Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Mustache explains to Golden Boy (Jack) that in the event of Diane's death she wanted him to be guardian of Dumb Grin (Kyle).  Mustache says they can discuss visitation.  Golden rips up the documents and says Mustache will never take his son.  Mustache says read carefully, I already have.

Ashley is at the bar at the Athletes Foot Club calling Junior (Nick) about Billy leaving the country and Hair (Vicki) finding out in a bad way.  She warns Junior that Hair is going to need him and to be prepared.  Junior says that Billy can be an ass at times. Ashley agrees.  Junior asks if she got a new phone because he has been trying get a hold of her at her old number.  Ashley flashes back to the night of her and Diane and it appears she hit Diane with the phone. Present day she tells Junior she misplaced the phone.  Junior brings up a message he left her and she says that it must be important for him to bring it up again and asks what was the message.

Patch (Tucker) wants to know why Katherine is really there.  She said she told him.  He brings up that she stole control of the company and she disagrees, saying that he gave it to her.  He says his name is on the company and he will get it back.  Katherine knows that Patch was questioned by the police and she wants to know what they think he did or what has he done.

Junior flashes back to the night of him and Diane struggling and how there was a phone on the ground where Ashley's number had been dialed. Present day he asks if she has listened to her voice mail and she says no. He says his printer is on the other line - he has to go and hangs up.  Ashley runs out the joint (without paying for her drink, mind you - STOP THIEF!)

Red walks into Restless Style looking like she should be going out to a night club asking Junior is he is talking to Transplant (Ronan).  Junior asks why would he be and Red says that detectives always seem to have just one more question.  Junior says that neither he nor Red answered Diane's text so there's no more questions to ask.  Red wants to talk about their next cover and since everyone thinks they are going to do a story on Diane's murder, they should do some thing light and fluffy.  Junior agrees but says he has to leave and does just that.

Meanwhile, back at the cop stop, Transplant tells a cop to get Bed Head's (Adam) ring down to forensics.  But hold the phone kids - on yesterday's show, Transplant was standing outside of Bed Head's room when he told a cop there to take the ring to forensics.  Were we not to remember that?  But before giving it to the cop on today's show he takes the ring that was in a small bag and puts it in a huge zip lock bag.  Really?  Come on Y&R.  You can do better than that.  Don't you watch CSI - it is on your station after all.  Then he asks the cop to check on the forensics of the nail he found.  After he says that, the scene switch to Red's hands typing, indicating the that her finger nails match the one that was found at the scene.  Password is: Lee Press On Nails

Phone rings and its Transplant calling Red, stating he has a couple more questions for her regarding the murder.

Mustache tells Golden Boy that Baldwin filed the papers.  Golden says he is Dumb Grin's father, but Mustache says he's his guardian.  Mustache says that Kyle has been through a lot so he will not insist on taking him now, but eventually he will come to get Kyle.  Golden says something about Dumb Grin being his flesh and blood and Mustache brings up the point that Golden didn't know he had a son and the whole bit with Diane and the stolen sperm deal and blah blah blah.  Mustache then says that Golden is not able to take care of Dumb Grin and Golden asks why and Mustache says its going to be hard to raise a kid from inside a jail cell when he is convicted of killing Diane.

Patch asks Katherine if she had a spy on him and that is how she knows about the cops.  She said it doesn't matter.  Katherine says if the police are questioning him, she has to know for the company's sake.  He said if she is worried about the company's reputation being damaged, it happened the day Katherine took over.  Katherine feels she is entitled to an answer and he says she's not entitled to squat and to get the hell out of his house.

Ashley is at the town bridge looking for something, I think her phone and she jumps at some sound.

Transplant is with Red saying he needs to get something cleared up.  He asks Red if she and Nick were at Restless Style all night and she says yes but that he could have asked her that question over the phone.  He pulls out the picture of the finger nail they found.  He says they can't run tests on it because its fake...acrylic. He tells Red that the finger nail is hers and how did it end in the vicinity of a corpse.  She can tell him now or a grand jury later.

Junior is the noise that Ashley heard.  She wants to know what he is doing there.

Red said she will play along.  What she knows of acrylic nails is they are attached to a real fingernail and since DNA couldn't be found Red says the nail he found could have been there for months, years.  He reminds her that she said she got her nails done the night before her and Junior pulled an all nighter.  He states he talked to her manicurist and she said that Red's nails were pretty tore up and she had dirt shoved up in her nails.  He said he got a sworn statement from the lady.  He knows that Red got her nails done the day after the murder and wants to know why Red would lie to him.  He says her (Red's) sworn statement is full of lies.

Patch tells Katherine that Transplant was the one who questioned him.  He says that Diane text a lot of people the night she died and a lot of Katherine's friends were on the receiving end as well.  Katherine ask what did Patch say to him and Patch says that he told him the truth that he was at his office that night and Ashley can back him up.  He walks to the door and tells Katherine to get out since she got her information.  Katherine is still running her mouth as she is walking out and Patch shuts the door on her.  He then begins scratching his lower arm.  Seems like poison ivy.

Golden says that Mustache is the one that was accused of domestic abuse and he's the one that tried to leave town, pretending to be looking for Smirnoff (Nikki).  Mustache says that Golden caused a scene with Diane at Gloworm when he couldn't get a hold of Kyle and then he went ballistic when he found out that Kyle was in Switzerland.  Dumb Grin comes down stairs and wants to know what's going on.

