Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday, 28 September 2011:

Victor is at Crimson Lights talking to Sam and Sam tells Victor that Vicky sprained her ankle getting off of horse but Sam put some ice on it and she should be fine.  Thank you Mr. Florence Nightingale.  Now get lost! Sam likes living above the garage of Vicki's house.  Victor asks if Vicki has heard from Billy and Sam says he (Victor) needs to ask Vicki himself.

Vicki's dog is hyped up around the closet door and Vicki wonders why and is about to open the door when she does something, I think hit her hurt foot with the closet door, and thus, ends up not opening it all the way.  How odd is that.  She sits on the bench to the side of the closet.  Billy opens the door slightly but decides not to reveal himself to Vicki as he remembers Victor's threat that Billy is only back in Genoa City for his daughter, Delia, and not to see Victoria.

Niel is at Katherine's house and apologizes to her for dumping his family's problems on her lap.  Just then Devon walks in and is shocked to see Neil there.

Ronin, in his office, is talking to Boyd (the other useless detective) about Victor's shoes, the ones that left a footprint next to Diane's body.  Abby walks into the precinct  on her cell phone leaving a message for her mother saying she's at Detective Malloy's office in hopes of making sure he understands that Ashley had nothing to do with Diane's murder.  She overhears another Boyd tell Ronin about an abandoned lock-box at the Athletic Club and Ronin matches the key found in Diane's throat to the lock-box.  Really, Malloy?  You've had the key how long and you just now realized what that key belongs to?  I thought they had people that could figure that out, or him, being the great detective he is, would have looked at the key and figured it out.

Ashley and Tucker are at GloWorm talking shop.  Ashley wants to be involved in Jabot again.  But Tucker travels back in his mind to the day he struck a deal with Jack that if he gave Jack complete control of Jabot he (Jack) would get it back from Katherine.  Present day, Tucker says that the company is out of his hands.  Ashley spots an old friend and leaves for a second.  Tucker calls Jack and tells him he filed the lawsuit against Katherine and wants Jack to testify in court.

John's Ghost visits Jack - John's Ghost is basically Jack's conscious.

Victor is on the phone with Vicki - Vicki goes into the other room and Billy is about to make is exit, but there's a knock on the door and he hides somewhere else.  Its none other than boring ass Sam.

Molloy looks at the key  again just as Abby enters his office saying she needs to talk to him.  Malloy says he has to leave and kicks her out of his office.

Jack tells John that he is teaming up with a man he doesn't like to take something away from a life long friend and he may have reservations about doing it, but he's going to have to get over it for right now.

Ashley is back with Tucker and Ashley wants to know what Tucker's strategy is to get Jabot back.  Ashley is still bucking for the CEO position.

John is talking with Jack - again Jack is fighting with his conscious.  John agrees with Jack in him double crossing Katherine to get Jabot back.

Devon tells Katherine and Neil that he wants to buy the building he was going to rent the studio space in.  Neil says that if Devon buys the building he would lose money in the long run because the place would depreciate over 39 years, but if he leases the place he would make more money. Devon comes back with a smart remark of him not knowing this because he didn't go to grad school and major in accounting like Neil wanted him to.

Billy is in the dining room listening to Boring Sam and Vicki talking.  (OMG!  When are they going to get rid of Sean Patrick Flannery!!!!!!!!!!) They begin wondering where the dog is (I can't figure out the dog's name, but he's so cute I'm going to name him Sean) and Sean is in the dinning room looking up at Billy.  The dog brought a ball with him (I guess him and Billy used to play catch, fetch, whatever its called).  Billy throws the ball away into another room and dog goes and gets it.  At the same time, Boring (Sam's name throughout these blogs) goes to look for Sean.  While this is happening, Billy makes his exit out the front door without Vicki noticing when she is sitting right there on the couch - RIGHT BY THE FRONT DOOR!  She's facing the kitchen when she hears the door shut and turns towards it.  Didn't she feels a breeze or something?

