Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Y&R: Tucker and Ashley Wed

Noah Visits Victor at the main house. He wants to know the whereabouts of Abby

Abby is telling a worker at the center she's at that she doesn't belong there. She's supposed to be going to group therapy but doesn't want to go.

Diane is at Glo Worm and says hi to Michael who ignores her but goes back to wonder why she didn't make remark of him doing so. Diane basically said she's not worried at all about Victor's lawsuit. Michael tells her that if she, Jack and Adam think they can manipulate the stock and get away with it then she's stupid. Diane becomes upset. Michael leaves but not before trying to comfort her.

Neil is at the hospital talking with Katherine about Tucker waking up. Then they begin talking about Sophie for about a second. Neil has documents for Katherine to sign. Ashley shows up excited about Tucker. She gives Neil a hug and a kiss. Neil sees she's glowing and congratulates her on her relationship with Tucker. She goes in to see him. Neil says to Katherine that because Ashley is out on bail doesn't mean the charges have been dropped. Katherine tells Neil to forget about the documents because there's something she really needs to do.

Ashley is talking to Tucker. She asks how is he feeling and he says just fine now. They are holding hands

Devon sees Michael at Crimson Lights. They say a few words and Michael goes out in the patio to call Eden about some trust documents but she's not home and he's not happy about it.

Victor tells Noah that Ashley is in rehab and he's surprised. Noah leaves and as he's leaving Katherine walks up the steps and Victor gives her a hug. Katherine gets straight to business and asks Victor why was Abby the first thing Tucker remembered when he woke up. Why did he remember her running him down.

Ashley is in group therapy. Just as the group is about to start Eden walks in. Yeah, Michael's Eden. The one he thinks is in Paris or whereever she's supposed to be.

Noah goes to Crimson Lights to meet Devon. Michael asks if he keeps in touch with Eden and Noah said no not really. Michael is wondering if Noah might know where Eden might be in. Noah said there's some people in England she got tight with and he can check with them and Michael appreciates him doing that. Michael leaves.

Eden is telling her story in group therapy. Eden just noticed Abby and she none to please to see her. Now it's Abby's turn to tell her story. Eden makes a swipe at Abby. The group leader has to leave. Abby goes to talk with Eden about being back in the states. Abby makes a snide remark to Eden about embracing her inner bulimic since Noah dumped her and Eden states that she's moved on a few times since she and Noah split up. She states that Noah is not the reason she's there.

Victor tells Katherine that Abby wasn't driving and that Tucker is confused. Katherine wants to talk with Abby but Victor states shes in rehab and Katherine finds all this is convenient that she's in rehab when Tucker wakes. Katherine feels she getting the run around from a lot of people. Victor tries to tell Katherine that Tucker being awake is the most important thing right now.

Nurse comes into Tucker's room to have him sign some release papers since Katherine is no longer in charge. Ashley gets his buddy Holly glasses and puts them on him and while he's looking at the paper work you can see he's having trouble seeing. Ashley asks him what's wrong. He says he can see the sentences but he doesn't know what they mean. He wants to know if this normal. The nurse is going to get they doctor. Ashley tells him that since he just woke it's going to take a bit for him to get back to normal.

Neil and his attorney lady friend are at Glo Worm. They are apologizing to each other for being out of touch with each other. She goes to meet Diane at a table and Neil stays at the bar. Diane asks her about the accusations and how soon can she get her out of it and the lady says it doesn't look good.

What the is the name of that attorney. Hold on while I look it up because it's bothering the skippy out of me. Either hum the theme song to this soap or the Jeopardy theme song. Her name on the show is Leslie Michaelson. Damn I feel better.

Noah is telling Devon that Abby ends up in rehab and he has to hear it from his grandfather and Devon says he understands because he didn't know what was going on with his sister.

Abby asks Eden how long she's been there and she said a couple of months. Abby thinks the place reminds Eden of the ashram. Abby doesn't know how Eden and Noah became a couple (but states it in a very sarcastic manner). The leader of the group comes in and sees Abby and Eden talking and pairs them up since Eden is what's called a "senior member". Neither Abby nor Eden are happy about this because basically wherever one is the other has to be.

Michael is at the ranch speaking to Victor about Abby being the real driver but Ashley taking the blame. Victor tells Michael it was an accident. An alcohol induced accident. Victor doesn't want the case to go to trial. Michael will basically have to do some major tricks to keep this from happening. Michael says the can begin talking with Tucker, but Victor says that Tucker has already said he saw Abby behind the wheel. Michael says there's another avenue they can pursue. He brings up the other witness-Diane Jenkins.

Leslie said she'll do whatever she can to clear Diane but it won't be a cake walk. Diane is worried about going to jail. The lawyer leaves and Katherine walks in and asks Diane about the night Tucker almost died.

Ashley tells Tucker she feels the tests went well. He notices flowers in the rooms and Ashley reads the card which is from an employee of his. Tucker's asks Ashley to marry him and she says she plans to and he says, "now. Marry me now".

Devon and Noah are still talking about nothing.

Abby begins thinking about her conversation with her father on the plane and her saying that confessing is the right thing to do. Eden comes over to her and tells her that she'll go back to her room and a staffer will go through her things to make sure she doesn't have certain things. Abby wants to know if the place works and Eden says she's not the same person she was when she got there, so yeah the place works.

Diane is telling Katherine what happened on that night when her phone rings. She excuses herself to take care of the missed call. Katherine sees Neil and begins talking with him about Tucker and how he's going to need her protection even more now that he's awake.

A priest is at the hospital to perform the wedding ceremony and it looks like ma nurse is standing in as witness.

Side note: I really wish they would have let Neil and Ashley stay together. They made the cutest couple.

Ashley would like to say something to Tucker before they are pronounced husband and wife. Blah blah blah.

Abby is still giving Eden a hard time. She asks her when is she leaving and Eden says in a couple of days. Abby asks if she's going back to Paris before contacting Michael to make him think that's where she's been. She says Michael doesn't need to know where she's at and she said neither does Noah. Abby finds it interesting that of all the boyfriends Eden has had she brings up Noah.

Noah is on the patio of the coffee house calling the rehab center to see how he can get in to see a patient there

Neil is still at Glo Worm when Devon walk-in. Nothing said here.

Diane is at the ranch. Victor tells her that he can make the problems she created for herself when she aligned herself with his enemies to go away.

Katherine is at Tucker's room when she sees nurses standing in the doorway. She rushes in thinking something has happened to Tucker just as the priest tells Tucker that he can kiss his bride. Katherine is not happy.


Nick is at Billy's trailer

Victor wants to know if he and Victoria can trust one another.

Tucker says to Katherine in a hostile tone "while I lay here incapacitated you undermined my judgement"

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  1. Another great post. I especially liked the part about trying to remember the lady attorney's name. It had a bit of comedic touch. I, too, forgot her name, so thanks.