Red says she messed up her nails potting flowers.  She says her daughter likes sunflowers.  Transplant said she must have ran home after the all nighter because she called her salon at 8am and asked for an emergency mani so she must have been planting at 7am.  He tells her that he believes she did meet Diane and things did get nasty and because of what happened just now between her and Transplant she moved up in the suspect list.  He leaves and Red calls Junior but he's not answering.

Junior said he is looking for her (Ashley's) phone as well.  Ashley finds it kinda a weird that he would be doing that.  Junior says that he knows Ashley was there the night Diane died.  Ashley says that must be some message on my phone - a message you don't want the cops to find.  Junior says he doesn't know what's on the phone but he knows its not good.  Ashley thinks the police might already have her phone and Transplant is only waiting for a time to come at her again. Junior says they shouldn't be talking about it there.  He offers to take her for coffee.  She agrees.  She tells him to watch his step for the cops haven't cleaned up poison sumac (This is what Patch possible has, rather stumbled upon)

Patch is leaving a voice mail for Ashley on her room's phone and telling her about Katherine being there and asking about Transplant questioning him.  He states he has some other things he wants to tell her but not on the phone's message.  While he is doing this he is putting cream on his arm and then wraps it in bandage.

Mustache tells Dumb Grin that he and Golden were having a business talk.  Golden says Mustache was just about to leave - Mustache leaves.  Golden tells Dumb Grin to go upstairs and he will be up there to tuck him in, but Goofy (new name for Kyle) says that they were talking about his mom and he wants to know why his mother was killed.

Mustache meets up with Baldwin at the Athletes Foot Club.  He tells Baldwin that he wants to get the ball rolling on him getting full custody of Goofy.  Baldwin says the kid just lost his mother and the only constant he has is Golden Boy and Mustaches wants to disrupt that by getting the courts involved.  Mustache wants to know what's wrong with that.

Goofy and Golden are having a Kodak moment - so nothing to writer.  But I will say this, Golden tells Goofy that the cops are questioning a lot of people about Diane's murder and Goofy asks Golden if he's one of them.

Katherine shows up at the police station given Transplant the what-for.

Junior and Ashley are at Crimson Lights out the patio talking about his run in with Diane at the park.  He said when it was over he noticed that his phone dialed Ashley's and there is probably a pretty "funky" stuff on there.  He asks Ashley how did she loose her phone and she said she went to the park to confront Diane about threats she was making toward Shabby (Abby - but Ashley didn't say her name - she just said someone she loves).  She still thinks the police might have her phone.  Just then Red walks in and says to Junior, "Is this why you had to leave so quickly?"

Transplant says he's just there working the case.  Transplant said he didn't grow up there so he's not going to answer each time Katherine rings her bell.  She says she's waiting to hear why he left and he tells her she will be waiting a long time.  She asks him if he have any apologizes or explanations and he says he's fresh out.  She says he can't stand the sight of him and leaves.

Ashley leaves.  Red tells Junior about Transplant being at the office and showing her a nail and putting it on her.  Junior says he is just playing games to see if it sticks.

Inside Crimson Lights Patch approaches Ashley and they both say Hi to each other.

Golden tells Goofy that he (Golden) isn't going anywhere and he won't let anyone take Goofy away from him.  He tells Goofy to ignore all the bad things he will hear about his mother.  He also states that whomever killed Diane will be caught.

Mustache tells Baldwin that Diane wanted him to be the father of Goofy and since she couldn't do it biologically she did it illegally.  He also brings up the fact that Golden wasn't there for most of Goofy's life, but Baldwin states that he is there now.  Mustache says that Golden can't raise a kid behind bars.

Ashley asks Patch what's wrong with his arm and he says its probably carpal tunnel.  He tells her that Katherine came by trying to get more ammunition against him.  They both agree they were home together the night Diane died.  Patch then asks Ashley to come home and she says she can't and for him to not ask again.

Transplant is looking at the nail and Red's picture on the suspect wall.

Junior said he can call the DA's office and tell them to back off, but Red said she doesn't need protecting for she did nothing wrong.  She said if Transplant thinks she was wondering around that night that makes her a liar - that makes both of them liars and then they have no alibi - but they did nothing wrong.  That's why she came to the coffee shop, to tell Junior that.  Junior says thanks for the heads up.  She leaves.  His phone rings and its the recording of him telling Diane that he will kill her before she lets him hurt them again.  Inside, Red is getting some cookies out the giant coffee cup and leaves.  We see Deacon in a both and he says, "Honey, I saw what you did".

Golden tells Goofy it won't always be like this.  It will get better,  but Goofy says it won't and runs up stairs the best way he know how - THE GOOFY!

Baldwin says he will keep in touch about Kyle and he will find out what the status is on Diane's case. He leaves.  Mustache gets up to leave and sees a newspaper with Diane on the front page.  He flashes back to him looking at Diane floating in the water.


Hair to Chloe: Billy left because you took Delia way from him.
Chloe back to Hair: Yeah and he changed his life because you broke his heart (I'm not sure if she said changed to tainted, but changed sounds more logical)

Deacon to Phyllis: I pissed so many people, figuring out if you're one of them

Victor to Ronan: (referring to the ring the cops found) You'll be able to lift Adam's finger prints off of it and by dinner time (he's looking at Adam now), you'll be in jail.

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