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Friday 5 August 2011

Transplant (Ronan) is looking at the suspect board with Diane doing a voice over.  Now they are showing Diane (sitting in a white dress), I am guessing she's in purgatory until her murder can be solved and then she will move on to wherever.  It seems they are going to have Diane doing voice over during the show, which I will not be writing.  I will only be writing what is taking place on the show.

Red (Phyllis) and Junior (Nick) are at Useless Pile (Restless Style).  Golden Boy (Jack) enters and says he found Kyle in Switzerland.  Red says she doesn't envy him having to tell Kyle about his mother's death.  Junior asks if the police have any leads and Golden says they questioned him and that Transplant is in charge.  He says the reason he is a suspect is because of the custody battle in addition to him receiving the text from her right before she died to meet her at the bridge.  Red admits that she received the same text.  Golden has to go to Switzerland, so off he goes.  Junior asks Red if she is nervous about talking to the cops.  Red says murders do that to her.

Hair (Victoria) is at home and makes a phone call to Billy, but ends up leaving a message on his voice mail asking him why did he leave and to call her.  Her door bell rings and its Mustache (Victor) who tells her that the police talked to him about Diane's murder and he is sure they will talk to her (Hair) and Junior (Nick) about it as well.  He explains that Diane's lawsuit against Smirnoff (Nikki) is matter of public record and it won't be too hard to convince the DA that she (Hair) and Junior might have gone after Diane because of the lawsuit.  Hair says she does't have anything to hide.

Shabby (Abby) is at the bar at the Athletes Foot Club and orders an orange juice.  Bed Head (Adam) shows up and begins talking to her about Diane's death and how many people didn't get much sleep last night because of it.  They flash back to Diane and Shabby being at the bridge where Diane is holding a key and says it could take down Shabby and her family.  She says the key is to a safe that has the video of Shabby confessing about running Patch (Tucker) over.  They show Shabby charging at Diane and then it cuts back to her at the bar saying she doesn't know anything about Diane's murder.  Bed Head said they will probably want to question her like they did him and she says, "Cool.  I'll tell them the truth."  Bed Head said he told them he was at the bar last night, just like Shabby.  He says they could help each other.  He is saying they were both there at the bar all night long.

Patch is looking at the newspaper with Diane on the front page.  Patch flashes back to his meeting with Diane on the bridge.  After a few words he realizes that Diane is mad that he choose Ashley over her and now she is wanting to ruin his, Ashley and Abby's life because of it.  Diane said they won't know when its coming.  She brings up the fact that they did have sex that night.  Now we are back to Patch's office where Ashley comes in and says she is going to pack up some of her stuff and stay at the club for a bit.  She says, "For months I told Abby she was wrong about you.  I said that you would never do that to me, that you would not have an affair with Diane."  Ashley goes on to say that she defended him and that Abby would have never hit him and Ashley would not have gone to jail if he just told the truth.  He wants to make it right for Ashley and Shabby.  He wants forgiveness.  Ashley doesn't know if she can.  He says you agree with Katherine that they should end the marriage.  Just then his phone rings and Ashley answers it.  It was Transplant who wants to talk to both of them about Diane's murder.

Mustache said he didn't mean to upset Hair.  She says its been a rough day.  He asks if Billy is there and she says she doesn't understand him at all.  She says she loves but him, but Mustache doesn't think Billy is worthy of Hair's love.

Red asks Junior if she looked over the ideas she had for the next issue and he said he did but didn't like any of them.  She said the police questioning her about Diane's murder has her off her game.  She said she's hated Diane for years and then she gets a text to meet her at the bridge before she dies.  Junior says a lot of people probably  got that text.  They flashback to Junior and Diane meeting at the bridge.  He asks her if she's going to stop harassing his family.  She says she's going to bring each one of them to their knees and enjoy doing it.  He starts dialing his phone and says he is calling the DA to tell them that Diane has been blackmailing him and Diane knocks the phone out of this hand and they show the beginning of a struggle between the two then scene goes back to Junior at work.  Junior tells Red that he ignored the text and asked if she did too.  Flash back to Red with Diane.  Diane says they have unfinished business to discuss, then the scene is Red back at the office telling Junior that she didn't go near Diane but that the police will want to talk to both of them.  Junior says he isn't worried about it and Red said neither is she but they should both have alibis for it will make things a lot easier.

The bartender gives Shabby a cup of coffee and she says she didn't order it.  Bed Head said there's a study that says caffeine helps improve memory.  Bed Head wants her to remember the woman he was with at the bar.  She said she remember but she's not interested in his sleazy life.  Bed Head thinks he and Shabby can help each other.  Shabby isn't interested.

Golden is on a plane with this look on his face of him dreading having to tell Kyle (who I HOPE HOPE HOPE is a different person) that his mother is dead.

Ashley and Patch are waiting for Transplant.  Ashley said that everyone knows that she hated Diane.  That it was on record.  Patch said when he found that Diane had told Ashley about him and Diane and that she threaten to take Shabby's confession to the police, he does not think anyone was more pissed at Diane than him.  The scene goes to Ashley and Diane meeting up and Diane talking about her night with Patch and she says some other stuff regarding Shabby. And  then Diane tells Ashley that she's a horrible mother.  Back at Patch's office Transplant shows up and ask where were they last night.

