Cane Tries to Help Billy

Jill asks Katherine if she knew Tucker was going to be there and she says no.  Jack plays it off like he knew Tucker was going to be there.  Tucker takes the mic, but not before Jabot gives his brown nose speech to Tucker.  Tucker takes the mic by thanking those that sent him flowers and cards to the hospital.  Now he's doing his business spill about Jabot's product.  He introduces Ashley as the developer of their products.  She just says Hi and that's it.  He goes back to talking but is interrupted by a reporter that asks him complicated questions about business.

Victor is at Vicki's house and he brought her dinner from the Athletic Club.  Can someone tell me what happened with Gina's restaurant?  It was the happening place before it was burned down by Big Head Psycho Kevin

Billy Goat is at Jimmy's and surprised to see Lame there.  Surprised and not happy.  Billy Goat begins calling Lame names and then says he's basically the same thing, then asks Lame to pour him a drink, but Lame refuses saying that Billy Goat doesn't need a drink with the mood he's in.  Billy Goat is about to leave saying there's other bars that will take his money and then Lame giving him the riot act about drinking and forgetting your problems for that night but wake up the next morning and start all over again.  Lame says that a lot of people care about Billy.

Victor sees that Vicki is working.  She says it helps keep her mind off of things.  Vicki says that she tried to call Nikki and she wishes Nikki was there.  Vicki says she's been thinking about her mother and Victor and how many times they've broken up and gotten back together.  That they have a connection.  Victor admits that kids are part of why him and Nikki always get back together.  She tells The Mustache that Billy Goat came by and there's a strong pull between them.

The reporter is still asking Patch (Tucker) questions and he has Ashley answer all the questions. But instead of answer, Ashley begins promoting all their products that are in Fenmore's.  The press conference is over.  Before she leaves the podium, the reporter asks about Patch and Ashley being married.  Stunned looks all around please.  Thank you.

Billy is getting on Lame about pretending to be dead.  Lame says he did it protect his family, but Billy doesn't have any sympathy for him.  Billy then tells him that him and Vicki broke up.  Lame feels that him and Billy have something common, but Billy disagrees and then finally agrees.

Vicki says its nice that her and her father are getting a long now.  Victor wants to know what happened with Billy.  Vicki explains about Billy's arrest.  She says she believes Billy's story about the prostitute, but she feels this is just part of a bigger problem.  Then she explains that Billy lost custody of Delia.  She says Billy is sinking lower and lower and she wants to know when is it time to walkaway.

Tucker says that he's happy to be married to Ashley.  The reporter brings up the fact that it was a private ceremony.  Golden Boy Jack jumps in and says that he knew about the marriage and congratulated the couple a few days ago.  The reporter then turns to Abby and wants to know her feelings on it.  Abby plays it off like she knew.  Ashley and Tucker are concerned about what Abby will say. Abby says her mother sacrificed so much and she deserves to be happy.

Vicki is still talking about Billy to her father.  She thought her and Billy would grow old in that house with kids and grandkids. Victor says that Billy is struggling with his demons.  Vicki wants to know if she should help him.  Victor says only he can fix his problems.  If she tries to help him it will come back to haunt her.
Billy is talking with Lame about what happened and the disappointment he saw in Vicki's face.  Lame said he went through the same thing with Lily.  Lame tries to give Billy some advice and Billy says he sounds like a self help guru.  Billy tells Lame to stick to what he's good at and that's short pours and cleaning up puke.  Lame tells Billy he should fight for what he loves and that's his family.  Billy said he doesn't need any advice, especially from Lame.

Jill asks Katherine if she knew about the marriage and she says yes.  She asks Jill if she's heard from Billy lately and Jill says not a word.  Sophia walks over to Jill and Katherine and says, "Isn't it lovely Tucker could make it tonight?". They both just stare at her because they know its not really a question she's asking.  She smiles and leaves.  Abby sneaks out.  Patch and Ashley take some more pictures.  Lauren comes over to congratulates them.  She walks away.  Sophia comes over and congratulates them.  Ashley goes to find Abby.  Sophia is glad to see Patch out of the hospital and he says it was good seeing her at the hospital with her beautiful smile.  He asks how were things without the boss around , but Sophia doesn't want to talk shop.  Patch asks if Katherine gave her a hard time.  He knows something is wrong and wants to know what's going on.  Sophia told him that Katherine put her on a paid leave last month and he's pissed.  Sophia says that Katherine didn't agree with some of her ideas.  Patch (Ok - let me explain the Patch name - when he was on DOOL, his name was Patch) says that Sophia knows more about McCall then he does.  He reinstates her right way and says she is to show up to work tomorrow morning.

Side Bar: I was a bit upset that Patch didn't put Sophia in charge of his company, but now I can see why he didn't.  Sophia is not a business woman like Katherine is.  Sophia is Tucker's right hand lady and he trusts her with things, but that's about it. Indubitably.  And that's not a bad thing on Sophia's part.  She can handle Tucker's business, but not the business of the world, which I don't think she would want to.  JMHO

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog

Patch is giving Katherine the evil eye.  Victor shows up at Fenmore's.  Jack is giving him a hard time.  Jack feels Jabot will burry Beauty of Nature.  Victor pays him no mind.

Vicki is still sulking about Billy Goat.  She's running off to somewhere.

Billy Goat and Lame are still having words with each other.  Lame said he thought he got through to Billy Goat but apparently he didn't.  He then grabs about five shot glasses and slams them on the bar, one by one and then pours, what looks like whiskey in to each of them and says, "Drink it! Drink it! That's what you."  Billy Goat sits down and says thank you.

Victor is talking with Ashley and says that Abby took off before she got a chance to talk with her.  Ashley is off to call Abby when she runs into Sophia on her way out.  Ashley says it is good to have her back at McCall's.  Sophia says it is good to see Tucker there. Ashely says he was insistant on attending.  Sophia makes mention that she noticed that Patch was a bit weird with the reporter's questions but stated that Ashley did a great job handling it and adds that Patch will be back to his old self soon.  Ashley just wants him easing into it. Sophia says Patch doesn't ease into anything.

Jack is talking with Patch.  Nothing much.

Victor is talking with Katherine about Patch being there.  She's glad he's healthy and Victor says he hopes Patch repays Katherine for all she's done for him while he was in the hospital.  Patch walks up and him and Victor shake hands and say their hellos.  He tells Victor he would like to have a word with his mother.

Lauren is talking with Jill and says what a night but Jill is not a happy camper because of Billy Goat and not hearing from him.  Lauren offers to stay and close up so Jill can find Billy.  Jill passes because she doesn't know where to start looking for him, but Lauren says the offer stands. Lauren leaves.  Jill calls and leaves a message on Billy Goat's vm.

Vicki shows up at Fenmore's needing to talk Jack, Jill and Ashley and says its Billy and that she needs their help.

Abby is at Glow Worm and gets a call from Victor but ignores the call.

Victor is leaving a VM (from Fenmore's).

Katherine and Patch are talking and she says its good to see him out of the hospital but he should be at home resting.  She says she is looking out for his best interest and he brings up how she's been running the company by doing everything opposite if what he wanted and its going to stop now.  Patch says he's ready to come back to work and if she fights him on this he will sue her.
Vicki tells the gang that Billy lost custody of Delia.  Ashley did not know about it nor about him being arrested.  Vicki just wants them all to help him because she feels that he's gotten himself in to real trouble this time.  And while she's saying this they show Billy with his head bleeding on an airbag and car windshield smashed.

Deacon tells Diane that Abby hit Patch, no Ashley
Patch asks Abby if she tried to kill him
Vicki gets a call from Jack about Billy

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