Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tues 26 July 2011 Diane Attacks Phyllis

Orange Jumpsuit (Sharon) iss surprised by what Bed Head (Adam) did. She wants to know why. She says, "You told me you loved me", to which he replies with, "How could I love someone like you". Ouch. Sting. Sharon 0, Adam 1.

Shabby (Abby) is at Hair's (Victoria) house where Baldwin is there as well. It seems as though they summoned her over. Hair wants Shabby to be part of the Beauty of Nature line and Shabby is all for it, but Baldwin is totally against it.

Cholesterol (Chloe) is at Crimson Lights talking with Kevin about their date tonight and Cordelia Junction (Delia) missing her father. Cholesterol thinks the judge called it right in having supervised visitations between Billy Goat and Cordelia Junction.

Billy Goat is at the park (yeah, that same one that Noah was at with his father doing a memorial for Sharon - the same one that Lily and Daniel stopped at when jogging and the same one that Adam was at when he through the memory tape into the water). He's on the phone placing a bet on a horse race. He sits down on a bench and there's Cordelia Junction who calls him. He picks her up and hugs her and such.

Diane has caught Nick and Red about to do the do. She throws her purse down, called Red (Phyllis) a bitch and throws her on the floor as well.

Bed Head tells Orange Jumpsuit that they are over - they are done. She doesn't understand why he would be so cruel. She thinks this is has to do with Boring (Sam) and he says it has to with her betrayal. He said he spent time trying to prove her innocence, having a memorial for her and she's in another man's bed. Orange said she did what she did so he could mourn her and move on. He continues on ranting and raving.

Baldwin said The Mustache (Victor) will never go for the idea. Hair said they have to think of the best way to approach The Mustache with it. She thinks the reality based show (The Naked Heiress) is good marketing tool. Hair is considering backing Shabby's show. Baldwin thinks Hair is too emotional to do her job. She thinks otherwise.

Billy Goat is talking with Cordelia Junction (Delia). I love seeing  Billy Goat with Cordelia Junction.

Kevin gives Chloe a present. Its a rock, paper, scissors necklace. No, I'm not going to explain it. But here's a picture of it:

They are about to leave CL when Cholesterol (Chloe) gets a call from a friend of hers who tells her that Billy Goat is with Cordelia Junction.

Phyllis picks herself up off the floor and charges towards Diane while Nick tries to keep those two apart. In walks Afro and Page Boy (extras in the show). Nick tells them he has it under control and they can leave. Diane spills the beans that she and Nick had a fling, but Red doesn't believe her. However, the look on Nick's face tells everything. Diane begins explaining her and Nick's trice and Nick says it was a mistake. All those times they were together was a mistake. Red lays into Diane and Diane says she hates Red and she hates Nick. She leaves and as Nick is about to go after her Red tells him not to, but he does anyway. Red calls someone.

Orange Jumpsuit is telling Bed Head that she was warned by others that one day Bed Head would turn on her and she said she never thought it would happen. Bed Head said he thought the same thing about her. She learns that Bed Head had evidence that would free her, but he told her he's a magician - now you see it, now you don't. She lays into him some more about how he's not the man she thought he was and all. Without saying anything, he begins to walk away from Orange Jumpsuit, but she says, "That's it? That's all you got to say?" Bed Head turns around and says, "You're right, there is more".

Baldwin says the Naked Heiress is not a good fit for Newman Enterprises. He gets a phone call and has to leave. Shabby asks Hair if there's anything she can do for her, but Hair says no. Shabby wants to cheer up Hair and drags her out the house.

Billy Goat is walking with Delia atop the little bridge telling a story. Cholesterol and Kevin show up. Kevin takes Delia back to the birthday party. Cholesterol thinks Billy Goat followed Delia and was trying to lure her away, but Billy said he didn't know she was there. Billy tells her to let it go. Cholesterol says she's just getting started.

Bed Head calls for the guard and tells the guard its his lucky day, and hands the ring to him. Orange Jumpsuit says that's his mother's ring. He says it reminds him of her and he doesn't want her memory tainted. Bed Head leaves while Orange yells that she finally knows the truth about him and that he knows she's innocent.