Bed Head tells Shabby that Eddie (waiter) saw her last night but he can't remember for how long, but  Bed Head could.  Shabby said that one night stand tramp he was with could vouch for him, but she's not going to do it.  Bed Head states that at least he has someone to vouch for him, but Shabby doesn't.  He leaves.

Hair is looking for a file (work) for Mustache, but cannot find it.  Mustache tells her its OK.  He's going to work out on a heavy bag and leaves.  Hair looks at the text she received from Diane to meet her at the Foot Bridge.

Patch tells Transplant that he and Ashley were at his place (office) all night long.  Transplant confirms it with Ashley and she agrees with Patch.

Junior brings up that Red went home to check on Lucy and Summer while he went to get ice cream Outside of that they were together all night and have alibis.  Transplant shows up at Useless Pile asking Red where was she last night and she says there working with Junior.  Transplant acts like he doesn't believe her.  He looks the bruises on her hands. She says she got them a few days ago, and he says they look fresh.  Transplant ask them not to leave town and he leaves (the office, not town).

Mustache told Shabby that he was questioned by Transplant.  Shabby tells Mustache that Bed Head wanted her to give him an alibi.  Shabby says that she was freaked out about Diane having the video and therefore, she came to the bar for a drink and she doesn't remember anything after that.  Transplant shows up and Mustache thinks he's there for him, but he's there for Shabby and wants to know if she was at the bar last night when Diane was killed.  She says she was and that Eddie could verify it, so he calls Eddie over who does verify that Shabby was there slamming them back and finally he had to cut her off but he doesn't remember what time it was.  Transplant dismisses him.  Mustache said with so many people at the club last night someone has to have seen Shabby there. Bed Head witnesses the whole thing, as usual.

Transplant is back at the station where he pulls out a huge glad zip lock back with one finger nail in it.  Really?  Do they not watch the cop shows and see that when they go to crime scenes the cops/detectives have different size zip lock bags with them?  Oh brother. Anyways.  We see Red with Diane and Diane saying she captured Red and Junior all over each other and she should post it on View Quick (I promise that's what she called it instead of You Tube - like they call Facebook, Face Place) for Summer to see one day.  Then she says like she should capture this moment and while she's going for her phone/camera, whatever, Red goes after her and they slap each other.  Diane says she needs to make a phone call and begins walking away.  Red finds a rock on the ground and the scene switches to Transplant looking at autopsy report again.  Patch is now with Diane where she says she will bring down his entire family.  Patch grabs her around the neck and says he will kill her before he lets that happen.  She tells him he can barely stand and she pushes him away which causes him to fall. She walks away and he gets up and follows her.  Back at the police station, Patch is handed another large zip lock bag with a small silver key which was found in Diane's mouth.  Shabby and Diane at the bridge with Shabby struggling for the key.

What they are doing through the show is showing each person's struggle with Diane and that everyone she met with at the bridge that night is the possible killer, which we knew anyways, but they are really giving us food for thought that each and every person did do something physical to Diane.

Transplant looks at a picture of Diane's arm and there's a strong imprint of a Harvard ring which indicates that whomever grabbed her really had a tight grip on her.  There's a shot of Bed Head dialing his cell phone and on his hand is a ring from Harvard.  He calls Aleeya and says he needs to speak to her about their time together.  The next hand they show is of Golden Boy Jack, who also has a Harvard ring.  He is still on the plane looking at a picture of what is supposed to be Tim Dalton but its really Kyle.  Transplant has the same picture and puts up on the suspect wall next to Jack's picture.  Transplant takes out Mustache's plane trip that he was going to take to find Smirnoff (Nikki). They show Mustache and Diane at the bridge (it's the same scene they showed on 8/4/11's show where he finds his watch underneath a bloody rock that Bed Head planted), but they show a bit more and that's Diane lunging at Mustache after he says he won't help her (in a hostile tone) and while she's lunging he raises the rock into the air and off to the side we see Hair has witnessed the whole thing.

We are back to Diane in purgatory with all of her possible killers scattered around her.

Her voice over says they were good citizens of the town but now they have cast themselves into darkness.  She goes onto say a few other things and then ends with, "They say dead men tell no tales. Whoever said that, better meant me" and they show a mile on her face.


Victor is all sweaty (from his punching bag routine) and ask Genevieve if she would like him to show her a thing or two

Lily tells Cane she's filing for divorce

Nina tells Ronan he is the most selfish, uncaring human being.


  1. OMG, Nikki you are THE best! I love your adjectives, especially Athletes Foot Club. Your fabulous adjectives make it so interesting to read this blog. Great job.

  2. Thank you very much. The adjectives make it interesting enough for me to wroite because I try to think nick names for things and people to bring more entertainment to the blog as to not to bore anyone. I want people, such as yourself, to continue coming back.

    I am always looking for ideas, so if you have any please pass them on.

  3. When i read your blog its as if i am watchig the show.

  4. @Sydney - Thank you very much. I really appreciate the feedback/comment.

    I try to make it interesting with the nick names, but I also want the reader to feel as though they ARE watching the show. Nothing like a boring recap.