Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Hair (Victoria) is complaining to her father about Billy going to Hong Kong and not telling her.  That she had to find out from someone who found his phone.

Patch (Tucker) arrives at his office/apartment to find Ashley there but she says she's not staying.  She asks him if he is supposed to be at his occupational therapy appointment. He said they changed the time and it went well.  His main concern is that he won't progress far enough before the public finds out of his condition.  But more importantly, he is worried about what damage is company is going through with Katherine in charge.

Neil is at Katherine's house talking about Patch not being happy about her being in charge.  She says Patch will bounce pack quickly, but before he does she has to move quickly, by having Chancellor Industries gain control of Jabot.

Boring (Sam) is visiting Prison Garb (Sharon) and they are talking about Diane being found in the park and Prison Garb is giving Boring the run down of Diane and her sordid past.  Boring thinks that Bed Head (Adam) is on the top of the list of possibly killing Diane.

Elaina is with Bed Head (Adam) about to enter his hotel room when a blonde makes a comment about her and Bed Head being next door neighbors.  She tries to get the name from the woman with Bed Head but he diverts that operation and the way he does it basically tells the blonde that he wants her gone.  She leaves but not before Bed Head says, "Good luck on whatever case you are working on counselor."  Bed Head and Elaina go into his room.  He tells her that he needs her back him up on when they were together and for how long.

Transplant (Ronan) is looking at the suspect board when a cop tells him if he looks at that board any longer his head will fall off.  Transplant says that every person that Diane texted that night claims they weren't near the park, but they are all liars.  He says they have evidence but can't link any of it to the suspects, but he points out the ring impression on Diane's arm.  He is focused on Bed Head, saying Diane pushed him a little too hard.

OMG!!!!!!!!!  Dumb Grin Kyle is on the scene.  I thought we saw the last of that boozer until he was a teen which would mean a brand new actor.  Not this clown.  Golden Boy (Jack) shows up at his boarding school and Dumb Grin wants to know why he is there and not his mother.  Golden is explaining to Dumb Grin about his mother and per usual, Dumb Grin has one expression and no tone in his voice.  Where did this kid learn to act, on Zoey 101?  Dumb Grin wants to know how she died and Golden Boy tells him.  This boy could not act his way out of paper bag.

Bed Head asks Elaina to follow his lead.  A knock comes on his door.  He tells her to go powder her nose.  It's Transplant at the door.

Katherine says that with her being CEO of McCall she can authorize the sale of Jabot to Chancellor.  Neil states that if Katherine does it will seem that she declared him incompetent in order to push the Jabot deal through.  Katherine says she's just protecting herself.  She says she's going to sell Jabot to Chancellor double the market value.  Neil says that Patch is going to go crazy no matter how incredible it is.

Ashley is on the phone telling someone she will be over in a minute and hangs up. Patch asks if its bad news and she tells him its non of his business.  He begins with the hurt look on his face and she tells him that it won't work.  He asks her if Shabby knows and she says no, but she plans on telling her.  Then Patch says that he misses Ashley and she says, sarcastically, "Did you miss me when you slept with Diane?" She leaves. WOW! Someone needs to tell Patch he needs to stand in the unemployment line, cause he just got axed! Patch picks up the newspaper with the headline McCall Still Going Strong he tosses the paper down and calls someone telling them he has to see them right now.

Hair is still talking about Billy.  Hair says she doesn't understand.  The Mustachse says what's there to understand.  That Billy has gone back to gambling, boozing and assorted women.  Hair tells him to stop, that she doesn't want to hear it.  Mustache looks at it like Billy is making Hair break the the news to his family.  Mustache calls Billy a coward.

Transplant is questioning Bed Head about his where-abouts when Diane was killed.  Transplant said he asked the bartender but he can't confirm that Bed Head was at the bar.  Bed Head said that Transplant can call Shabby, but warned him that Shabby is a bit flaky and she was bathing in alcohol that night.  Bed Head calls the bartender a moron.  Transplant doesn't think Bed Head has an alibi but Bed Head calls out Elaina.

Prison Garb tells Boring that he cheered her up and thanks him.  She said she got a letter yesterday from Piper.  Boring makes me ill.  Hold on while I go to the doctor and get a cure for the boredom he generates.

Hair says she knows how Mustache feels about her husband and that he never gave Billy a chance.  A knock comes upon the door.  Its Ashley to say she spoke to Tracy and she hasn't heard from Billy.  She says Golden Boy is with Dumb Grin to bring him back home.

Golden asks Dumb Grin if he is ready to go home.  They leave the boarding school.

Ashley asked Hair if there's anything she can do.  Hair tells her father she wants to speak to Ashely in private.  He gives Hair a kiss and leaves.  Ashley ask if Mustache was there when Hair found out about Billy and she says yes and that he rubbed it in.  Ashley asks if Hair really want to talk with her or was it her way of getting rid of her father.  Hair says she doesn't know what she wants.

