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Thursday 4 August 2011

Tattle Tale (Paul) is at the scene of Diane's death along with Transplant (Ronan) who is lead detective on the case.  Him and Transplant have words about Transplant taking off after getting his brother's liver and leaving a lot of people hurt.  Tattle Tale feels that Transplant owes people an explanation.  All Transplant wants to do is solve this case.

Mustache is at the police station with Michael wondering what the hold up is on getting him out of there.  Michael explains that Diane's murder is a big deal and he wants to know if there more to Mustache and Diane that the Mustache is telling.  The Mustache says no.

Someone is banging on Bed Head's (Adam) door like nobody's business.  It turns out to be Golden Boy Jack laying into Bed Head, accusing him of killing Diane.

Billy Goat shows up at Hair's (Victoria) house to get the rest of his things.  While there his cell phone rings and its Rafe telling him that Chloe reported him to the judge and the judge has taken away his visitation rights (completely) with his daughter.  They are appealing the decision.  After he hangs up from Rafe, Hair comes home and didn't expect to find Billy Goat there.  She brings up her asking Billy Goat to coffee yesterday and him saying it was a bad idea.  He still thinks its a bad idea now.  Hair says she needs her friend.

Meanwhile, back at the crime scene, Tattle Tale is still harping on Transplant leaving and then coming back to town without letting anyone know.  Tattle Tale tells Transplant that he has until the end of the day or he (Tattle Tale) is going to call Nina himself to let her know that Transplant is back in town.  Tattle Tale is about to go look at something until Transplant notices something.  He notices what seems to be drag marks in the dirt and he wonders why some would drag a body away only to bring it back.  Another detective found a letter that has Diane's signature on it while Tattle Tale has her cell phone.  Transplant wants the letter examined immediately and Tattle Tale wants the cell phone examined as well.  I think Tattle Tale needs to have his head examined.  Tattle Tale asks if there's anything useful in the letter and Transplant says yes, the first person he's going to bring in for questioning.

Golden is still laying into Bed Head when Bed Head says that this town has not imagination.  That every time a crime happens, they blame Bed Head.  Bed Head says that Golden had motive because she took his son away and he doesn't know where he (Kyle) is. Golden tells Bed Head that he knows his son is in boarding school in Switzerland under and assumed name.  He thinks Bed Head knows more.

Mustache keeps telling Michael that he didn't kill Diane but he's not sorry she's dead.  All Mustache wants is to get out of the police station.

Hair says she misses her too (meaning Lucy) and Billy Goat says he misses her too, but they can't go back.  Hair wants to go way to when they were friends, but Billy Goat doesn't want to do that.  She says she's going through a difficult time right now with her mother and Diane.  Billy Goat says he can't help her now.  She brings up (in a sarcastic way) that he has an appointment at Jimmy's.  She states that she has stood by him through Delia's custody hearing and then bailing him out of jail.  She just wants him to stand by her this once.

Bed Head said that Golden should put a GPS on Kyle.  Golden opens the door and sees the police at Bed Head's door.  Transplant asks Bed Head and Golden to go the police station with him.

Billy Goat says he can't be Hair's buddy.  He tries to leave but then end up locking lips and other things.

Tattle Tale is back at the police station and tells Mustache and Michael that Transplant is back in town and working for the Genoa City Police Department. Just then Transplant comes in with Golden and Bed Head.  Tattle Tale asks Golden if he got the picture of Timothy Dalton, but Golden replies with no, that the boarding school internet is down but he's trying to get them to fax something to the police station.  Mustache asks why don't he get on his jet and go over there but he states he can't until he gets questioned by Transplant.  Mustache is taking pleasure in both Bed Head and Golden being suspects in the murder. Transplant tells Mustache he wants to question him too.  Mustache says he has nothing to hide.

Tattle Tale and Transplant are looking at suspect board (like they are Criminal Minds or something).  Someone walks with the preliminary autopsy report: blunt force trauma to the head (ten blows), but she was dead after tow or three blows.  Tattle Tale says someone had a lot of anger in them.

