Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still Trying To Figure It Out

I really thought I could find a way to summarize Y & R but I have yet to figure a way. There's so much going on I feel like everything is important. I want to deliver good content to my readers, is what it ,comes down to.

Yesterday, I spent more time on the show than I wanted to. My work has me at the computer for eight hours - literally. So when I get home all I want to do is relax.

I have tried watching the show as I would any other, but find myself taking notes and over thinking if something is important or not. Again, thinking about good content.

I need to let everything go and watch the show without taking notes and write from the heart, like I do for the Housewives of Beverly or any other show or movie I blog about.

So, I am asking for a bit more time for me to find a way to do this because I do enjoy blogging the show.

I'm going to be trying a few things out and see what works best for me while delivering good quality content to you.

My name is Nikki and I approve this message.

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