Billy Goat is pleading his case to Cholesterol that all he did was hug Delia and didn't hurt her. She said she doesn't what would have happened if Vanessa hadn't called. Billy Goat makes a valid point that Delia wondered off from the party and if he hadn't been there, what would have happened to her. He says Vanessa is blaming him to take the heat of herself. Cholesterol says when the judge hears about Billy's violation he's going to take all rights away from him. Just then, Hair shows up and says, "The don't tell him".

Red is on the phone with Baldwin who has a very irritating tone with her. She explains that she was attacked by Diane and she has witnesses and she wants Diane to pay the consequences for her actions.

Diane is at GloWorm where Nick has followed her. Nick wants to know what Diane was doing at Useless Pile and then he goes on to say that he doesn't know how many times he has to say it to her that they are through. In the background you see Bed Head watching the whole thing. Nick says why can't she say good-bye and she says that's why she was at Useless Pile, to say good-bye and Nick wants to know what that means.

Cholesterol tells Hair that she doesn't know what happened. Hair says she doesn't need to know. That Billy Goat shouldn't be deprived of seeing his daughter. Cholesterol says that since Billy Goat did not take Delia back to the party he violated his court order, and its over. Billy tells her to go get Delia. Cholesterol leaves and so does Shabby but not before telling Billy Goat not to give up. Hair is giving Billy Goat a pep talk but he tells her to stop. That she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Orange Jumpsuit, now about to be Prisoner 083992, is making YET, another phone, but this time to the DA's office but is put on hold. The guard comes in and tells her the transfer bus is there. She asks him for a few more minutes that she's on the phone with the DA's office, but he hangs up the phone.

Diane said that Nick doesn't deserve an explaination and he should go on back to Red. He says, okay. But maybe now she will stop stalking him. He tells her to stay away from the office, him and Red. Nick leaves. Bed Head goes over to Diane and says if all goes to plan Nick won't have to worry about her stalking him. She says they will all be sorry.

Hair is trying to figure out why Billy Goat is acting the way he is but wanting a drink, want to check on his bets and such. Billy Goat tells her that he doesn't want her getting involved.

Shabby is at Crimson Light where someone (I think its that reporter that was at the Jabot Launch), comes up behind/beside Shabby and asks if she has anything for her. Shabby takes her out on the patio and tells her that she's finally going legit and she wants to cause a little buzz about it.

Bed Head and Diane are talking about there plan in which Diane will disappear, but it will look like murder and The Mustache will be blamed for it. Diane said it won't be long before Golden Boy (Jack) realizes that Dumb Grin (Kyle) is gone. She wants Bed Head to move a bit faster on his plan. Diane sees Baldwin and says that they shouldn't be seen together. She's trying to sneak out but Baldwin calls her over. He presents her with a retraining order from Red. Diane is throwing a fit. Baldwin tries to give her a pep talk, but she's not hearing it.

Nick is back at Useless Pile where Red is. Nothing happens here.

Shabby is telling the reporter about her and Hair's promoting Beauty of Nature by using The Naked Heiress. The reporter wants to know what does The Mustache think about her representing the beauty line naked. Shabby says she has a brilliant idea on how the announce this. She wants the reporter (who has a cheap sprint flip phone (Motorola i836 - seriously?) and her cameraman to meet her in the board room at Newman Enterprises. The reporter asks if she's going to get naked. While she's asking this she's dialing a number. Ok I have to point this out. The way the camera is positioned, you can see the phone the reporter has and the phone isn't even on. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But she's dialing away.
Cholesterol, Delia and Kevin are at Crimson Lights. Kevin is really siding with Billy Goat and thinks Cholesterol is being a bit hard on Billy Goat, and I agree with Big Head Kevin. Kevin is irritated with Cholesterol. He tells her that she should get Delia to bed and then he leaves to do something.

Hair tells Billy Goat that if he wants her to leave she will. Billy Goats says, "Ok, bye." She tells Billy he is heartless. She walks away.

Nick wants to kiss Red but Red doesn't want to. They start talking about Diane and Red tells Nick that she filed a restraining order against Diane and that Baldwin is serving her right now.

Baldwin leaves and Bed Head goes over to Diane, happy as a lark and Diane wants to know why and he said he's finally going to set some things straight.

Orange Jump suit is now Green Prison Clothes in a very roomy cell. This must be another holding cell, because no prison cell is that big. And she's in there by herself. Hmmm, interesting. But wait, drum roll please. In comes The Mustache to see her. They hug, she cries and we find out what's going to happen tomorrow on the show.






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