Transplant is questioning Bed Head.  Bed Head says that Diane was married to his father for a second and when they got a divorce she allowed her to stay with him.  Then they show Diane and Bed Head at the bridge setting things up to make it look like Mustache killed her.  Transplant wants to know if they were lovers or friends.  Bed Head said he hardly knew her.  Now he is questioning Golden.  He asks when is the last time Golden says yesterday.  Now we are seeing Diane and Golden at the bridge (Diane didn't expect him to show up that soon) and Golden is pissed about Diane sending Kyle away.  He's questioning her but she's trying to get him to leave.  Golden said she came to his house wanting them to get back together.  Now Mustache is being questioned and he does not recall when he last saw Diane.  Transplant brings up Mustache getting a text asking him to meet Diane in the park.  Now they are showing Mustache and Diane in the park and her telling him that Bed Head set him up for her murder.  Back at the station Mustache tells Transplant he didn't go to the park.

Transplant brings out the information about Bed Head and Diane being investigated by the SEC.  He thinks Bed Head might have been mad enough to kill her.  Back to Diane and Bed Head at the bridge and her saying she brought some insurance of her own.  If things don't go as she wants she will release the tape of Bed Head faking the stroke of the Mustache.  Back at the police station now.  Before leaving, Bed Head tells Transplant that he was at the bar at the Athletic Club last night (HA! Last night -four days into the week and he says last night).  Eddie was the bartender and he can verify Bed Head's story.  Bed Head tell Transplant that Diane also screwed Golden in the SEC deal.

Transplant tell Golden that he knows he got a text to meet Diane at the park.  They show Diane and Golden again.  Back at the station.  He said he and Diane have had their disagreements, but not enough for him to kill her.  He gives Transplant another person to look into and that's Mustache.

Michael tells Transplant to either arrest Mustache or let him go.  Transplant tells Mustache that if he finds out he was at the park last night its not going to be good for Mustache.  Back to Mustache and Diane at the park.  Mustache says there's no proof that Bed Head set everything up, but Diane tells him to look under a rock and he does and finds something of his that Bed Head stole, which is one of Mustache's watches.  He says he believes her but he's not going to help her.  Back at the station Mustache says if Transplant finds proof that he was there its because Bed Head planted it there to set him up.  Mustache leaves.

Billy Goat and Hair are laying on the couch having a Kodak moment.  Hair gets up to make some coffee.  Billy Goat gets up, gets dressed and leaves but not before pulling out a picture of him and Hair (it was birthday gift she had gotten for him).  He puts it back into the closet and leaves the house.

Golden gets a email from the boarding school with a picture of kid named Timothy Dalton who it turns out is actually Kyle.  Golden tells Tattle Tale he has to leave but Tattle Tales tells him he can't leave.  Golden says he doesn't want Kyle to hear about his mother from anyone one but Golden.  Tattle Tale goes to ask Transplant for a favor.

At the Athletes Foot Club Mustache finds Bed Head at a table.  Mustache sits down and takes out the watch he found at the park.  Mustache says that Bed Head made a grave mistake trying to frame him, but he's going to use it against Bed Head to prove he murdered Diane.

Transplant says he can't stop Golden from leaving town.  Golden bolts out of there.  Tattle Tale and Transplant go back to their fake Criminal Minds suspect board when a detective says that six other people got the same text to meet Diane at the Foot Bridge (that's the name of the bridge).  Michael walks in from wherever he was and Tattle Tale and Transplant cover up the board.  Michael says Diane was Diane but she didn't deserve what she got.  She was his friend.

Mustache tells Bed Head that he knew about his plan to frame Mustache for Diane's death.  He says a few other things and then leaves.

Hair comes from the kitchen with coffee to find Billy Goat gone.

Billy Goat is on plane looking at a picture of his daughter on his phone and apologizes to her.

NEXT TIME - 5 Aug 2011 (Friday)

Bed Head tells Shabby (Abby) they can help eachother.  Shabby says she doesn't need Bed Head's help.

Transplant is at Patch's (Tucker) office askign where were the both of them last night.

Red (Phyllis) tells Junior (Nick) that some people will say they had the opportunity.  Junior says if they have alibis it wouldn't matter.

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