Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday 20 July 2011 Sharon Receives Her Prison Sentence

Sharon is brought into the court room where the only female lawyer in town Leslie is there to defend her.

Victor finds Boring at the only coffee house in town Crimson Lights. Boring says he wants to be in court when Sharon us sentenced so she k idles that he still supports her. Mustache gives his approval and walks off.

Diane is at The only night club, that's an all a day club and any other time club, Glow Worm on the phone with Adam who is asking her if she's avoiding him and she says no. She wants to know what he wants and he states his father to spend his life behind bars. Diane wants to know what the rush is and Adam says he wants to get it done before she changes her mind or gets caught up in another scam.

Nick and Phyllis show up at Glow Worm where Phyllis is saying the media is not allowed inside the court room. Nick says that he knows that he has seen Phyllis knock down little old ladies to get a story so what is the real reason she isn't there. She said she has someone staking out the place to give her updates. Phyllis wants to know why Nick choose not to be there.

Noah is at Jimmy's having coffee when Eden finds him and asks why isn't he at his moms hearing but he said he was going stir crazy at the house and thought he would.ld hide out there.

Jack shows up at court house and gives Sharon a hug. She apologises for what she did and Jack says she made it so much worse on herself. She sees Adam standing in the door way.

Noah says he planned on going to court but his mother and grandma Doris told him not to go to avoid the press.

Nick said he would have gone to give Noah moral support but was told that he's not going. Nick said he can't stand the sight of Sharon right now. Since the day she met Adam and ran off to New Mexico she's made one disastrous decision after another. Phyllis is quiet for a bit and Nicks asks her what's going on and she said that Adam was hell bent on proving Sharon innocent now he's not and she wants to know how close he was to finding something. She thinks there's more going on with him than he's letting on.

Sharon tells Adam she wasn't sure he would come. She asks jack to give them some privacy. Sharon said she's sure he has questions about Sam and Adam says don't worry about that. She said she doesn't remember her life before the trouble she's gotten into. Adam says he was close to proving her innocent and she he's worked harder than anyone.

Phyllis says she's going back to the office to write her article about adam and his fertile attempt to save Sharon. She asks Nick if he's coming and he said he will be in later she says it just as well because he will be a big distraction. The are doing their usual flirting with each other. Then she I would awkward. Phyllis said she wants them to be just business partners. Phyllis leaves. Nick sees Diane and goes to her table and asks if theres something she wants to say to him. She says she didn't know he was there and he says she was staring at him and Phyllis for the last 20 minutes. She tells Nick he was making a spectacle of himself. He lashes back and says that's her specialty. Nick gets on her for marrying his father and then getting with Adam. Diane thinks Nick hates her but he says he doesn't hate her.

Adam says he's surprised Nick isn't there but Sharon says she understands why he is not there. In walks The Mustache and Boring where Golden Boy Jack tells them that Sharon asked  speak to Adam privately. The Mustache says he thought would be at the hospital with Billy but Jack says Billy is going to be fine. Jack introduces himself to Boring and asks if plans on sticking around and he says yes. Jack warns him to be careful of the company he keeps and motions towards The Mustache. Sharon tells Adam that she assumed Boring went home. Court is about to start. Adam wishes her good luck. The judge is giving Sharon the riot act. Leslie tries to intercede but the judge says she doesn't want to hear any excuses Sharon might have. She sentences Sharon to 25 years for the premeditated murder of Skye in addition to five years for escaping custody. She adds that 30 years is 30 years. There's no parole. And let me add that Sharon is going to be popular in prison. I hope she watched Hard Time on NatGeo. I know I did. Sharon will be going back to the holding cell until the limo can come to take her to her new mansion. She was going to go to Penn State but now she's going to the State Pen. The Mustache is having a word with Spencer, the DA.

Adam tells Sharon that 30 years is three decades. Jack gives his condolences. Boring says the same thing. Adam says that Sharon and Boring haven't had time together and he will give them that time. Sharon asks him not to go but he says he should. Jack says he will be in touch. Sharon apologies to Boring for dragging him into her mess. She said she will be an old woman after she gets through paying her debt to society. She might as well be dead and The Mustache tells her not to say that she says how am I to do thirty years. Hey Sharon, if you watched Hard Time you would know how to do 30 Years. Victor said they are going to file and appeal. She said there no new evidence but The Mustache said for her not to worry. He said he never forgave himself for letting her down before and he won't do it this time.

Nick says he doesn't hate Diane it's just frustrating seeing her be her own worst enemy. He says she needs to stop chasing after wealthy men. He says she's an amazing artitech and she just needs to believe in herself. He says as long as she keeps lying and scheming nothing is going to change. She says she misses their talks. Her phone rings and Nick leaves. It's Adam.

Jack finds Nick and says it's over and Nick asks how bad.

Eden is taking about being in rehab and that's it's not as bad people make it out to be. His phone rings. His father calls him and tells about Sharon and her getting 30 years. Nick wants to be with Noah but Noah says later. Noah says he feels like an idiot be cause he thought his mother could get her life together.

Phyllis is at the office (where I wish I was working as a writer) on the phone to someone saying shes covering the Sharon Newman story and that Sharon has just been sentenced.

Leslie tells Sharon she needs to make a statement to the press and she will talk with Sharon later. The Mustache says he will walk Leslie out, which means he his going to give his opinion on how things were handled by her and Vance Abrams and she says that there wasn't much she could do when her client flees custody. He feels that the amount of money he pays her law firm both her and Abrams should have been at that defense table the entire time.

Sharon is telling Boring that she's not the person he thinks she was. Boring says that Sharon is the person he got to know on the farm. She asks if Victor asked him to stay and says no.

Diane is at Adam's room and said she heard Sharon's story on the radio. Adam said Sharon was there with her group of male supports including the good Samaritan Sam. Diane begins to say something when Adam interrupts saying he is ready to get this going. He then asks her if she's having second thoughts and she says she concerned about how this is supposed to go down. He says they are going to frame his father for her murder and she's not going to back out.

Sharon is leaving a voicemail on Adam's phone saying she needs to see him.

The Mustache is offering to pay Boring's expenses while he is in town. He declines the offer. He said he read stories about Sharon's family including The Mustache. He then asks about Adam and The Mustache says that Adam is worse in person. Boring feels that if Sharon married him he must have some redeeming qualities. The Mustache sees things differently.

Diane is concerned that something may go wrong. Adam says the only way to stop Victor from ruining her life and Kyle's is to put him behind bars. She wants to make sure she's covered by having him transfer a large sum of money into her account because she's sending Kyle away. And the she's going to get him and disappear. She wants to know when is she to bite the farm sort to speak. Adam says soon enough. Since The Mustache likes to play father to Kyle give Victor full custody of him.

Noah is talking about how his mother is going to miss everything like raising Faith and such. Eden gives him a consoling hug and he's about to kiss her when she pulls away. She says she here for him.

Boring said he will help Victor in his plan but he's doing it for Sharon.

Jack is talking with Nick about Boring and he seems nice enough and about The Mustache and Adam being at court house as well.

Sharon calls Adam again. Now wait, how many phone calls can she get in a day. But instead of Adam picking up, it's Diane.

Adam is at Restless Style, which happens to be the person that Phyllis was talking to earlier on the phone. Phyllis tells Adams she knows he had the evidence that would have set Sharon free and she wants to know what he did with it.


Victor tells Diane that if he agrees to do this it will be for sake of Kyle.

Sharon wants to know how Adam feels about her now

Phyllis tells Nick that she thinks Adam is trying punish Sharon.

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