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Friday 29 July 2011:

Bed head (Adam) is sitting at the bar at the Athletic Club when Michael walks in and begins talking to him. Bed head brings up the grand jury indictment and Michael tells him to expect more bad news. Just then a waiter shows up and hand something to Michael. It's a bill. Never mind. Thought it was something else. Michael signs the bill and leaves. On the TV at the bar Bed Head sees Shabby (Abby) on there and under neath a scroll (not the Dead Sea Scroll) speaks about Shabby being the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature.

Hair (Victoria) is asking Shabby to get back to work but Shabby says she's given Hair five good ideas and they should be enough.  Then they begin talking about Diane.

Now, those of you that have been watching the show for a number of years know that where they ended the show the previous day they pick up the next day, but you can tell its been re filmed because how things went the previous day is different than the current show.  And I think that's what's going to happen here.  They are showing Diane showing the video tape of Shabby confessing to running Patch (Tucker) over.  On Thursday's show, they showed The Mustache taking the camera and smashing it against the fireplace and Diane saying she had made copies.  Let's see what Friday show has for us.  Roll that beautiful bean footage.  Welly, well welll-they kept everything the same.  Ok.  let's pick it up where we left off with Diane telling The Mustache that its a good thing she has copies.  She then yells that he almost hit her with the camera.  The Mustache asks if she's out of her mind. She's trying to make it sound like The Mustache is trying to hurt her by yelling for him not to hurt her.  He is telling her to stay away Nikki and drop the lawsuit against her and not to threaten his daughter.  She tells him to leave and he says she's bona fide crazy and leaves.  Out in the hall he calls Ashley to tell her he needs to speak with her urgently about Shabby.

Jack is at home on the phone with Katherine - ahem, Katherine's voice mail talking about him and Lauren being ambushed at The Talk.  He wants to know if the plan she had worked.

In the judge's chamber Katherine apologizes for being late.  Patch says the judge has already agreed to revoke Katherine's conservatorship over his company.  Katherine is arguing that Patch has not fully recovery from the accident and incapable of running McCall.  If the judge allows it, she would like to express herself.  He will allow it.  But not before a Pantene shampoo commercial with Eva Mendes.  Katherine says she witnessed Patch's interaction with a reporter and other incidents that made her think that Patch is not back to himself.  She would like to question Patch and the judge allows it.  Damn, this is a real leanint judge.  Take it away Counselor Chancellor. Katherine him some papers and asks if he know what they are, he says yes.  She asks if that's his signature, he says yes.  She asks what are the papers.  He said, "you said a lease".  She asked if he looked it over and he said yes that he never signs anything without looking it over first.  Well the papers Katherine gave him in his office was an old contract that Patch signed before his accident.  Patch tries to express that he was in a hurry.  She goes on to give examples of Patch's condition.  Katherine hands him another report and has him read a paragraph on page two, in which he does.  Now she wants him to explain it to the judge - an expert evaluation on what he read.  He's repeats part of what he read and Katherine asks him to explain it.  the judge asks if he can explain it and Patch says no.  Judge will not revoke Katherine's conservatorship over Mcall.

Bed Head busts into to the board room where Hair and Shabby is at.  He is looking for The Mustache, but Hair says he's not there.  Bed Head wants her to give him a message and in the message he calls Shabby a Bubble Head Blondie (which I like and will use - maybe).  Bed Head says he can't believe that The Mustache would go for Shabby being the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature and Shabby says its true and he can't stand that she and Hair are working with Victor again and he's out in the cold.  Just then The Mustache walks in while Bed Head is still blabbing away. The Mustache tells Bed Head that he wasn't sure if Bed Head wanted to see him again after he delivered the Gran Jury indictment.  Shabby and Hair are excited to hear this news and says it made their day.  Bed Head is playing it off and goes back to the situation with Shabby.  Bed Head says he will take it up with the board and Mustache says he won't take it up with anyone, because he's no longer part of Newman Board of Directors and then hands him a manila envelope.  

Diane gets the memory card out of the camera as someone knocks on her door.  It is the police to take Diane's statement about her supposed domestic dispute.  She says that Mustache through the camera right at her head and she barely had time to duck.  She goes on to speak about Mustache having an affair and she pulls out the picture of Mustache and Smirnoff (Nikki) in bed together.  She says she's afraid he's going to hurt her.

Patch is still trying to plead his case to the judge but the judge says he is late for a meeting and leaves.  Patch lays into Katherine and Ashley says that Patch is ready and that they all could have worked together.  Patch says he has more contempt for her (Katherine) now than he did when he first laid eyes on her. They leave.  Katherine calls Jack and says they need to talk.

