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Monday 8 August 2011

At Crimson Lights Lily is talking with Picasso (Daniel).  Picasso wants to get back together with Lily but he thinks she still has feelings for Lame (Cane) but she says she doesn't.

At Jimmy's Lame is thinking about the kiss he witnessed between Picasso and Lily but is interrupted when Scorpio (Collin) walks in.  They are taking jabs at each other when Genvieve walks in and says, "The happy family together again."

Meanwhile, back at the one police station in town with the one Private Eye in town that couldn't find a dead dog even if the dog dies right at his feet, gets off the phone with someone - oh he's trying to get a hold of Nina but all he gets is her voice mail.  He asks Transplant (Ronan) if he's tried to get a hold of her and he says no.  Paul lays into him about not getting a hold of Nina to tell her that he is back in town.  Transplant says he doesn't consider Nina his mother and he doesn't owe her a thing.

Nina is talking to someone at Chance's job trying to find out where he is and she finds out he is out on location and is unable to contact anyone right now.  She gets off the phone.  Esther and Jill try to comfort her but she's not having it just like she never has it when someone is trying to talk some sense into that dull skull of hers.  How did she become a paid writer anyways?

CL (Crimson Lights) Big Head Kevin and Chloe are talking and she tells him that Delia cried herself to sleep last night.  Big Head Kevin with an even bigger head with that hair cut says that Delia misses her dad.  Chloe agrees but says he is always out of control.  She says it breaks her heart to see Delia upset all the time and it makes Chloe more upset when Big Head Kevin gives her grief about it all the time.  Kevin just walks away.

The Mustache (Victor) is at Hair's (Vicki) house about the Naked Heiress campaign (Beauty of Nature) but Mustache says that they have to look out for Shabby (Abby) and Newman Enterprises and therefore, he is pulling the plug on the entire thing.  Hair thinks Shabby did something to piss Mustache off, but he tells the real story of how Shabby ran over Patch (Tucker) but that Ashley took the fall for her.  He tells Hair that Shabby video taped the confession and that Diane got a hold of the tape.  Hair understands but seems disappointed, but she tells Mustache that Genvieve may have some ideas for Beauty of Nature.

Genvieve and Scorpio are still taking jabs at each other.  Nothing worth writing.  Lame wants them both to get on a plane and leave, but Genvieve is happy in GC and Scorpio says he's not leaving because of Jill.

Platypus (Jill) says she thinks Chance volunteered for this mission.  I know if I was Chance and Nina was my mother I would volunteer for the Kamikaze mission.  She says that Chance being all they have but Esther brings up Billy and Lame.  She says Billy resents her.  Nina tells Platypus that she should reach out to Billy.

Lily tells Picasso that she will always love Lame, but she can't build a future off of that.  She says she needs to stop putting it off and file for divorce.  She says she's read and is going to end the marriage.

Chloe apologizes to Big Head Kevin but they both agree that they are out of sync with each other. They said they used to have a lot of fun and someday they will get that back.

Genvieve thanks Scorpio for the orchids and she says enjoy your groveling, because it is such an attractive part of a man (obviously, she is being very sarcastic). As she leaves she tells Lame he can drop by the house (she bought the family home in town).  Scorpio stops her and asks where is his invitation to drop by and she says, "I don't think my other overnight guests would appreciate that" and she leaves.  Scorpio laughs.

Mustache doesn't want Genvieve associated with the Beauty of Nature with her being in the paper a lot lately.  Hair says she doesn't want a job, just giving ideas.  Mustache asks Hair to go to the gym with him, but she says Reed is going to be home soon and they are going to do a video chat. Mustache leaves.  She checks her phone for a message from Billy, but nothing.

Nina shows up at the police station looking for Paul but runs into Transplant instead.

Kevin asks Chloe if she wants to get out of CL for a bit, but just then Esther walks in.  Kevin fixes her fave drink as Esther pulls Chloe aside to let her know about Chance being in the Middle East.  Chloe says she feels bad for Nina because she lost Transplant and now Chance (meaning - both her sons are not near her - so Chloe knows).

Nina tells Transplant that she thought he died after the operation, but that he just disappeared.  He tells her he can't tell her where he was.  But, per Nina, she can't have it.  She says she has  been defending him to everyone, that they there had to be a good reason for him leaving.  Paul walks in and Nina lays into him about knowing Transplant was in town and Paul says, "Why do you think I've been trying to get a hold of you." But Nina just wouldn't be Nina if she had to find fault in him just leaving messages for her to call him instead of him just saying in the voice mail that Transplant (her son) was in town. Hey Nina, how about returning his phone calls you fracking moron.  She turns to Transplant and says that she knows it pains him for her to call him son, but she thinks of him as no more than a stranger.

