Monday, September 26, 2011

26 September 2011: Monday:

Both Victor and Jack are at Billy's trailer trying to find evidence of where Billy could have gone, but little does Jack know that Victor knows where Billy is and is only there to act just the opposite.  Per usual, those two exchanges words, all the while Billy listens from the outside.  Jack says he has somewhere to be but he's not leaving Victor behind to find something and not tell anyone.  Victor leaves and Jack follows behind.  As they leave Billy emerges from the side of his trailer and goes inside with a bottle of scotch, whiskey, something in his hand.  Just as he is about to open the bottle Victor comes demanding to know what Billy is doing.  Billy gives him is thoughts and then Victor leaves.  Soon after Kevin shows whining about Chloe being all over him with kisses because she thinks he saved her daughter's life.  Billy is not understanding why Kevin is having a problem with this when this is a chance for him and Chloe to get back together.  I didn't even know they broke up - why don't people clue me in on things sometimes.  Or how I about go to read the recaps on CBS's site - or even better - how about I just watch the darn show on the weekends like I used to.  OK.  I'm done yelling at myself.  Kevin tries to deny he wants to get back with Chloe but finally admits it.  However, Billy isn't interested anymore in what Kevin has to say or feels and wants him gone.  Kevin leaves.  Victor shows back up with a bigger bottle of whatever Billy brought with him.  Victor says that he wants to make sure Billy has enough so he doesn't risk going out and being seen.  Billy takes the bottle of whatever and pours it down the drain.  He says his daughter is going to need him and he wants to give her the best Billy he can.

Ronin shows up at the hospital where Chloe is and she tells him they found a bone marrow for Delia and she tells him it was Kevin.  But in reality, the donor was Billy, Delia's father.  Although Billy has been found by Victor, its all hush hush and one else knows safe for Michael and Kevin and I'm not sure why they are the only ones to know this.  But then again, I haven't watched the show in about two weeks.  The last time I watched is when Victor got Billy out of some prison he was in where he had access to a chalk like rock where he could mark on the wall, via ticks, how many days he had been locked up.  I think he was kidnapped or something, but who knows and who cares.  The point is, Billy gave his marrow to Delia via Kevin and now Kevin is a hero in Chloe's eyes.  Ronin and Chloe talk some more about something that didn't mean much to me and finally he leaves.  Later on Vicki shows up at the hospital to visit Chloe and check on Delia.  She tells Delia that Kevin is bit uncomfortable with all the attention he's getting.  Chloe then asks if anything is going on between Vicki and that fool named Sam.  Vicki says no.  I sure hope not!  I thought I paid someone to run him over?

Kevin and Michael are talking at Crimson Lights about what Kevin did and Michael ask what does Gloria think about all this and Kevin says that she hasn't returned any of his phone calls.  Well, as mentioned, I haven't watched the show in two weeks so I don't anything about her getting locked in a cellar and I guess Kevin didn't bail her out because he got side tracked or something.  I'm not sure.  I know I saw Colin get locked in a wine cellar by Genevieve and that was the last I saw of the show.  I'm going to have to read up on Gloria got locked in the cellar and why she was upset when she was down there with all her best friends (the wine bottles).

Sharon is talking to Daisy Carter (Sheila Carter's daughter for those of you new to the country or haven't watched the show since 1926) about something non-important when Avery (Sharon's lawyer) shows up and says to Daisy that all has been arranged and taken care of.  In the wonderful Sharon fashion, she stands there with a shocked look on her face that Avery is representing Daisy and the reason being is, when Avery (who is Phyllis's sister) took on Sharon's case she said she gave all her other cases to her colleagues so she could just concentrate on Sharon's.  But now, she's taking on Daisy's case.  As for Daisy, what Avery (every time I hear that name, I think of the office products, like business care maker, CD label maker, printing labels) did for Daisy was serve Phyllis papers making her bring Lucy, Daisy's daughter, to the hoosegow so Daisy can see her.  Now if you know Daisy, she is not doing this out of the love for her child.  She's doing it to antagonize Phyllis.  But why Avery would get involved, I don't know.  Phyllis seems to think Avery is doing it to get back at Phyllis.  Avery claims she's not.

Ronin is walking in the park - oh wait, do I hear a Chicago song coming on.  Yes I do.  And to make things even better, how about a video to go with that song.

While Ronin is enjoying little free time he has with him being the lead detective on the Diane Jenkins murder case that will never get solved, 

Phyllis spots him and asks him to arrest her.  He looks at perplexed (yeah, that's my new  word of the year - perplexed) she said she wants to keep Daisy from seeing Lucy.  After they exchange conversation, in which he is aware that Avery is Phyllis's sister, he tells Phyllis that the chicken pox is going around and that will buy her a week.  She leaves.  She shows up at Crimson Lights where Michael is and she tells him she has a short term solution.  Now she just needs a long term solution.  She calls the hoosegow that Daisy is in and tells whomever answers the phone that Lucy has the chicken pox and won't be able to go the prison.  I am so surpised that Phyllis didn't have to go through the following:
Thank you for the calling Genoa City's ONLY Hoosegow that serves as a holding cell, a jail and a prison where     
all out inmates get unlimited number of visitors in a day.
If you know the name of the inmate you are calling for, press 1
If you know then name of the cellmate of the inmate you are calling for, press 2
If you are unaware that you can visit inmates any time of day or night and when we say night we mean even at      
11pm, press 3
 If you don't know any of this, please stay on the line and someone, we don't know who, will be right with 
 you.  And the hold music is Jailhouse Rock.

After she gets through with that phone call, she calls Nick, but after the first ring, which barely stopped ringing, she says to Michael, he's not answering.  Really Phyllis?  Nick isn't answering?  I wonder why that is since his phone barely rang. Good Grief.  But there's a better reason he's not answering and it's because he's at GloWorm chatting it up with Avery.  Yes ladies and gents, Nicholas Newman is trying to find out what's wrong with Avery and then he comforts her by giving her a gift that was meant for Phyllis, which was a video game.  I hope it was Medal of Honor - you know the good games when they were in World War II, but I hear the Afghan stuff is pretty good.  Oh see, there I go digressing.

While she's trying to call Nick, he's at GloWorm talking with Avery telling her that he overheard her and Phyllis talking.  Basically, he's being nosey and wants to know what the history is between her and Red.  Avery states that there was a lot of trouble when her and Red were younger (I take that to me the parents constantly fighting) and take take themselves away they would play video games.  Avery says that Red was always good at the games and would give Avery tips but still would beat her.  Nick states that he and Red used to play video games all the time as well.  And that's how he ended up giving the video game to Avery and not Phyllis who it was intended for.  Nick is just a dirty lil hamster.

In between all this craziness going on, Chloe goes to Crimson Lights to talk with Kevin and apologize for the kiss she gave him earlier and blah blah blah.  Well as she about to leave, Kevin grabs her and kisses her.  Oh, they are on the patio or whatever that area is where everyone congregates.  Kevin and Mike were out there earlier in the show.  Phyllis and Mike were there mid show.  Phyllis Avery were there shortly thereafter, and now Chloe and Kevin.  Wait, Chloe, Kevin, their lips and Ronin who stands there perplexed and then uses another entrance to the front counter.

The show ended with Vicki writing Billy a Dear John e-mail while doing a voice over of what she's writing.  Then they show Billy getting the email and reading the last line which states, I'm moving on without you, or something like that, and Billy wishing he hadn't poured all the booze out.

Michael visits Sharon
Colin visits Lily
Billy visits his old house but Vicki comes limping in and he has visit the coat closet.

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