Diane is calling someone about their website and information she has for them.  She's trying to negotiate a price and that she can have it for them tonight.

dMustache is still telling Bed Head the reasons for him being dismissed from the board.  Mustaches wants someone to be called to escort Bed Head out and to the nearest beauty salon to get him a brush and comb.  But I digress.  In the meantime, the cops arrive at the boardroom to arrest Mustache for domestic abuse.  Bed Head has a slight smirk on his face.

Patch and Ashley are at Patch's office.  He tells some sob story about when he was a kid he was beat up and his bike was beat up and  whatnot and how today made him feel the same way he did back then.  Whatever, bozo.

Katherine is at Golden Boy Jack's place talking about the hearing.  She also thinks that since Patch wan't in his right mind when he married Ashley, the marriage should be annulled.

Mustache, now Jailbird is at the police station with the Michael where the cop is explaining why he was arrested.  Mustache explains his side of the story.  His says the marriage was annulled and she didn't get a settlement and she is very bitter.  He says he threw the camera into the fireplace and did not aim it at her, nor touch her or threaten her.  Mustache says what Diane is doing is all an act.  Theater.

Diane is looking at her computer when knocks comes upon her door.  Hair is at the door telling Diane that she went after mother and her father and now she is going to have to deal with her and her hair.  I think if Vicky throws her hair over Diane, Diane will disappear in all that.

Katherine is still going on about Patch being married to Ashley and Golden Boy says he's not happy about Patch being his brother-in-law but he has Ashley to think about.  Katherine says that ending the marriage may be best for both of them.

Jailbird's arraignment is in a few minutes, and he leaves.  Michael wants to know what did Mustache not tell the cop.  Mustache explains that he did go to Diane's room to tell her something, but she turned the tables on him but producing the tape of Shabby admitting she was the one that ran over Patch.  He explains that she tried to shake him down.

Hair marches into Diane's room and tells her if she doesn't drop lawsuit and the idiotic abuse charge or she's going to be really sorry.  Diane says she was wronged by all of  them (meaning the Newmans) and she's going to get what she deserves.  Up in her grill, Hair says she's right about that.  Her family and her will see to it.

Patch and Ashley are still in his office talking about nothing.  I think Ashley and Patch are cute together, but I really liked it when they had her with Neil.  They really made a cute couple.  There is a knock on Patch's door and its Shabby saying they are not going to believe what Diane has done now.  Um, Shabby, do you know what CBS has done.  THEY FIRED MAURA WEST!  THE BEST DIANE JENKINS THERE WAS!  Put that on the Naked Heiress, you fool face bag.

Bed Head is talking with Leslie about the Grand Jury indictment, but he feels that Diane doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Shabby told them what happened with Diane filing charges and Bed Head being kicked off the board.

Katherine is at Crimson Lights calling a law firm that specializes in marital law.  She says she wants to challenge the validity of her son's marriage.

Michael says that Diane's life is a mess right now and that she attacked Red (Phyllis).  Mustache says he doesn't care and she will not get a cent from him.

Diane is at Golden Boy's house and he says that Kyle is supposed to be with her.  She says Kyle is in a boarding school in another country.  Golden Boy wants Kyle home and Diane says that could be possible if he gives her the support she needs.

Leslie tells Bed Head that he should return the outside investors their money while Bed Head is going through things. Bed Head says his company is as good as dead. Leslie leaves.  Talking to himself, he says, "No hedge-fund, no board seat, got the SEC breathing down my neck.  Game on Diane.  Game on!" He grabs his jacket and leaves.

Mustache is at the Athletic Club where Michael chases him down and stops him for confronting Diane.  His phone rings and its Ashley asking if he is OK.  He says he was released out on bail and asks if she got the message he left her about Shabby.  She asks what about Shabby and Mustache explains.  Patch asks what's going on and Ashley explains that Diane knows about Shabby's confession and that she has the tape.

Hair is at Crimson Lights where she is getting her drink and when she turns to go to her table she sees a laptop open and people looking at a picture of Mustache and Smirnoff in bed - the picture that Diane had and was trying to sell to someone over the phone.  Hair is livid.  She calls rehab where Smirnoff is at but they do not know where Smirnoff is at.

Golden asks Diane in a more accusatory manner though, that she is willing to trade her son for cash.  She said she is not talking about just money but mean support as what you get from a real family.  She wants to get back together with Golden but he says it was a long time ago, but now he doesn't want anything from her.  She said she slept with him the night before his first wedding (while she is talking she unties her dress and turns around naked) saying that Golden could never resist this.  She is facing Golden now.  From outside it looks like someone is watching from outside, but you don't see who it is.





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