Transplant is questioning Elaina and asks if she's certain about the time and she says yes.  He asks a few questions before Bed Head jumps in.  That's when Transplant tells Elaina that Bed Head is the lead suspect in a brutal murder and this shocks Elaina and Transplant is getting a kick out of it.  He says he needs to speak to Bed Head alone but if he has anymore questions he will call her.  She leaves.  Transplant points out that Elaina left in a hurry.  Him and Bed Head exchange words.

Someone is in Patch's office where Patch is bringing up that he signed a confidentiality contract, that everyone in his (the guy in his office) facility did.  Patch says he has a spy on the inside and they say this guy was trying to break in to Patch's computer.  The guy is denying it.  Patch says that the guy tried to sell the information he got to the media and the guy denies it again.  Patch says that he talked to the guy's boss and the guy is fired.  Patch threatens the guy by saying that if he talks to the media or speaks his name in public he will not only sue him but he will make it is personal media to destroy his life.  Then he tells the guy to get out.

Katherine said Patch should never have had Jabot that he stole it from her.  Neil says the only reason he has Jabot is because of Ashley and Katherine says that she feels that Patch loves Ashley more than the company.  Neil feels that she's getting at something and she tells him that she's having the marriage annulled. Neil wants to know on what grounds.  She said because it wasn't of sound of mind when the ceremony took place.  Katherine tells Neil her plans.  She's going to tell him about the sale, but she's hoping he will be so busy fighting the annulment that he won't see the Jabot deal coming, at least not in time to fight it.

The blonde that ran into Bed Head at the Athletes Foot Club is now visiting Prison Garb and Boring and she is talking about how she was able to bump into Bed Head a couple of times.  Prison Garb warns the blonde that if she bumps into Bed Head one too many times he will get suspicious, but blondie tells her that he already knows who she is.  She said she likes him being unnerved with having her so close.  Blondie talks about how she is going to do what Prison Garb's other attorneys didn't do because appealing against this particular judge is going to be hard because he never overturns a ruling. The counselor was hired by The Mustache and she's exclusively working on Prison Garb's case.

Transplant had a credit charge of Bed Head's first drink that night looked up and says that he was at the bar later than he said, which gives him plenty of time to commit the murder and make it back to the bar. Bed Head said he bought the first couple of rounds in cash and tells Transplant to leave.  Transplant wants to search Bed Head's place but Bed Head won't let him.  He said the good thing about the 4th Amendment, that Transplant needs warrant.  ***Drum roll please*** Transplant pulls a warrant out his pocket.

Mustache is asking Baldwin (via phone) if he knows when Golden and Dumb Grin arrives and then he says he needs to see Baldwin right away.

Blondie is giving a quick background of herself and Boring intervenes with knowledge of his own about her like this makes him less boring - Yeah it does make him less boring - AND MORE ANNOYING.  Damn, why couldn't someone kill him at the bridge. Blonde explains that she has a team of college students comprised of law students and journalists.

Ashley is talking with Hair and tells her Billy usually comes back after he pulls it together.  Hair tells Ashley about the night Billy left.  She said it takes Billy leaving the country to make her understand its over between them.

Katherine shows up at Patch's office and he lays into her and she tells him that he is not his normal self so he should calm down because they have business to discuss.  She has a deal she's been working on that she needs him to sign off on.  He thinks its a trick.  Patch says he will look over the files and sign the ones he approves of.

Ashley's get an email on her phone from Billy that he also sent to Jack and Tracy, but didn't send to Hair nor does he mention her in the email.  Hair is hurt and says this is how her marriage is ending.  Then in dramatic soap fashion she gets up and goes to a window to look out.

Prison Garb is concerned that Brooke (That's the blonde's name) has a team of college student's working for her.  Boring intervenes again with knowledge he has of Brooke's team. SHUT THE DEUCE UP, DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Brooke says she has gotten guys off of death row and given them their lives back and Prison Garb should let her do the same for her.

Bed Head's room is being searched.  Transplant gets called to the side (out in the hall to be exact) by a cop who shows him a Harvard ring he found.  Transplant tells him to get it to forensics to see if that's the ring on Diane's arm.  The cop leaves and Transplant goes back inside.

Golden and Dumb Grin are at Golden's house.  Dumb Grin is doing the worst acting he's done thus far, and that's saying a lot.   Mustache is at Golden's door.  Mustache gives his conlenscens to Dumb Grin.  Dumb Grin goes up stairs.  Mustache tells Golden he's not just there to give his condolensces, then he pulls out some papers from his pocket and hands them to Golden.  They are papers showing Diane giving Mustache sole custody of Dumb Grin.


Patch to Katherine, "You're not entitled to squat. Now get the hell out of my house"

Ashley to Nick, "Why are you here?  I'm not going to say anything else until you tell me"

Transplant to Red (Phyllis), "You lied to me Phyllis.  Now why would you do that?"

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