Picasso asks Lily if she talked to a lawyer yet and she says no.  She thinks talking to Lame first is the thing to do.  Picasso thinks that the lawyer should do it, but she thinks that's a bit cold.  Picasso brings up the point that Lame let her believe she was crazy which is the definition of mental cruelty.  She says she doesn't want to become vindictive or bitter like Lame's mother.  She wants to show her kids how to handle things.  Picasso offers to go with her, but she says no but asks him to wait there for her.

Genvieve shows up at Hair's house showing her condolences about Hair's former step-mother.  Hair invites her in, and they speak about the death of Diane and Hair saying she hopes Kyle is shielded from the details.  Hair then moves the conversation to her telling Mustache about Genvieve's ideas and how he liked them.  She tells Genie (shortcut but no pun on her real name) that her father is at the gym.  Genie says its a small town and they are bound to run into each other at some point.

Esther says she can stay with Delia if Chloe wants to get some sleep.  Chloe says its not just Delia, she feels there's something not right between her and Kevin.  Kevin is talking with Picasso about Lily and then ask him if he has seen Lucy lately and he says no and the way he says it indicates to Kevin that Picasso and his mother still aren't talking to each.  Kevin tells Picasso to give her a call if he's worried about her (I think he is talking about Lily), and Picasso says she is busy right now.

Scorpio is about to leave but says to Lame it's pointless to shut him out, that Lame is going to need someone to turn to soon.  Scorpio says loneliness gets old real quick, and then he leaves.  After he leaves Lily comes in and tells Lame that she is filing for divorce.

Platypus is at Hair's house looking for Billy and Hair says she is looking for Billy as well.  Platypus says she got some bad news earlier in the day and it got her to thinking about Billy.  Hair ask Platty to tell Billy to call her if Platty hears from him before Hair does.

Mustache is fighting a punching bag and winning by the looks of it and in walks Genvieve watching him for a bit then says, "My, my - not sure whose picturing on that poor bag but I'm glad its not me".

Paul wants him and Nina to leave but Transplant says he's leaving and he does.  Paul explains that he didn't want to leave that type of message in a message.  Nina apologizes to Paul and says she understands and asks if Heather knows he is back and Paul says no and she hasn't asked about him, but she is holding out hope.  Nina says she can't tell Chance about Transplant because he is out on mission.  She states she has one son she may never see again and another son who doesn't want to see her.  Paul consoles Drama Queen.

Genie gives her condolences to Mustache about his lost and he thanks her.  He said he's heard about her from his daughter and she plays dumb and ask which daughter, Shabby or Hair and he says Hair and that Hair was impressed with her and Genie says she was impressed with Hair as well.  That she is a very sharp young lady.  She says to Mustache that she has always wanted to try the punching bag but didn't want to look like a fool.  He offers to teach her and a teaching he is a doing.

Scorpio shows up at the Athletes Foot Club and sees Platy sitting by herself and seems upset.  He asks if she is OK and that's when he notices she has been crying.

Lame ask Lily to reconsider but she says not to give her a hard time about it and he said he won't.  He asks abut the kids and she says she if filing for full custody.  He asks if there is a way for him to spend time with supervised.  He says he loves those babies.

Lily is back at CL (Crimson Lights) and Picasso is waiting for her.  He asked how did it go and she said it went pretty well, that Lame isn't going to fight the divorce. But she explained that Lame asked for visitation but that she couldn't give him an answer right now.  Picasso says he's a rotten father and going to use the kids to manipulate her.  She says her and Lame are throw.

Nina says that Paul has enough to do than worry about her and that she needs support right now with Chance being in the Middle East.  She said she got through Chances last three deployments, she will get through this one.  Paul thinks it would easier for her if she has the support of Transplant but she says that Transplant has made it clear that he doesn't want to be apart of her family and she feels the same way.

Esther tells Chloe not to worry about Big Head Kevin.  That every moment can't be hearts and flowers.  She leaves.  Transplant walks in and sees Chloe and says hi, but Chloes asks what is he doing there, just then Big Head Kevin walks up and tell Transplant to leave, that he's not welcomed there.  Transplant says he will get is coffee to go and Kevin says he doesn't want his business.  Transplant leaves.

Scorpio wants to help, but Platypus says all they can do is pray, that she can't lose him too.  She begins to cry and Scorpio consoles her and Genie sees all this.

Mustache is at Hair's house telling her that Genie tracked him down at the gym and Hair finds it suspicious.  Mustaches says that it could have been a coincidence, but Hair says that she told Genie where he was.  He asks what does she want, but then Hair's phone rings and its a call from Billy but its a woman's voice on the other end.  She said Billy is in Hong Kong but left is phone on the plane and Hair was listed as an emergency contact.  She tells her Mustache that he left her.


Bed Head (Adam) tells Aleeysa that he needs her to back him up and asks if she's willing to do that.

Prison Garb (Sharon) is telling some blonde that Bed Head is pretty sharp if there's too many accidental run ins he will begin to suspect something.

Patch (Tucker) tells Ashley that he missed her.  She asks him if he missed her when he slept with Diane.

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