Malloy is at the bar at the Athletes Foot Club where the other detective brings him the lock-box.  OK. I have to say I thought they were talking about something big - like a locker you would see at terminals.  They are talking about one tiny box.  Anyhoo.  Back to the show. Abby is looking on as Malloy is looking at the box.

Katherine tells Devon to speak to some accounting people about his options and then come back to her on what he decides.  Neil has to make a phone call and goes into Katherine's library.  Katherine tells Devon that Neil wants him to succeed and Devon says that Neil told him the same thing.

Ashley is STILL trying to talk Tucker into making her CEO of Jabot.  Tucker has a meeting to get to and leaves.  Ashely calls her voicemail and hears Abby's message.  Just then Victor sees her and asks what's wrong and Ashley tells him.  He says he told Abby to stay away from Malloy  Ashley wants Victor to speak to Abby again.  She leaves.  Victor calls Abby and while she's on the phone, Malloy leaves with the box in hand.  He didn't open it up at the Athletes Foot Club.  Abby tells Victor that Malloy has the box and the confession Abby made on tape is possibly in the box.  Just as she gets off the phone with Victor Malloy walks up behind her and tells her that he's noticed her following him and he wants to know why is she so interested in the box.

Billy is back at his trailer where John's Ghost shows up.

Boring is talking with Vicki - he's mumbling something.  I thought Victor mumbled, but this fool CAN mumbles.  He leaves.  Vicki sends another e-mail to Billy about how she can't move on and how much she misses him and that she loves him.

Tucker is at Jack's office with the paperwork giving Jack complete control over Jabot after he (Jack) testifies against Katherine, but Jack wants Tucker to sell him Jabot, not just giving him complete control.  Jack won't testify unless Tucker agrees to his demands.  Tucker agrees with Jack.  Ashley walks in on Tucker and Jack and wants to know what they are up to.

Devon is talking about the building when Katherine gets a call and leaves the room, leaving Devon and Neil alone.   Devon apologizes to Neil for getting an attitude with Neil when he knows that Neil is just looking out for him.  They hug!  Everyone say AWWWWWW!

Victor is at the Athletes Foot Club looking for Abby but she's at Malloy's office waiting for another detective (How many detectives does it take to open a lock-box?) to open the box and inside they find a diary.  Malloy wants the diary to be taken to forensics right away.  Hey Malloy!  Here's an idea for you, how about reading the diary and figuring out who it belongs to and if you can't figure it out by the words on the front page, My name is Diane Jenkins, then take it forensics.  In other words, how about doing some real detective work?

Molloy tells Abby to stick around because he has some more questions for her but she says he can speak to her lawyer - as soon as she hires one and she leaves.  Malloy and Boyd look at the suspect board again for the millionth time and focuses on Abby.

Victor and Abby are at the Athletes Foot Club talking about the lock-box and the key found in Diane's mouth.  Abby is worried about the video confession she made and someone having it and it getting in Malloy's hands.

Boyd walks in with Victor's shoes and said he compared the tracks to the ones found by Diane's body and they are a match.  Molloy is one happy camper right now.

Katherine comes back into the room but gets another phone call telling her that Tucker is suing her to get Jabot back.

Tucker tells Ashley he was there to talk to Jack about the lawsuit, to gather information but conversation didn't go as he wished, but Ashley doesn't believe either one of them.  She reminds Tucker that he said he wouldn't keep any secrets from her.

Vicki is still working on her e-mail to Billy.  I love how they have the name of her laptop covered like we couldn't figure out its a Dell.  By the way, her email address is  BAHAHAHAHA!

Billy is telling John that he needs to find away to ignore that Vicki exits and just then he gets an e-mail from her and he deletes it.


Tucker confesses to Ashley about the lawsuit
Neil tells Sophie she used to have integrity and wants to know what changed.
Victor tells Adam that everyone knows he (Adam aka Bed Head) killed Diane and he (Victor) is going to make sure he pays for it.

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