Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Y&R Wednesday: 29 June 29 2011

Diane is at the ranch telling Victor he is the problem. Michael is explaining how Diane can get out of her troubles and Diane asks what does she have to do and Victor says for her to recant her story about the night Tucker was hit.

Tucker and Ashley are now married. Katherine asks the priest to leave so she can talk to her son and his new bride. Katherine is not happy about the marriage at all and basically told Tucker and Mrs Tucker that. Jack seeing the priest outside Tucker's door thought he had a set back. Jack learns of the wedding from the priest and he's not happy either but I'm going to learn that that look wasn't unhappiness.  Hmmm, could have fooled me.

Nick (who recently went to the barber and had is nice locks cut off but forgot to get permission from the viewers) is at Glo Worm with Victoria. Victoria and her hair is telling Short Hair Nick about Victor's offer to Hair to help run Newman and a seat on the board. Victoria aka Hair will take the job if Nick joins her but he says it's not on his radar and that was the whole point of the lawsuit.

Billy Goat is listening to a horse race that he obviously has a bet on and loses when his horse dosn't win.

Nick is explaining to Hair that dad won't change and she shouldn't be fooled. Nick thinks The Mustache is doing this because Billy is gone and he never liked him. Nick feels that his father feels like he's won.

Michael wants to know if Diane will recant her story but she wants to keep it to make Victor suffer. But Michael and Victor are explaining how guilty she looks to the SEC. They bring her son in to the picture. She said she'll think about it but she says she knows what she saw and Victor tells she better change her story.

Katherine thinks Tucker and Ashley should have waited to get married because what they've done is reckless. Jack walks in. Katherine thinks Ashley was taking advantage of Tucker's condition. Tucker tells her to leave if she can't be happy for them, but Ashley asks Katherine to stay. Ashley asks Tucker to talk with his mother and he says he will do it for her. Both Ashley and Jack leave the room.

Jack and Ashley are in the hallway. Jack says that Ashley and Tucker deserves a little happiness. Ashley knows Jack is concerned about Jabot now that Tucker is awake.

Katherine apologizes to Tucker for upsetting him. Katherine says she was surprised and moved that Tucker put her in charge. He says it would have been Ashley if they were married. Tucker says it time for him to take over.

Hair tells Nick that The Mustache knew about Billy Goat moving out when he offered her the position. Nick states he will not go back to work at Newman as long as his father is in charge.

Diane is concerned how she will look to the DA if she changes her story. Michael is helping her see things different by planting stories in her head. Both him and The Mustache are working Diane. Diane wants to know why was As The World Turns Was canceled, but more importantly, how will she know that The Mustache will keep his word. The Mustache is having Michael call his inside man at the SEC. Diane says she will do it. Michael says the meeting is all set. Diane is off to see the DA. Michael says to Victor that the SEC isn't going to let her walk just because Victor says so. Victor states that he doesn't give a damn as along as they protect Ashley and 30 year old Abby who is playing a teenager.

Nick is at Billy Goat's trailer and finds him on the floor passed out but he wakes him up.

Victoria visits The Mustache about her possible job and what will she be doing. He says she will be his right hand man, his COO.

Jack brings Ashley some coffee to celebrate her marriage but wished it was champagne.  I say bust out the Patron, brotha!  Never-mind, I'll do.  Sheesh have to do everything myself.

Katherine doesn't want Tucker going back to work. He wants to know what's going with business. She states that she's been running things from the hospital. Katherine states things have remained the same for the most part and Tucker wants to know what does that mean and she said she didn't execute his plan for taking advantage of Newman IPO and Tucker states he's not surprised. Tucker wants to know what else she's done and she stated she changed the leadership at Jabot. She tells him about Jack working there. Tucker is mad.

Damn, isn't anyone happy on this show? I'm not happy that he's not happy because she's not happy because no one is happy. Everyone better get happy and get happy real quick, DAMNIT!

Katherine tells Tucker that Jack is on a three month trial. Tucker is pissed. Katherine tells what the alternative would have been (don't ask me what she said because I don't remember) and it infuriates Tucker that Katherine did all this. He dismisses her and she says this is the thanks she get for all she s done. She said he can't run a company from a hospital bed, he says he will get someone else to do it. Katherine leaves the room upset. She tells Ashley she can have Tucker. Ashley goes to find out what happened.

Diane is meeting with Spencer, the DA. She basically recants her story and he states this is ruining his case.

Michael is meeting with someone from the SEC. Michael tells the guy that The Mustache was a bit harsh in including Diane in the investigation. The guy asks if Victor will be joining them and Michael says that he has a written statement from Victor. He tells the guy the real person is Adam Newman.

Ashley asks Tucker what happened between him and Katherine. He said he didn't like what katherine had done.  He said he got more and more upset and Ashley asked why and Tucker states that he heard her words but her couldn't understand what she was talking about. Ashley is telling Tucker that this problem with not understanding may be temporary. Tucker is concerned it may be permanent.

Victor tells Hair that if they could go back the wouldn't change a thing because he's stubborn and she says she stubborn too. Victor says that he wouldn't want anyone else by his side other than Hair. He says she will fight for what she thinks is right.

Nick tells Billy's place smells. He said he was there to talk some sense into Billy. Billy is basically feeling sorry for himself. Nick asks when is the last time he has been into work and Billy said he's nothing about work Ruhr one. He said he would even sell Restless Style to Nick for cheap.

Katherine is at Jack's office telling him that Tucker fired her but that she's not leaving. Jack wants to know why Tucker wont buy out his contract and Katherine said something that I didn't understand but then she said that if Jack proves himself in the next 90 days he will be locked into a three year deal.

Ashley finds Jack employment contract and read some things to Tucker to see how he does. She reads a bit and he understands, she reads a bit more but he doesn't quite get it. He looks at the contract to read it himself and he gets frustrated because he doesn't understand it. She said they can try again later.

Jack and Katherine discuss Tucker letting her go after all she's done for him.

Ashley said they are going contact to his neurologist to find out what's going on. In the meantime, Spencer walks in to tell Ashley that the restraining order has been lifted and he's not sure which Abbott or Newman is responsible but he's dropping the charges against her, but not by choice. Well looky loo, some is happy. Tucker wants Ashley to run his company because she's the only one he trusts and no one can know why.

Diane tells Michael that she got Spencer to change his mind and she wants to know if Michael was as brilliant as she was and he says that she's still at the center of the investigation. She feels that Michael and Victor betrayed her. He said he can show Diane the letter that Victor write but she doesn't want to see it. She storms out of Glo Worm.....not happy.

Nick tells Billy he is not selling the magazine. Nick tells Billy that Hair needs him and Billy asks if Hair told him to say that. Nick tells him that's all he's saying now and that Billy needs to shape up because Hair needs him.

Hair tells her father, The Mustache, that she will take the job and the board seat.


Sam asks Sharon out

No Acting Kyle asks Jack if he's going to jail and from the door way The Mustache says, "That's a very good question"

Adam asks Diane if she's in or is she out.

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  1. Nikki,
    You make me laugh. I'm sitting here eating a piece of cake and reading along. I read "Diane wants to know why As The World Turns was canceled?" I nearly spit my cake out. Keep writing, my friend, and I will keep reading :)