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Y & R: 21 July 2011 Adam Lies To Phyllis

Boring (aka Sam) is at Glow Worm where Jack is.  Jack thanks him for looking out for Sharon and Boring says that Sharon has a big fan club.  Jacks tells him that Sharon wouldn't be spending 30 years in the hoosegow (actually hoosegow is my word) if it wasn't for The Mustache.  Jack points to Victor who is across the room.  Jack says Victor is on no one's side but his own.

The Mustache is talking to Nick and says that Sharon is not in a good mental state and then brings up Boring and how she told him to go home.  The Mustache says that in Boring's home town he's knowN as an honest man with integrity but he could be easily corrupted if he continues keeping the company he is with now.  Nick turns around and sees Boring with Jack.

Sharon is on the phone with Diane but she doesn't know who she is because Diane won't tell Sharon her name.  Diane said she can take a message for Adam since she'll be seeing him later tonight.

Adam is asking Phyllis why does she think he has evidence and she's explain about their trip to Thailand and all the memory cards she bought.  Adam says they were all erased.  She says she remembers him saying it isn't a dead end.  He says he was wrong.  She says she spoke with Emit and Emit told her that he was with Adam when he restored the audio on the memory card to prove Sharon innocent.  Then Phyllis says, "Busted".  Adam says that Emit never met Sharon nor Sky so he wouldn't recognize their voices.  Adam said he told Emit who they were, but he was mistaken.  Phyllis wants to listen to the memory card but Adam won't give it to her.  Phyllis brings up the point that when Sharon was dead Adam was trying to prove her innocence, but now she's alive, he has the proof she's innocent but won't do anything about it.

Jack is still talking with Boring (aka Sam) about The Mustache.  Boring says he thinks he's got The Mustache's number.  Jack warns him that everyone thought they were safe with Victor.

Victor says he's going to help Sharon appeal her case.  Nick says he's not going to run to Sharon's side anymore.  He says he has the magazine so he can keep Sharon's story front and center.  Then Nick tells his father, The Mustache, that Phyllis believes she's on to something good with regards to Adam and proving Sharon innocent.

Sharon is still asking Diane where Adam is because she has something important to tell Adam.  Sharon asks Diane to take a message for her and that's to tell Adam that Sharon wants to see him then Sharon hangs up before Diane could say anything.  Adam walks in and asks Diane what is she still doing there and shouldn't she be asking The Mustache to take Kyle off her hands.  She says she leaving and then tells him about the phone call from Sharon.  Diane leaves.

Nick is at Restless Style or as Adam refers to it, Useless Pile, talking with Red (Phyllis).  She tells Nick that Adam is lying.  He had proof that Sharon is innocent and tells Nick about Emit being there with Adam when listening to the memory card.  Nick said that Adam went around the globe to prove Sharon innocent, finds something but now he doesn't want anyone to know about it.  Phyllis thinks Adam is trying to punish Sharon.

Sharon is visited by Adam and learns that it was Diane on the phone.  Sharon thinks Adam has moved on with Diane but Adam says nothing happened between him and Diane.  He explains its just business and nothing more.  Sharon wants to know how Adam feels about her now.  Are there any feelings left?

Jack is talking to Boring about Adam now and how he planned the escape for Sharon and that Boring should watch out for him.  Boring says he doesn't get involved in family feuds and leaves.  Jack gets a call from Kyle.

Diane is at the ranch with The Mustache (Victor).  She's explaining that she got in a deal with Adam and Adam may want her dead.  She says she has to leave town but she can't take No Acting Dumb Grin Kyle with her.  She wants Dumb Grin to stay with The Mustache.

Phyllis is explains her theory to Nick on why Adam is now changing his tune about Sharon in that while Sharon was gone (supposedly dead) Adam lived like a Monk and when she shows up he finds this guy named Sam that Sharon's been with.  Phyllis said they don't need the memory card because they can convince their readers that the memory card exits.  Phyllis is writing the story when Nick tells her they should think about it.

Sharon says she hopes Adam can understand why she didn't reach out to him and about Sam and Adam says he thinks he can.

The Mustache asks Diane why not go to Jack and she says that Jack is too involved in Jabot.  The Mustache says his company is bigger than Jabot and Diane says that he's different because he finds time to spend with Kyle.  She crying and begging for The Mustache to take Dumb Grin so he will be safe.  Victor says if he does it it will be for the sake of Kyle's and not Diane's.

Dumb Grin is at Glow Word with Golden Boy Jack.

While Adam is talking with Sharon, Boring comes in.  Ok.  Another question.  Aside for Sharon being able to make 20 million phone calls in one day, she gets two visitors in one sitting?  Um, if memory serves me right, jailbirds are allowed one visitor a week for 0.5hr.  I had a friend that was in jail that I visited once.  I'm too good looking and scared to go to jail.  Adam thanks Boring for taking care of Sharon.  Adam leaves.  Boring tells Orange Jumpsuit that Bed Head (Adam) isn't her friend.  She tells him he's been listening to the Newmans and the Abbots.  She said Adam loves her and the one person who stood by her when others shut her out.  Boring says he's not going to let her rot in some prison.

Nick said Red can do the story.  Red says the story will help Orange Jumpsuit.  Nick wants Red to call Emit and tell him what Adam said about the memory card and to get a quote from him.

The Mustache said Golden Boy (Jack) will fight The Mustache having custody of Dumb Grin.  Diane said Golden Boy has never come out on top when it comes to him and The Mustache going to war.  The Mustache is setting some ground rules.  No one is know about it.  And never use Kyle as a pawn against Jack.  The Mustache is going to have Michael draw up some documents.  While Victor is on the phone, Diane is in the background smiling that wicked smile.  I really hope those fools at Y&R change their mind and keep Diane.  I loved the actress when she was on As The World Turns, playing Carly (yeah, she was always in trouble on that show as well and her cousin had to bail her out each time).

Golden Boy gave Dumb Grin a ticket to West Virginia to an overnight baseball camp where all the trainers are pros.  Jack states its a father and son camp as well.  Dumb Grin now has a Dumb Smile on his face.  You know, I really can't stand this kid.  Speaking of Western Virginia, if any of you have Netflix or even iTunes, look up a movie called The Wild and Wonderful World of the Whites.  Dumb Grin gives Golden Boy a hug.

The Mustache has Diane sign some papers stating that if she leaves town he become guardian.  Wait, I thought the whole story Diane gave Victor for leaving Kyle with him is so she could leave town for a bit.  I'm confused.  Diane leaves with her copies and calls Adam right away.  She tells him the papers are signed and now she wants her son out of town right away.

Phyllis and Nick are looking at their webzine and see that its gone viral.  The said the next issue of the magazine is going to sell off the rack and it hasn't been printed yet.  Nick and Phyllis are giving each other the googly eyes.

Leslie, the defense attorney, is visiting Sharon where Sharon is reading the blog Phyllis wrote. Leslie printed out a copy for Orange Jumpsuit to read, in case any of you were wondering.

Boring shows up at Crimson Light and runs into Bed Head.  Boring says he's going to be around a while.  Bed Head (Adam) tells Boring he should go back (meaning to New Mexico) and I concur.  Boring tells Bed Head that he's seen a lot of animals, small one, big ones and he knows a snake when he sees one, and walks off.

Hey Boring, say your truly, I know a jackass when I see one you're it buddy.  High Fives all around.





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